Design Ideas for Foyer, Bathroom, Staircase

You might be proud of your dynamic living room, or you might take pleasure is showing off your exquisite kitchen. If you’ve turned the master bedroom into something straight out of a posh resort, kudos to you!  Bring your entire living space together by implementing design ideas for foyer, bathroom, or staircase.

But what about the rest of your home? The places where you dim the lights and hope that no one notices? You might not think twice about the stairwell leading to the loft, but your guests probably do. With nothing to do in the winter but indoor planning, why not tackle one or more of the places in your home that need some TLC so that they can be just as competitive as the stainless-steel kitchen?


Beautify The Bathroom

Every morning you go in and start the day; every evening you go in before ending it. It’s the room in your house that only gets attention when it serves a purpose, from showering to other hygienic duties you perform. With a few simple upgrades, you can turn your bathroom into a place where people want to go to get away from it all.

Enhance the color. Give your bathroom an update by choosing a new paint color. There are no hard-and-fast rules here, just pick something that makes you feel good. Green and pale blue are cool and peaceful, while coral and cream make a rich color combo.

Declutter the clutter. Use decorative baskets, mason jars, or even fine China teacups to corral all of your cotton balls, make-up brushes, and everything else that gets strewn all over the sink and toilet-back. Make use of the linen closet and any storage space you have to tuck it away.

Cast a good reflection. Pull out the medicine cabinet and cast it to the land of refuse. It’s time for a gorgeous artistic statement that looks good and shows you how good you look. A large mirror over the sink is your key to décor and functionality as you apply your make-up in the morning. Go gorgeous and make a statement with an Ambra Venetian Glass wall mirror by Decorative Crafts.


Make Your Foyer Fabulous

Welcome your friends with a warm foyer that invites them to your home. Don’t rush them through a dark entryway into the living room; give them time to breathe and take off their coats. This is the first place that they will get an impression, so make it an impression to remember!

Light the way. The first thing you need is lighting so that everyone can see your face at the welcome and their shoes when it’s time to go home! A small table in the foyer is the perfect place for a funky Alita Champagne Buffet lamp by Uttermost.

A place to sit. Your guests might like to take a seat when removing boots or shoes, so a perfect decorative accessory is a bench. Padded or wooden, chaise style or simple, it’s up to you. Make sure it fits with the décor that you’re trying to establish. A couple of throw pillows to match won’t hurt, either.

Brighten the walls. Painting is always an option for a foyer, but you can also brighten the area with decorative wallpaper, tapestries, or even bead board paneling. Anything that will show your guests that you care just as much about this small section of the house as you do about the rest.


Stairways Can Be Stupendous

If you don’t have a one-floor home, then you undoubtedly have a stairwell somewhere that must be taken to get to your destination. Don’t leave them drab; make them fab by making a few simple, decorative additions.

Play with color. If your stairs are carpeted, rip it out. Paint your steps any way that you like. Go ombre and paint the top step a deep blue, going with lighter blues all they way down until you end up with a light robin’s egg at the bottom. Or, paint patterns on the stair faces using a stencil to make chevron angles, racing stripes, or even a zebra design.

Decorate the banister. Your banister need not be boring brown. Use a seasonal motif that changes with the weather. Green faux ivy strands woven between the railings, silk hibiscus blossoms placed at intervals, crisp leaves reminiscent of the fall, or pine bough garland that sparkles with a hint of gold.

Line the way. We’ve all seen the homes that line the stairwells with family photos, but you can line yours with anything you like. Movie buff? Purchase posters for some of your favorites and let them cause some drama. Can’t get enough of the coast? Shells, sand dollars, and even fishing nets can be hung to look like a day at sea. Whatever shows your stuff, let it lead the way.

You home is your place to live, your place to play, and your place to design. Take advantage of every square foot that you paid for and let your imagination run wild.


Photo Source: HOUZZ


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