Easy Design Ideas to Update The Kitchen

Back when Ozzy and Harriet were the stars of the television screen, Harriet stayed at home all day and took care of the house.  Each night, a wonderful homemade dinner was placed upon the table for the family to enjoy and they were prepared in the family kitchen where no one dared to go except Mom.  Styles have changed a lot since then.  Read below for easy design ideas to update the kitchen.

Easy Kitchen Design Ideas

Then fast food hamburgers became popular and pizza parlors we no longer just a place to hang out with friends; they became places for dinner. Mom’s cooking role loosened up a bit and the kitchen became a lost room in the home. Dinner became something different.


The Heart of the Home

Happy news; with the popularity of open concept design, the kitchen has become the heart of the home. No longer is the kitchen hidden away.  With the arrival and subsequent popularity of television cooking shows, people realized the true gem they had in the one room in the home that can make a person feel comfort while letting them be creative.  People saw these chefs on TV and thought, “Hey, I can do that!”  Exploring your inner chef and letting it out into the open is the perfect way to put the kitchen to good use. And today, the kitchen is a place for people to gather, whether they are watching you create their dinner or just enjoying the company of one another.

Change and Rearrange

If your kitchen hasn’t seen much activity in recent years, you might find that a few tweaks and changes are needed to make it look good enough to host friends and family.  But remodeling a kitchen can be a daunting (and expensive) task.  The good news: you don’t need to break the bank to update your kitchen and transform it into a place that looks good and is functional to accommodate your inner chef.


Small changes make a big difference. A few ways to get the most out of your kitchen and make it as friendly as possible for everyone include some of the following ideas.

Door Hardware Upgrade

By changing out your hardware, you can make both a beautiful and functional change. When you have quick access to your utensils and ingredients, you can work more efficiently. Try longer pulls for your drawers and consider rings or u-knobs for one-finger access.

New Faucet

If your kitchen sink has seen better days, consider changing the faucet.  A higher arch means you can clean dishes and fill large pots with ease.  Plus, no one knows better than a cook with raw-chicken-covered-hands just how convenient some of the tap-on, tap-off models are. With the many different finishes, from sliver to bronze, you’ll make a statement with your water flow.


Zone In

Setting up workspaces in your kitchen saves time and exasperation when you are in a hurry.  For example, a place where lunches are made should have a drawer nearby that houses plastic wraps, foil, and brown bags. But why not take your zone to the next level and make it a part of the interior design? Set up a mini coffee bar complete with your coffeemaker and all the fixings for an at-home latte to give your kitchen that Seattle feel.

Stash It

This might go without saying, but place items that you don’t use every day in a cabinet instead of leaving them on the counter. This gives your kitchen a streamlined and uncluttered look. Plus, the open counters give you space when you come into the kitchen with an armful of groceries.


Open It Up

On the flip side of putting things away is the idea of exposure.  Open shelves can give you a place to put up a display. Your everyday dishes in a variety of colors will make your kitchen look coordinated and gorgeous. Green glass plates stacked next to aquamarine coffee mugs let you make a statement without even picking up a paintbrush.

Lighten Up

Of course, the most important thing you can do for your kitchen is to make sure it is well-lit. Pendent lamps are all the rage in today’s modern kitchen. Wildwood and Uttermost sell a variety of pendant lamps and chandeliers that will transform your room into something special.


Blank Canvas

If your kitchen has a blank wall that screams for design, try something eye-catching without being overbearing. If by chance your kitchen is windowless, or only has a small window, a window style arched mirror can bring in the light and give the illusion of space.

Ideas to Update the Kitchen

Make your kitchen your own and visit it often. Host a cocktail party on the island and serve coffee from your new mini bar.  Channel your inner Food TV star and get to work bringing dinner back in a beautiful room you created all on your own. Bon appetite!

Photo Source:  HGTV

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