Decorate your home like a New Yorker

Few spaces can be as stylistically alluring as New York City apartments, on grounds of innovation alone; décor is at the forefront, as understated as it might seem at times. From black marble furniture to sophisticated lighting options such as crystal lamps and chandeliers, and from smart mirror placement to DIY touches, the New York style can undoubtedly maintain its identity across all its various forms.


This unique approach to personal space can arguably be traced back to 3 core factors one might identify in the city of New York itself;

  • A culture that celebrates personal style
  • A restlessly metropolitan setting
  • Typically high salaries

Those factors can only amalgamate into a perfect set of circumstances that inspire stylistic innovation. Undeniably distinct from such trends as the boho feel that sweeps Los Angeles, or the topical, often rurally inspired décor one may find in Texas, the NYC style can be as industrial and practical as it can be cutting-edge innovative. So, if you, too, would like to decorate your home like a New Yorker, look no further.


An underlying philosophy of the NYC space management trend is simple – space is precious. Studios and micro-apartments are not uncommon, and their prevalence as an integral part of NYC life informs stylistic choices. This does not necessitate extremely small living spaces to adopt, of course; it’s a style at its core, not a state-bound last resort. Even if considering living in Manhattan, for example, such stylistic choices can follow.


The micro-apartment style is minimalistic by nature, and it does hinge on saving space. The illusion of depth is central, but not strictly necessary. Therefore, using mirrors in small rooms can serve well; placing a mirror behind a sofa or next to a relatively vacuous space can please the eyes, as it will push away the boundaries. In this regard, mirrors are by all means an art piece; wherever an art piece might be placed, a mirror will likely also fit and serve a similar fun.


Mirrors can expand space quite effectively

Alternatively, mirrored furniture is also a safe foundation – it breaks away from the equally viable, but for some relatively blander, wall mirror, and provides a discreet, yet chic touch. Placing such furniture next to a door or beneath a window can be fantastically effective in that regard. With that said, however, too many mirrors may end up being overbearing; as with all decoration options, there is a certain excess threshold that should ideally be taken into account.


Lights share a much understated, synergistic relationship with mirrors in terms of function. The two can create fantastic ambiance in tandem; where a humble table lamp can be practical and discreetly stylish while an abstract neon sign can illuminate your space in eye-catching modern elegance, a mirror can augment both. Reflecting both natural and artificial light will make any space much more welcoming and open; mirrored furniture reflecting the afternoon sunlight or wall mirrors amplifying a buffet lamp’s light will immediately elevate any living space. Mirrors are understandably very fragile by nature, of course – so if you’re considering relocating, such trained professionals as the ones at should be consulted for such matters.


Indoor neon lights are a quintessential way to decorate your home like a New Yorker

More confined spaces do benefit from ample light regardless of mirrors, of course, so a combination is not strictly necessary – although it is very advisable. In this regard, an aforementioned lighting option bears repeating; neon signs are a quintessential way to decorate your home like a New Yorker. It may seem peculiar, given that metropolitan urban environments come with abundant neon signs already, but indoors neon signs do persist as a popular substitute for traditional lighting. Abstract styles and designs tend to be preferable, but of course, the more eccentric such options are, the more important it becomes to frame them appropriately with similar décor.

Studio apartments      

Not unlike micro-apartments, studio apartments are also centered on conserving space and optimizing available space – as smartly and elegantly as possible. While relatively more lenient, the concept remains similar; depth and height should be simulated while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Curtains and lamps

Along these guidelines, curtains can be used rather unconventionally. Instead of simply covering windows, they can be hung from ceiling to floor; not only will this make use of vertical space in a way that visually expands the rooms in question, but it will also be a unique stylistic choice that is distinctly in line with NYC.


Curtains are an integral part of decoration

Wall lamps can amplify this approach somewhat, by lighting the room in a visually unique way. On practical concerns, rewiring your home’s electricity should not be exceptionally tedious or impractical, and it may often not even be necessary. Alternatively, ceiling lamps can also define and illuminate your space in style; where chandeliers and intricate, large ceiling lamps may not be the ergonomically better option, Noguchi lanterns and lamps can substitute for them quite well. One must remain mindful, of course, that all such options are very different from each other stylistically, and should thus be framed differently to best fit.

Rugs, wall colors, and wall art

Immediate associations between rugs and style may not come to mind, but they absolutely exist. On the practical side, well-placed rugs can do much more than prevent floor damage – such as help designate different areas of rather limited space. Aesthetically, woolen rugs and faux furs can be elegant in themselves, but they can also contrast the flooring; dark wood flooring framed by lightly-colored, well-illuminated walls and contrasted by a white woolen rug can be incredibly bold and pleasant to the eye.

Wall colors can be incredibly subjective, therefore there is little on the way of making any choice on grounds of taste. Should you want to adhere to the NYC style and remain practical as you do, however, light colors are highly recommended. They are more distinctly New York in tone, but also more practical for more confined spaces as they are easier to illuminate.


A few pictures on the walls are always an excellent addition

Along this philosophy comes wall art; being thematically abstract should be very fitting, but too much clutter is best avoided. Remaining minimalist is very practical, and it also benefits accessorizing; nothing says NYC as much as a leather sofa and a coffee table as the centerpiece of a room. Marble and concrete side tables are also a popular option that can only be weighed down by excessive wall art pieces.  

Tara-Sweetin-cAuthor’s Bio: Tara Sweetin is a freelance journalist. She enjoys writing on various topics and holds a deep interest in home decoration and stylistic endeavors. She enjoys a good night out as much as a quiet evening at home.

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