Crystal and Glass Lamps Give Elegant or Casual Look

Whether want to make an extravagant statement or you are looking for something elegant, subtle, and refined, you can’t go wrong with crystal or glass lamps. Glass has long been the prized material for lighting fixtures for the exquisite way it sparkles and glistens when the light hits it.

But it’s also prized for the skill and high degree of craftsmanship that goes into the crystal lamps. So much so, that in 14th Century Murano – the native home of glass-blowing – giving away production secrets was punishable by death! Times have changed but glass still utilizes a great deal of skill to make and is still highly prized.

Shown above to the right is the Eldon Glass Lamp by Wildwood Lamps.

Crystal Lamps and Glass Lamps Offer Versatility

Glass and crystal lamps make a statement in any room they grace with their presence. But they’re also very versatile. Today glass lamps are available in every style from the most elegant Traditional to ultra-sleek Contemporary. The 5 forms of glass lamps you will typically find include the following:

  • Lead Crystal Lamps, Cut Crystal
  • Regular Glass in No Color or a Color
  • Mercury Glass Lamps
  • Murano or Venetian Glass Lamps
  • Hand Blown Glass Lamps

Shown below are the Christopher Mercury Glass Lamps by Wildwood.


Just as mirrors will reflect light and make a space seem larger  – transparent glass lamps will make a small space seem larger and more open as well. Glass will reflect your room’s colors and is the perfect choice when you’re not sure what color will work in your room. For this reason, glass lamps are the ideal choice for monochromatic color schemes. But lamps made of glass are not always the clear choice – they are also available in magnificent hues that will add glorious color to even the dullest room or the most mediocre color scheme.

Glass Lamps and Crystal Lamps for Any Room

Almost any room in the house could use a crystal or glass lamp.

Living Room:  In the living room, crystal lamps can “compliment” a crystal chandelier to create a very cohesive and unified look. They’re fantastic on their own – and using two, three or more, depending on the size of your room, will give the same elegance to your living room as a chandelier would.


Shown above are the Rao Venetian Glass Lamp and the Redford Crystal Lamp by Decorative Crafts.

Bedroom: In the bedroom, a crystal lamp will add drama and just one crystal table lamp can add a sense of opulence to the room.

Dining Room:  In the dining room, a beautiful crystal lamp on the buffet can, again, add to the sparkle of the chandelier but it can also give the feel of a chandelier where there isn’t one and make the room look far more expensive.

Kitchen: In a Traditional style kitchen, a crystal accent lamp can add sparkle and elegance to a serving area or a china hutch making every day a holiday.

Bathroom: Just as a glass or crystal accent lamp can add a touch of class to the kitchen – it makes a stunning addition to the bathroom as well.


Shown above are the Spezzano Crackled Glass Lamp and the Andreas Blown Glass Lamp by Uttermost. will light up your life by adding glass and crystal table lamps to any room in your home that needs a little glamour. We have a wide range of glass lamps in a range of prices starting in the low $200’s to more high end. Take advantage of our Free Visualization Service that allows you to try before you buy for a worry-free shopping experience.


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