Decorating your New Hampshire Cottage – how to choose lighting

New Hampshire cottage

Is there a better place to spend hot summer days than in your lovely New Hampshire cottage? Whether you already have one or planning to buy one, vacation cottages offer plenty of options for summer activities. You can spend days walking around and enjoying the scenery or simply relaxing and reading a book. You can even plan fabulous summer parties with family and friends. So, whether you want some peace or prefer a lively and active lifestyle, a New Hampshire cottage is the perfect place for it. These homes blend rustic charm with modern chic that is hard to resist. Also, they provide unique decor that can perfectly showcase your style and personality. And the vital element of interior design that enables you to create the ambiance you want is light! With that in mind, we’ve prepared a few valuable tips on how to choose lighting when decorating your New Hampshire cottage.

Don’t forget to account for your needs

Enhancing indoor lighting at home should have a dual purpose. Not only should it liven up space and give it the cozy or lavish atmosphere you want, but it should also enhance the functionality of your home. Regardless of how beautiful your cottage looks, you still need to spend time in it, dealing with your everyday tasks.

For example, if you plan to throw parties in your dining area or living room, you need more light. Chandeliers or floor lamps might be just what you need to provide a suitable ambiance. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, effective task lighting is essential. For bedtime readers, table lamps or angled lamps are a must. So before you go on a shopping spree for all the wonderfully designed lighting fixtures, consider your needs and preferences first.

cottage Style-Bedroom-Ideas-18-1-Kindesign-1
Choose lighting fixtures that will serve your needs and create the aesthetics you want.

Consider the size of the room before choosing lighting fixtures

Although it should be one of the key interior design elements, lighting is often neglected in cottages. However, it should be incorporated into the planning process from the very beginning. Whether natural or artificial, light is what will give your cottage character and charm. It can create that warm and cozy atmosphere or bright and airy look you’re craving. And when it comes to decorating your New Hampshire cottage with perfect lighting, both the size and the height of the room matter. Pendant lights will work better with higher ceilings and larger spaces. On the other hand, if you’re short on space, wall sconces and flush mount lights might be a better choice.

Also, if you’re planning on buying new furniture pieces or preparing furniture for relocation to your new cottage, consider the dimensions. For example, large statement furniture pieces will go better with smaller and layered lights, while with smaller furniture, you need larger accent lights. So, before you get your furniture ready for an easy transfer, think about where you want to put specific pieces. Be strategic and combine them with the best lighting fixtures to achieve the best effect.

Be playful with sizes, styles, and textures when decorating your New Hampshire cottage.

Create the ambiance you want

Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, you need to carefully choose the light fixtures and the light bulbs. Some light bulbs provide directional light that’s perfect for highlighting your precious art pieces and decorations or for task lighting. On the other hand, if you want to create a traditional, cozy cottage ambiance, diffused lighting is an ideal choice.

Additionally, you want to pay attention to the color of your light bulbs. It can range from cold white (almost bluish) to warm yellows. Warm white or yellowish light will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while cool blues are a great choice if you’re striving for a more modern, elegant look. For that reason, when choosing proper lighting for your cottage, don’t forget to consider the effect and ambiance you want to achieve.

Combine different types of lighting fixtures

The ideal time for choosing lighting fixtures in your New Hampshire cottage is before you move. The experts at My Brooks Moving advise that, if possible, you should plan the lighting in each room (and envision how it will look all together) before the relocation. This will make the job easier for everyone included. Think about the effect you want to achieve in each room and choose the lighting fixtures accordingly. Luckily for you, there is a variety of lighting types as well as styles and designs you may choose from:

  • chandeliers
  • pendant lights
  • flush mount lights
  • table lamps
  • floor lamps
  • wall sconces, etc.
cottage floor lamp
A beautiful floor lamp might be just what you need to add charm and character to your cottage décor.

Play with materials and textures as well as different designs

In addition to that, to create the ultimate cottage decor, you need to get creative and playful. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials and textures (both in lamp bases and shades). You can even mix different designs and styles to create a unique look. For example, a traditional rustic style can be enhanced with a few contemporary accent pieces. Vintage or rustic, geometric or floral, farm-style or industrial, try mixing different elements until you make your dream home. By combining different types of lighting and interior design styles, you’ll make your cottage stand out and become your favorite place in the world.

Final thoughts on decorating your New Hampshire cottage: find your style

Last but not least, be yourself! After all, when decorating your New Hampshire cottage, you want it to reflect your style and preferences. Choosing proper lighting for your cottage will enhance both its stylish appeal and functionality. Adding personal details and showing your taste will make it one of a kind. Of course, achieving these goals isn’t an easy task. It requires some planning and exploring as well as putting in some effort and time. However, with a bit of imagination and determination, you can create your own ideal home. We hope you find these tips helpful and that they’ll inspire you to make the home you’ve always wanted.

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