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Fun Ways to Use Christmas Lights All Year Round

Christmas decorations are favorites all over the world. Whether we are talking about indoor or outdoor decoration, people love the glitter and shine of the festive days. Still, when the holidays are over, we need to take everything off and pack it in boxes for the following year. Or do we really have to? Our team has given this some thought, and we eventually came up with several fun ways to use Christmas lights all year round. 

1. Decorate your fireplace

You are thinking about renovating your home, but you just don’t know what to do with the old empty fireplace. Well, we have a suggestion for you! Don’t let the fireplace be an empty, useless part of your room. If you simply don’t care about chopping wood and lighting a fire repeatedly, you can take several logs and weave a string of lights all around to get the impression of an ember. This way, you will not only refresh the fireplace’s look, but you will also have a pleasant and cozy place to read your book in the winter and all year long.

A room with a fireplace and a Christmas tree.
Your fireplace can sparkle even when it’s not Christmas season.

2. A nice bed canopy

If you feel bored with your bedroom’s everyday look, or want to make a fairytale-like atmosphere in your kids’ bedroom, here’s an idea. Think about creating a nice bed canopy.

With only a simple draping fabric, such as organza, tulle, or fine nylon, and several light strings attached to them, you will get a completely new look for your room. Let the fabric fall over every bed corner in streams, or use curtain rods to attach them. The white color will make it all the more elegant. Still, if you want to create a playful scene, choose fabrics in some of your favorite colors. And the best thing is that you don’t need a massive budget for this type of decoration. All you need is some Christmas decorations and a lot of imagination.

3. Party decorations—a fun way to use Christmas lights all year round

You have just moved into your new home and want to celebrate it. As professionals from bestmovers.nyc like to point out, a relocation is not an easy task to complete, and you really have to do something to relax. So, consider throwing a moving-in party. And for the decoration part, make use of your old Christmas lights.

Nothing is better than a good summer party on your patio under a romantic string of lights. Or having a nice winter-night dinner with your friends under the sparkling ceiling that looks like a sky full of stars. Don’t spend too much time and money on expensive ribbons, ornaments, and balloon decorations. Simply take Christmas tree lights and bring the festive spirit to all your important days throughout the year.

Sting of lights on the ceiling as one of the fun ways to use Christmas lights all year round
When it’s time to party, you’ll need some lights to create a glowing atmosphere.

4. Play with the wall art

You already have some decorative sconces on your wall, but it still doesn’t look how you would like it to. Maybe it’s time for some wall art.

When it comes to fun ways to use Christmas lights all year round as wall art, there are plenty of options:

  • You can take a canvas, paint it in one or several colors, and have the lights shine through it. Some of the common ideas are creating a constellation, a night cityscape, or some interesting shapes or initials
  • Decorate your wall with a greenery garland intertwined with a string of lights. It will refresh the room and give an exciting touch to a minimalist interior
  • If you like photography, you can peg several artistic or family photographs all over your wall and then put Christmas lights across them. This can be a great decoration idea for a home office or a living room
  • Finally, consider hanging some decorative lights on your favorite mirror if you need something new to cheer up your dressing room. Just imagine the glamorous Hollywood atmosphere it will create
A wooden table with a laptop on it.
Giving your working space a unique festive look is one of the fun ways to use Christmas lights all year round

5. A creative way to light up dark corners

If your new home feels cozy and warm, but you still have some dark corners you want to brighten up, Christmas lights can help you out. The number of ideas is infinite:

  • Make a curtain of lights and place it in the corner of the room
  • Take several branches and wrap the lights around them. Then put them in a glass vase and see the amazing effect
  • If you have large colored bulbs from your Christmas decorations, place them in a string and let them fall from the ceiling to the floor

So, the next time you decide to pack your stuff for the move, don’t forget to bring your Christmas decorations with you. And to ensure better organization during your move, you’ll definitely need to create a moving inventory list. That way, you will ensure you don’t forget a thing along the way.

6. Interesting decorative elements

You may be planning to buy a new decorative chandelier for your living room or a lovely table lamp for the nightstand. Well, you can do all of that, of course. But check out some of our ideas first.

For example, if you love rustic and minimalist styles, you’ll love the idea of a grapevine chandelier. All you need is a craft store wreath and string lights to weave them around the wreath. The outcome will be amazing. And the best thing is that you can place it as either indoor or outdoor decoration.

On the other hand, if you want an interesting lamp for your room, we have another craft for you. With only one Maison jar and some white or colorful lights, you will get a romantic nightlight that will be both unique and elegant. And all of that at little cost.

A person is holding a jar full of light strings.
Have unique decorative elements in your home.

Those would be some of our top fun ideas to use Christmas lights all year round. We hope we have tickled your imagination. Now get your Christmas decoration box and make your own crafts.

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Sarah Parker works as a design manager and is based in Brooklyn. She is very interested in interior design. In her free time, she decorates parties and weddings for other people. This hobby also became her second job two years ago. 

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