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Frederik Cooper, one stop lighting accessories

When Frederick Cooper first started his Art Studio in 1923, he had a simple idea in mind: to create some of the most beautiful and authentic handmade lamps and lampshades. The company has been working with artists around the globe who have been working with skilled in this field for many years to produce finely crafted items that have stood the test of time. 

Frederick Cooper’s art studio has become one of the top names in lighting design because of their dedication to quality workmanship and its longstanding reputation as a maker of high-quality products. Frederick

It is not just another company which is simply a vendor of lamps and lampshades; it offers the opportunity to experience the world of Frederick Cooper. 

Since many years it has gathered the finest artisans to create timeless art with unrivaled quality and exceptional materials.  Frederick Cooper’s art studio has been producing high-quality artistic designs for a long time.

Our designs and designers

Top designers like Larry Laslo and Alexander Julian devote their skills to Frederick Cooper.

It offers an exclusive collection of high-quality floor and table lamps, lights and lampshades for many eminent studios, embassies, resorts etc. 

The talented staff offers a vivid range of lamps made from natural materials, Italian Venetian glass, crystal, marble, ceramic, brass and nickel. They also maintain quality of lampshades to offer high end look and accentuate any room’s decor for an elegant and unique touch. 

Table lamps by Frederik Cooper

Table lamps made by Frederik Cooper are excellent art pieces. They showcase the best designs and functionality of lamps. They are made from durable and authentic material like copper, alabaster, nickel and many other.

Frederik Cooper is well known for the modern and contemporary work. Here, you will be dazzled to see marvelous collection and setting of all types of lamps you desire. It also crafts traditional lamps to fulfill the demands of the customers. 

You will have anything you require for your rooms. Frederick Cooper will make sure that the best lamps are available for you at all times. You can have table lamps for your side table in bedroom, reading desk or your sofa. 

The Frederick Cooper can also provide floor lamps to illuminate the entire room, or even have a custom designed lampshade for you from many different options of colors and shapes.

Customary trade 

One thing that is certain about Frederick Cooper is their quality workmanship with painting on wood panels produced by hand in a manner customary to their trade.

The price of these wonderful pieces is also affordable so it can fit within anyone’s budget. 

This entire means to say that Frederick Cooper art studio has everything you need under elegance and your demands.

A visit today is worth your time! 

While choosing your table lamps, remember to refer to all the colors that Frederick Cooper art studio offers. With a careful selection of colors, you can make any room in your home look magnificent. 

Frederick Cooper creates handmade lamps and lampshades using authentic materials and matching colors. Designer lamps assure exquisite lighting to highlight any room’s decor. Even a dull lit room will transform into  a vibrant and energized space with Frederick Cooper lamps. Frederick Cooper also offers a range of colors that you can combine, mix or match to create the perfect ambiance for your home.

The brass lamp will make any room look more elegant; nickel-based lamps are made for those who want something modern and chic. Both types offer a very delightful touch to your dressing tables, living rooms, work desk and more.

Floor Lamps by Frederik Cooper

If you are looking to create a relaxed mood, bright light and a calm feature to your rooms, Frederick Cooper Floor Lamps are the perfect way of doing so.

Frederick Cooper floor lamps will brighten up any room and allow you to indulge in colors that  perfectly match your decor or specific needs. Frederick cooper also offers directional lighting for those who want more focus on one area without having light shine everywhere

Frederick Cooper lamps are handmade, as each lamp is an individual and unique piece of art; designer lamps assure exquisite lighting to highlight any room’s decor 

Each lamp is designed to meet the Frederick Cooper’s signature style of geometric, modern and a touch mod. Frederick cooper offers many varieties to choose from to light up your home. 

Materials and Manufacturing

Frederick cooper lamps are made with authentic material- every lamp is handcrafted and original.

Lampshades can be customized in many sizes so they will fit your desired need; the studio also provides custom sizing for those who want more than one size or more. 

Frederik Cooper lamps are beautiful and sophisticated to give you  the lighting you need for a perfect home. You can visit us on our website to find ample of floor lamps.

They are made from nickel, jade, rough iron and other diverse materials.

These lamps are very versatile and a perfect investment you can make. They are easy to move around, provide great light, and they look splendid with any decor.

The brand always offers finest quality and customer satisfaction is the primary goal. These lamps have a graceful and beautiful design with no visible fasteners on it, but use an elegant wire to drape around any surface you want. It’s perfect for those who don’t like to clutter the background.

You will have modern, traditional, simple, and designer or anything you can imagine for your extraordinary house.

Frederick cooper art studio will custom design for you, and they offer a wide range of materials to create something that is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. You are not limited by any specific style because Frederick cooper will work with every client’s individual needs.

Check out Frederik Cooper for more to explore. You will not be disappointed after seeing their work.

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