Design Ideas for a Quick Christmas Holiday Decor

Maybe you intended to travel to a tropical local this Christmas, but your plans fell through. You might have planned a quiet holiday at home but just found out that family will be arriving no matter how you hem-and-haw. Maybe you didn’t feel like getting into the holiday spirit until just recently. Or maybe, if you’re like most of us, the time just slipped away from you. Though there are plenty of folks who design their homes at first light on the day after Thanksgiving as if Norman Rockwell were coming to judge their appearance, some of us leave our best intentions for holiday décor until the last minute.

Holiday Decor – Better Late Than Never!

The best news for us fashionably late bloomers is that there are plenty of things that can be done to create a beautifully designed home no matter how close it is to December 25th (or all of the other holidays in the season!) Yes, an early start on the holiday can certainly give you plenty of time to order a pair of holiday-red  Lacquer Swirl Lamps  by Wildwood, but you can still light up the living room and the rest of your home with a plethora a basics that will leave you and your guests with warm memories and a happy holiday indeed.


Keeper Of The Cards

You knew there was a reason why you kept all of those old cards of Christmases past packed away in a bin in the attic: so you can use them as personal décor this season! Holiday cards are a decoration in themselves as they often glitter, gleam, or just grab your attention with their beautiful winter-themed displays. By affixing them around a mantle, an arched doorway, or clothes-pinned to a slim branch or thick twine, you can create something quick and charming with plenty of personalization.

Light Up The Plants

Do you have oversized plants or small trees in your living room? (Think Ficus, Palms, Dracaena, Yucca, Dieffenbachia, or even Norfolk Island pine.) Take advantage of what you already have by lighting them up!  A simple stand of white lights wrapped through the leaves and down the base can create a stunning yet simple show no matter what the time of year! But at the holidays, it feels even more festive than ever. You can even find other solid colors such as blue, green, and red that will look just as nice, but we caution against using a mutli-colored strand as this can be a bit overbearing. If your branches are sturdy, consider small gold or silver balls that will hold up without weighing down.


Outdoor Comes In

Outdoor accessories are a natural way to invoke the spirit of the season. Though the Christmas tree and the pine wreath are traditional, try simple natural branches arranged in tall glass vases, pine-cones piled high on a bright-white platter, or pine boughs tied together with butcher’s twine. Even simple swags of ivy or any greenery (real or faux) will make folks think of winter in the mountains. Can you adorn it with red or silver ribbons and bows? For certain. Fake snow from a can? If you wish. Small ornaments? Absolutely. There is no limit to what you can do when you bring the outside in. And never forget the power of the poinsettia!

A Festive Fire

Is there anything more festive than a fire? How many people remember watching television many years ago on Christmas Eve with a yule log burning bright on the screen? If you have a fireplace, you’re in luck; get plenty of wood and keep it roaring each night for your guests. They’ll enjoy basking in the warmth of your friendship and fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can still call upon the warmth and peace of a flame with candles. Cluster tapers in the dining room, pillars on the end tables, votive candles on windowsills, and tea-candle creations all over the home to keep that glow going. Jar candles are perfect for the bathroom as they burn for hours and create a delightful scent.


Make Use Of What You Have

Last but not least; take advantage of what you have around the house. Use those red-and-white or blue-and-white China plates as décor by setting the table with them atop a crisp, white linen or red cloth. Fill clear glasses and shallow dishes with candy canes, gumdrops, mini-marshmallows, or any kind of foil-wrapped holiday candy you can find at the grocery store. Drape brightly-colored scarves from banisters like garland or under trees like a skirt. Swap out artwork for pieces with outdoor scenes or holiday flair.

No matter how close you are to the holidays, you can always find something to spruce up your home in no time flat. Decorate and enjoy.  Visit to find a variety of table lamps for the Christmas holidays.

Photo Source:  Elle Decor

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