Decorating Your Home With Neutrals and Pastels

In case you are not up for decorating your home from scratch, add some pastel pieces to give it a more modern, fresh look.

Your home is your safe haven. You should feel best when you are in it. This is why decorating your home and choosing color palettes can be very difficult. What all of us want to accomplish is choosing color variations that reflect our taste, that other family members will like, and something that we will not be bored with by the next season. Doesn’t sound like an easy task, does it? So, if you are contemplating which colors you would like to have in your home, make sure you consider decorating your home with pastels and neutrals. 


Neutral and pastel shades are making a comeback 

In the past, pastels and interior design didn’t really go hand in hand. There was only one exception. Nurseries were always light blue or light pink, depending on the baby’s gender. Oh, how the times have changed. Pastels are here and they are here to stay. Nowadays, pastels are dominating the world of interior design. Everything from walls, wall art, kitchen appliances, table lamps, bedside lamps, etc. can be found in these gorgeous colors. 

Kitchen appliances are boring no more 

You can forget the days when kitchen appliances could only be found in basic colors like white and black. Today, when shopping for kitchen appliances, the sky is the limit. Kitchen trends have drastically changed. Currently, all the rage are different colored countertop appliances. Get a light pink mixer or a sky-blue blender and make your kitchen the center of attention. My favorite kitchen item is my sandy yellow water kettle. Even though it is the smallest item in the kitchen, it gives the room character.


This kitchen desperately needs a light pop of color. If your kitchen looks like this, get a new mixer or toaster in your favorite pastel color. Alt text: Light gray kitchen with brown wooden details.

Decorate your home with pastels and neutrals to get a peaceful vibe 

Every single day we encounter different sources of stress during work, during our commute, while waiting in line at the grocery store, etc. Once you arrive home, you want to feel at ease and calm. An interior design dominated by pastel and neutral colors can calm your nerves. Imagine relaxing in a light green living groom with a hint of light wood and a beautiful mirror with light yellow frames. Just the thought of such a room exudes a calm feeling. Imagine being in it? 

Neutrals and pastels can be incorporated into any style 

There is a misconception that light colors can only be incorporated into certain interior design styles. This most certainly is not the case. Many associate pastels with children’s rooms or perhaps with an extremely feminine room. However, pastels and neutrals can be incorporated within all interior design styles and trends. From trendy and modern to rustic and vintage, these colors can dominate and brighten up spaces. For example, a light lavender shade of purple can most certainly lighten up a living room. It can make it seem like the room can breathe again. 

If you aren’t too brave, make smaller steps with what you already have 

In case you aren’t one of those people that will work on finding affordable storage for your items and start remodeling immediately to incorporate their favorite pastels, make smaller steps to refresh your space with trendy pastel schemes. Start by getting a few pastel pieces. For example, a light gray floor lamp or pastel pink blankets for your favorite sofa. Also, there is another option. You can take your old furniture and reupholster it with your favorite neutral color. This way you will keep your favorite old items in your home with a hint of something new and fresh.


Reupholster your furniture with light but interesting patterns to spice up your interior. Alt text: a bright room with a dining room table. Chairs have a pretty, light pattern.

Mix and match 

Be creative! Mix and match different types of material, textures, patterns and so on. If you do not do this, there is a possibility that you will get bored with your living space. For example, every pastel color will go great with wooden floors and wood paneling. Also, the wooden details do not have to be in a lighter tone to go well with neutrals and pastels. Wooden details in a darker brown shade and mahogany tones are also great for a fusion with your favorite neutrals and pastels. 

Decorating your home with pastels and neutrals so all your family members like it 

So, we have finally closeted the delusion that pastels are only feminine and that they cannot be a part of every décor. However, your husband or kids might not be that open-minded. Nevertheless, don’t stress. There is a solution to everything. All you need to do is find a common ground so they don’t feel that everything was done to suit your taste only. For instance, black floor lamps for your living room may be to your husband’s liking. Also, have a combination of lighter and darker patterns within your bedroom to give it a more serious and classier vibe. This way, every member of your household will be happy with your home decor and you will not need to make any changes anytime soon. 


This is a perfect example of mixing dark colored pieces into a bright room. Alt text: Room decorated with neutrals with a dark table and dark floor lamp.

Read interior design magazines, browse the internet, visit your favorite furniture stores and get inspired. A simple trip to your closest Bed, Bath and Beyond might spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. Don’t be afraid to use pastel and neutral schemes, especially in rooms where you spend most of your time. You will be surprised how positively these colors affect your mood and mental state. They will give you a feeling of serenity and peace. After all, isn’t that what we all need after a long day at work or a stressful PTA meeting? 

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Gemma Jones is a 30-year-old web designer. Recently, she purchased her first condo and she wanted to decorate it on her own. Her choice of colors for her interiors were light grays, different tones of white with subtle hints of pink. Since then, Gemma’s hobby has been interior design. She has a subscription to many different lifestyle and design magazines. In her free time, she likes to go to the gym and spend time with her boyfriend Alex. 


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