Mirrors are an important part of every home. You use them in your bathroom, and often throughout your halls and bedrooms. Creating your own unique designs for the outer edge of your mirror is one fun way to make your décor stand out and shine. Framing your mirror will also add to the appeal of any room, and by cutting your own mirror, you can frame it if you like.

Why use DIY cutting when you can buy a custom cut mirror?

Professionally custom designed and cut mirrors can cost you more than if you’re doing the cuts yourself. In addition, if you choose to do the designing and cutting yourself, you can be more creative with the shapes and sizes.

Crafting your own artwork onto a mirror is also a wonderful way to showcase the things in life you love. This might include the shape of a seashell or a beloved animal. It may also mean using more ovals and elegant shapes than the standard square mirrors found at most stores. These special shapes can truly enhance a room with the use of lighting and frames.

Doing your own designs and cuts may also save you the hassles of trying to find the right person to cut your mirror. Your vision of the décor you want in your home is not likely the same as that of another person. Handling your own mirror designs will give you creative freedom over what you put in your house.

Tools and materials required for DIY cutting

There are several tools and necessities needed to properly cut glass and mirrors. Some of these items may be things you already have on hand and have used with other projects.


Gloves and protective eyewear are items that will keep you safe while working with your mirror. Even a scored break in glass can cause harm if you aren’t protected. In addition, a strong working surface, such as a wooden work table, is advised. You will need a sturdy environment that will not collapse under the pressure of the cuts and the weight of the mirror. Placing an even and thick layer of newspapers under your mirror is also helpful while cutting. This will prevent scratches to the surface of the glass, and it will balance out the foundation before cutting.


Glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth will help remove debris from the glass before you proceed. Any small pieces of dirt left behind while cutting could cause an uneven line or chipping.

A glass cutter is a preferred tool for cutting your mirror into new shapes and sizes. In addition, cutting oil will make the job much easier. A ruler or tape measure along with a wax pencil are needed to mark out your desired size. You may also need to use pliers, sandpaper, and masking tape.

Simple procedures to precisely cut mirrors into desired shapes and pieces


1) Begin by placing a good layer of newspaper onto the sturdy surface worktable. Be sure that there are no bumps that could cause the mirror to lay uneven.

2) Measure out your design and use the wax pencil to draw the precise lines that you wish to cut.


3) Clean your glass cutter with a bit of oil and a clean microfiber cloth. Then apply a bead of oil to the blade prior to making your first cut.

4) Carefully cut along the marked lines with your glass cutter. Take your time to ensure you have made a solid scoring cut without straying from the guidelines you have drawn.


5) Holding the mirror firmly with gloved hands, grab the scored piece and press down until it breaks off clean. For a round cut mirror you need to separate half circle once and then the other half circle.

6) For more detailed artwork, you may need to break off larger sections at a time. Then you can go back over the mirror with the glass cutter to score the fine details toward the end. This process may take more time but working slowly will ensure clean breaks and quality details.


7) You can now examine the edges for clean cuts. If there are parts that have chipped along the edge, use the sandpaper to file down the minor pieces. If there is a larger piece of glass remaining along the edge, use a small piece of cardboard to surround the jagged piece, and then snap it off with the pliers.

Important precautions while DIY cutting


Always wear protective eyewear. Tiny glass shards are always a possibility when cutting glass. Simple glasses with wide, protective lenses and side guards can be found at any hardware store.

Only cut mirrors and glass that you can safely fit on your workspace. Pieces that are too large or hang over the edges of your table may not score and break properly. Also, if the glass is too heavy for you to handle alone, do not try to cut it without a second person there to help.  

Glass pieces that are thinner than a half-inch can splinter easily and may require more advanced tools. It is best to hire a professional to cut something of this thickness. Or if you’ve planned for a mirror of this size, the professionals at Glass Genius can create a custom cut for you.

Where to buy large mirrors for DIY cutting projects

Large mirrors are available online through Glass Genius. They offer a variety of sizes and shapes and can even create an entirely custom-made mirror or piece of glass for your DIY project. With all types of glass products, from etched cabinet designs to shower doors, Glass Genius has every type of glass product your home could need.

When you aren’t feeling crafty, this company is also able to cut and design your mirror just how you’d like. They can create mirrors for your home gym, decorative mirrors for your décor, and LED mirrors to highlight your space. No matter your need, Glass Genius will provide the best item just the way you’d like.

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