Choose a Modern Contemporary Floor Lamp

Eclectic to industrial – Tips How To Choose a Modern Contemporary Floor Lamp

Are you looking for ways to incorporate lighting into your interior? The easiest way to light up your space is to add lamp lighting. Floor lamps give design enthusiasts the perfect chance to make a sculptural statement.

There’s something for everyone. From the eclectic to the industrial, the modern floor lamp really showcases some of today’s top trends. Including the minimalist lighting involving a single bulb.

Ready to shine the spotlight on some floor lamps?

From the eclectic to the industrial the modern floor lamp really showcases some of today's top trends

Lostine Modern Gold Floor Lamp by Uttermost – 70

Todays Floor Lamps provide high-end quality, functionality, and stylish beauty you expect. Features include rich, antiqued brass and bronze finishes and finely crafted details. The swing arm and adjustable floor lamps aim light right where you need it. The fixed floor lamps provide ambient lighting for the overall space and also provide general task lighting to the area nearby.

Todays Floor Lamps provide high-end quality, functionality, and stylish beauty you expect

Rhett Burnished Oak Floor Lamp by Uttermost – 64

Floor lamps can do anything a table lamp can and with high-end style and beauty. Floor lamps are considered the most versatile lamp. They are very easy to move around, they can be positioned right where you need the light, and many can be adjusted in height. Use a floor lamp next to your reading chair or one on each end of a sofa, they work well with desks, secretaries, besides a bed, or place one on each side of a buffet table.

Floor lamps are considered the most versatile lamp

Cielo Staggered Rectangles Floor Lamp by Uttermos

How To Choose a Floor Lamp

These tips will help you buy the right floor lamp for your space.

Floor lamp types: Choose a type of floor lamp based on the lighting you need. The floor lamp provides perfect ambient or general room lighting.

Torchiere floor lamps direct light upwards towards the ceiling providing the level of brightness you need without glare.

Arc floor lamps offer a great solution for large seating areas and sectionals. These lamps feature single or multiple lights arranged at the end of a long arc, ideal for task lighting.

Pharmacy floor lamps have an adjustable lamp head and base.

Table Floor Lamp If you want a floor lamp that provides ambient lighting as well as task lighting and functionality.

Swingarm floor lamps feature an adjustable swing arm.

Tree floor lamp is simply a floor lamp with multiple arms with multiple lights. Situate the lights in a variety of positions depending on your need for illumination.

Torchiere floor lamps enhance the ambient light by aiming the light upward. The light shines up out of the top.. It’s a great choice as an accent lamp also, or for just boosting the overall light in your room. Torchieres do not serve well for task lighting.

When choosing floor lamp height, pick the most appropriate sized floor lamp for your space. Consider the eye level rule, take a seat on the sofa or chair and measure the height from the floor to your eye level. The shade should be at or below eye level to avoid the glare. if you’re placing the floor lamp further from where you are seated, use a taller lamp.

Now you can choose the perfect floor lamp for your space

Make A Room Beautiful

Floor lamps do a lot for a room, and they can increase overall light or just make a room beautiful. The type and style you buy depends on how you’re going to use it.

A torchiere floor lamp floods the ceiling with light just like overhead lighting does. Place one in the living room, bedroom or any room you need ambient lighting for activities like reading a book or writing a grocery list.

Look for a floor lamp that provides the focused light you need, in order to cover more ground.

Try a multi-directional floor lamp if you want to twist and turn the lights in all directions. It’s like three lamps in one. When deciding on style look around the room at your existing decor and finishes for style cues. Do you have a neutral couch, a pattern lampshade is always fun. Or try one in a bold color to breathe new life into an outdated foor lamp.

A linen or cotton lampshade lets more light through, wider shades do too
Vincent Gold Floor Lamp by Uttermost

Is your room a tad on the dark side? A linen or cotton lampshade lets more light through, and wider shades do too. Just make sure the lampshade covers the light socket, and you also want to be sure the light bulb is at least three and a half inches from the shade on all sides. Once that’s done, plug in your new lamp and have fun with a good book

Floor lamps are almost a must-have for a well-designed lighting plan. They are beautiful, dramatic or sleek and sophisticated – an instant touch of modern or traditional depending on the style. They offer a warm, inviting light comparable to a table lamp – but can be used where a table cannot or simply to replace one.

Set The Mood

When choosing a floor lamp, keep in mind what you’re going to use it for – and where. It can create different desired moods. Your floor lamp can create a cozy reading nook or make a dramatic statement. If you need concentrated light in a specific area by a chair, sofa, or bed – choose one with an adjustable goose-neck or swing arm. The tall straight floor lamps with a shade can be used as the main source of directional light, and emit a warm inviting glow to the room. Floor lamps are sized to be the same general proper height of a table lamp.

Modern Contemporary Floor lamps create functional art!

Slate Rustic Floor Lamp by Uttermos

The right light can not only provide light, but it will make your room positively glow. And it can even improve your mood. No lamp accomplishes this better than Modern Contemporary Floor lamps. They create functional art!

Discover the vast array of Contemporary and Traditional styles of unique floor lamps – each a work of art designed to light your home like it’s never been lit before.

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