Four Ideas To Makeover Your Garage

If your garage is looking run down, cluttered, or unused – then maybe it is time to makeover your garage and re-purpose the space. The first thing to consider is what you really want to do with the space. If you want to make it into a living or recreational space, then you will need to ensure that it is properly insulated and ready to be used.

Preparing To Makeover Your Garage

Whatever you are looking to do you will need to keep moisture out of the garage. This can cause appliances, tools, and other metal items to rust and wear out – or possibly cause mold. Sealing the concrete, insulating the walls, and removing any air gap beneath the garage door are essential to creating a functional space. You may also want to have an insulated garage door to help maintain temperature control.   Garador actually has a blog-post that addresses the question on garage insulation, so you might want to take a look at that before you start.

Now for the fun part, choosing what to do with your garage space.

1) Turn It Into A Gym


Lots of people convert a room in their house or their garage into a gym, it’s a great use of space when you have the room, a perfect way to encourage yourself to keep fit and in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Although initially the equipment you need will be expensive, if you add it up over time it is insignificant to the cost of a membership at the gym and it is more convenient to use.

Some essentials most people have would be an exercise bike, a work bench and some dun-bells, this should get you started and you can pick them up for cheap.

2) Make It Into A Snooker Room

If you have the space for it, turn it into a snooker room and be the envy of all your mates, make it into a real man cave for the guys to come over and play a game. Just remember to measure the space you’ll have before you buy and don’t forget you don’t have to get a full-sized table, they do smaller sizes. Just ensure that all the work you’ve done means that there won’t be any moisture getting in and ruining your expensive snooker table.

3) Create Your Own Home Cinema

If you are really into your movies and love seeing them on the big screen, why not make your own? It can be quite easy to seal up the garage so it keeps in the heat in the winter and keeps cool in the summer or you can invest in some air conditioning for more comfort. Get a nice sofa or some reclining chairs and invest in a big screen TV or if you prefer, get a projector.

If you bid for the projector make sure you have a flat blank wall you can project it onto or you can even buy pull down screens you can use. Get yourself a fridge with some refreshments and you can enjoy all your favorite old and new films at home whenever you like.

4) Make A More Functional Garage

If you want to keep it as a garage then give it a tidy, throw away any rubbish you won’t need any more, free up floor space, keep the garage door clear and invest in some storage boxes and solutions to keep tools where you can find them and out the way so you don’t keep tripping over them. Upgrade to an electric garage door for ease of use when getting in and out when driving or using the garage.

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Josh Andrews is keen on home design and home improvement. Dabbling in home automation solutions is his current hobby, and he won’t be happy until everything he owns is accessible through his phone.

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