Decorative Ideas For A Happy New Year

As the New Year approaches, we all have an opportunity to start fresh. Many people make resolutions to improve their lives in some way. If you want to make your house into a real home this year, there are many things that you can do pack a powerful punch into each room without doing a major overhaul or spending a lot of time doing it. Consider the decorative ideas below and meet your resolution, one step at a time.


Living Room Decorative Ideas

• Update the color. Add a pop of color without committing to hours of painting, or the expense of hiring someone to do it. A floor lamp will give you an intense shot of color. When you add a pair of throw pillows in the same color or a coordinating hue, you change the space without breaking the time-bank.

• Bring in the outdoors. A decorative twig tree in the corner gives the room a rustic feel without relying on the constant care of a live tree. The tree can be left plain or you might consider adorning it with white lights to brighten up the upcoming winter. Pair it with a coordinating metal twig wall mirror for an eye-catching look.

• New rugs. Area rugs have been around for ages, but the styles and colors available on the market today make updates super-easy. If you have hard wood, choose a rug that coordinates with the neutral colors of the wood, or one that takes the design and color to a new level. Even if you have carpeting, a few smaller rugs in high traffic areas will cover wear and look sharp.


In The Kitchen

• Light it up. Nothing is more important in the kitchen than the lighting. You need to have good lighting to read recipes, prepare meals, and to see the smiles on the faces of friends who congregate around the food. Flush mount ceiling lights come in many designs, but a glass and bronze design by Uttermost brightens with class.

• Hardware update. An easy update in the kitchen is replacing the knobs and hardware on your cupboards and cabinets. With different styles and options available, matching them with your décor, glass and bronze included, is simple. Best of all, no hard work or multiple tools required for this decorative idea.

• Buy new bar-stools. Select at least two new decorative and functional bar-stools and place them at the island in your kitchen to give people a place to sit and to give the kitchen an updated look.


In The Dining Room

• Display creativity. If you have a server, or a hutch, in the dining room, consider placing a few decorative pieces on display. You may want to show off some handmade decorative crafts, or some vintage pieces from your past. It’s a great way to personalize the room and create topics for conversation.

• See the light. The quintessential focal piece of a dining room has always been a chandelier. However, we often think of large and ornate designs.  At Fine Home Lamps, we offer a plethora of hanging lighting, from crystal chandeliers to burlap pendant lamps. All guaranteed to brighten up the room in style.

• Table covering. A good old table cloth can change the look of your dining room in one fail swoop. Find something that compliments the décor, or something that contrasts for something fresh and different.


In The Bedroom

Matching end table lamps. One on his side, one on your side, update your table lamps to be decorative and classy, add color to the room, or portray a mod tone. A jungle-themed bedroom benefits from wild silver porcelain elephants, while a sea-side escape could use Ariel green glass to convey relaxation.

Wall art. From lithograph prints of an English garden, to blue and white floral motifs, you’ll find artwork galore to grace your walls and provide an accent that revamps your whole boudoir.

• Warm and cozy. Adding a fireplace to your bedroom might seem like a big undertaking, but the effects are stunning and it can also add resale value to your home. Even a good quality electric fireplace can add elegance with ease.


Other areas of your home can benefit from decorative ideas and updates as well. Try adding twin wall sconces to either side of the vanity in the bathroom. Or, consider placing a large mirror in your foyer for a last minute look-check before heading out.

However you decide to update your home this New Year, you’ll be glad that this is one resolution that you’ll easily be able to keep.

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