Design Ideas to Live Outdoors

Summertime means longer days and this means staying outside until it gets dark; usually at bedtime. Summer is warm and fresh air is in abundance. Though the weather heats up, it feels good after the cooler temps of the winter and spring; some people would gladly take a warm breeze over the coolness of the air conditioner.  Here are several outdoor design ideas to make living outdoors this summer great.


Outdoor Design Ideas

Some people are willing to do anything to enjoy the outdoors as long as possible and creating a real outdoor living space means more than just throwing a few chairs together under an umbrella. Creating a place to lounge, relax, eat, and even get some work done isn’t as difficult as it may seem. You know about interior design; consider these interior design ideas for the exterior. There are no hard and fast rules about outdoor spaces; you can create something on a patio, a backyard, or a deck. You can create a lounge area, a dining room, or a multi-purpose area where you can get some work done while enjoying the fresh air. You can host elaborate dinners, intimate cocktail parties, or have game-night in the open-air.



An outdoor living space can add value to your home. If you are lucky enough to have a privacy fence around your backyard, you’re one step closer to creating the illusion of a wall. If your fence is chain link, or if you have no fence at all, consider using bamboo, latticework, or even weathered barn wood to create a wall or two to frame off a part of your room. Shrubbery can also create enough of a wall for privacy and decoration. Once you have your walls you can branch into decorating them with artwork that will stand up to wind and rain.



There are several different ways to create flooring in your outdoor room. If you are creating a space in your yard, create a floor made out of pea gravel. Sectioning off your roomy area into a rectangle (or any shape you desire) and filling it in with the gravel will define your boundaries. When looking to create room on a patio or deck, simply go with the same thing you’d use inside; rugs. Uttermost makes a bounty of beautiful rugs, from jute to handwoven naturals.



A pergola or gazebo is perfect for covering your outdoor area, though not always necessary. If you are looking to invest, or if you already have one, it makes privacy easier as you can hang outdoor curtains from the sides. It also provides shade when the sun becomes too much. If your outdoor room is in the yard, patio umbrellas come in enormous sizes these days and a few in well-placed areas can give you the coverage you need with the ability to close them to take in the sunshine. If your room is on a deck or patio near the house, awnings are convenient when the rains come.



Use what you like to give your room its charm. Some people like a mix-and-match casual living space that lends itself to the fabulous finds of the day. Others like the streamlined look of matching wicker pieces that can stand up to the elements. Bamboo furniture evokes a feeling of getting back to nature and there are plenty of all-weather fabric cushions that can take the heat and the rain. Plenty of small tables next to the seating keeps your glass of iced tea or paperback novel within arm’s reach.


Outdoor Dining

Dinning outdoors is always a wonderful experience and you can set up a dining room table in your outdoor room, or you can go as far as creating an outdoor kitchen. Though a complete overhaul is best left to a professional, simply having a gas or charcoal grill and a large, well-stocked cooler can help you create a meal your friends won’t forget. And never underestimate the beauty and wonder of an outdoor fire pit to make your evenings complete.



Though tiki torches are often the common visual when it comes to outdoor lighting, candles, string lights, and Chinese lanterns can also be used to light up your space. Any area that you can run electricity to could use a lamp or two for extra lighting and ambiance as the night rolls in. Late August brings earlier evenings and you can linger longer with a lamp.


The summer is meant to be enjoyed so don’t let this summer pass you by before you get a chance to revel in its charms. Whatever outdoor venue you choose, make it comfy, make it quality, and make it yours. Turn your interior design ideas into reality.

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