Foyer Decorating Tips and Ideas

orange-table-lamp-m-1Many homeowners overlook the importance of decorating their foyer. The foyer is considered the “introduction area” to your home that guests immediately see once they enter.

If you want your guests and family to feel welcomed when they come into your home, you should take the time to make a good first impression.

Console Tables

Typically, the foyer in most homes is connected to the living room in an open manner. When you walk in the front door, you’ll immediately enter the foyer and see the living room off to the side.

Look to see what color and finish your living room furniture has and try to find a console table that matches it. Because you’re placing this table in the foyer, you should find one that’s at least 3 to 4 feet tall where it’s easily visible while standing up.


Buffet Lamps

Decorating the console table in your foyer can be a lot of fun. It gives you a chance to put your creativity and ingenuity at work to create something of your own. One of the most common items used to decorate tables in the foyer are framed pictures and photos.

As long as you chose a console table that’s at least waist-high, you can effectively display different photos or pictures on it. You can choose place photos of your family, vacations, children, siblings or anything else you want. This works well because people will see the photos immediately when they walk into your home.

Often a console table lamp is needed for the console table.  These types of table are usually 16 to 22 inches deep.  Make sure that the lampshade is a little smaller than the depth of the console table so that is does not overhang.



When used in conjunction with a console table, mirrors are excellent items to add in your foyer. To the right is a traditional gold wall mirror.  Just be sure to measure your wall space before picking out a mirror for your foyer.  As long as there’s plenty of open space, choose a large mirror to get the most benefit from it.


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