Fun Decoration Tips for Your Kid’s Room

There are many ways to decorate your child’s room, but it is important to involve the child when doing so. The best way to have fun while decorating a kid’s room is to be open to their ideas.

Remember a child’s bedroom serves many purposes – it is a place where they sleep, play, study, and hide; but more importantly, it is a safe zone where the child feels secure. If you decide to decorate the room without any input from the child, there is a very high probability that your child will not be happy with the final outcome. Moreover, they will also keep on reminding you of the fact that they were not involved.

Here are some fun decoration tips for your kid’s room:

  1. Make a Plan: Before you decorate your child’s room, make a plan. Sit down with your child and write down the things that need to be done. Remember, a child’s room has to be cozy and comfortable, should have the right type of lighting and should also have a theme that your child approves.

2. Keep things small: Safety is an important factor when decorating a child’s room. Whatever items you decide to place in the child’s room, you should make sure they are of the right height and do not have any sharp edges and/or glass. The child’s bed should be comfortable and should be secure depending on your child’s age. Children have lots of clothes and toys so make sure there is sufficient storage space in the room so that everything can be placed properly and the room does not look messy.


3. Choose a paint that glows: Most children are fascinated by lights and colors. You can have some real fun by selecting bright and vibrant colors. Kids also like paint that glows in the dark. You can also paint the ceiling with an image of the sky with stars and the moon. If your child is into anything else, you can paint that too. You can add customized neon lights which children really enjoy. Neon lights and paint that glows can also help children overcome their fear of the dark.

4. Personalize the room: Kids often like to collect stuff such as postcards, coins or stickers. You can personalize their room and showcase their collection. This can be done either through hanging their collection on a string across the window or door. You can decorate them across the room’s wall. If the child has a favorite character, actor, animal, etc., you can put posters on the walls. You can decorate the room with your child’s school projects, posters, etc.

5. Use Durable Items: Kids are generally very active therefore safe and durable furniture is the way to go. Avoid furniture items that have glass or are made of glass, whether they are bookcases or coffee tables. The main thing is to have furniture pieces that you really need, make sure there is sufficient space in the room for the child to move around, run and play and enough storage to keep everything neat and tidy.

6. Be Artistic: Kids love art, posters, and pictures. This is a great way to bring visual interest to the room. You may want to hang the artwork on a wall, cupboard or even on the headboard. The one thing you should know about art is that as a child gets older, their taste in art also changes. Therefore, you don’t need masterpieces. You just need things that appeal to your child and are beautiful to look at.


7. Create a purpose: If you want to inspire creativity and give your child more incentive to enjoy school work, you can install a chalkboard or a writing board where you can put down your child’s schedule of the day, their chores, things to do, etc. The board can also function as a calendar, diary and a message board. You should also have a bookshelf filled with good books, so your child is encouraged to read and a desk where they do their schoolwork in peace.

8. Make it a comfort zone: Remember, a kid’s room is not only for sleeping but also to hang out and have fun. Make sure you have a play area, a reading nook, a computer desk and all other essential items that your child needs to feel comfortable.

9. Be versatile: Kids by nature are versatile, and their needs and wants change regularly. Therefore you also need to be versatile when selecting furniture for your child’s room. Modern furniture is designed to serve multiple purposes. Beds can have drawers for storage; a chest of drawers can be turned into to computer station; a chair can be turned into a recliner etc. By using such pieces, you can avoid clutter in the room. These items are also easier to maintain and clean up. And they are extremely useful if you’re decorating a room which has limited space.


The important thing is to make your child feel as if their room belongs to them. Incorporate their ideas; make the room about them and not you. If it’s Princess Elsa they want, so be it. If Spider man is their thing, work on that theme. You don’t have to spend a fortune because their interests will change quite rapidly but if you really want to have fun while decorating your child’s room, make sure you involve them. You don’t have to fulfill every request they make; stay within your budget but do what you can to make them happy.

guest-authorLara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home décor who is passionate about new trends and fashion for home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.

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