10 Ways You Can Give Your House a Modern Look

New look holds excellent appeal for interiors and exteriors of a house. Modernism has its charms.  It embraces minimalism. It works on the principle that form must follow function. Modernism rejects extravagance.  The result is a clean, sleek look.

You can recognize modern style by its clean and mostly unadorned look. It favours sharp, defined lines. It has an airy and expansive feeling.

It is relatively simple to adopt modernism when it comes to home décor. We are listing below ten ways you can give your house a modern look:


It is a praiseworthy principle. In a house with a modern look, less is more. By placing a few things strategically, we emphasize their importance. Choose simplicity over flamboyance. This principle also helps save resources if used correctly. To achieve this look for your house, pare it down to the essentials. Remove the clutter and keep what is necessary.


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Open Plan:

A modern looking house has fewer walls and more open space. It is a signature characteristic of the contemporary style of home design. It offers ease of access. This layout eliminates excessive doors and hallways as well. The open layout is a modern design trend conducive to modern living. It aligns with the contemporary mindset of frankness and doing away with unnecessary walls. An open plan makes the house look light, large and airy. To incorporate this into an existing home, you might need to knock down a few walls.


Mirrors will immediately dress up the look of ‏a house. They are often an inexpensive way to take the attractiveness up a few notches. They also offer more opportunities to admire yourself as you pass by.wall mirrorsarched mirrorsgold mirrorslarge floor mirrorsoversized floor mirrors, all add light. They hide imperfections and give the illusion of space. You can create focal points with it. While placing a mirror, you need to consider its reflection. For a modern look, you need simple mirrors rather than fancy ones. Mirrors can add beauty, light, convenience or illusion of space in your modern home design.

Light neutral colours:

Majority of the walls in a modern house are painted with light neutral colours. They are bright to medium shades with undertones like blue, green, brown or yellow.  These colours go well with all the other colours. They bring out the accents effectively by providing excellent contrast. Light neutral tones help to brighten a house and keep it looking serene. The house looks neat and impeccable. With bright neutral colours, the walls are more of a backdrop for your beautiful minimal furnishing.


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Accents are a quick way to add interest to your house. Accents to a home are like jewellery to an ensemble. They immediately make the look more stunning. Accents bring a pop of colour. They can be anything from a painted wall to a cushion. Light fixtures or area rugs can also act as accents.  There is a lot of variety and choices in accents. You can be as creative as you like with accents. Add your signature style to your space with accents. Accents help you to add contrast and personality. It is all about strategic accessorizing.

Hidden furniture:

Space-saving hidden furniture makes your house look more open. This type of furniture allows us to create compact, modern interiors. Hidden furniture makes the home more appealing, clutter-free and attractive. In this style, all the household appliances are also integrated into design elements and hidden away from view. Hidden furniture makes even tiny spaces comfortable and more functional.

Floating furniture:

Floating furniture are those pieces that are away from the walls. They may be in the middle of a room. They appear to be ‘floating’. It gives the illusion of more space. It also looks fetching. Floating furniture provides the room with a personality. It unsettles as much as it comforts, offering a unique look to space.

Tastefully decorated walls:

Decorate walls in a modern house with minimal but attractive pieces. Add your most beloved artwork to a neutral wall for a pop of colour.


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Create focal points on large walls with artwork. While decorating the walls, we still need to remember that less is more in a modern look. Walls determine the overall atmosphere or feel of the house, so pay special attention to these. There are many creative ways to make the walls look fabulous. There are a variety of modern finishes for walls that add character.

Polished metals

You will do well with polished metals for a modern looking house. Metals with a glistening finish add appeal to the house. It adds some glamour. High-shine metal details add a look of luxury. Do not ignore the outer parts of your house like the garage when you are giving it a modern look. Take care of small jobs as well. A modern house is a well-functioning house. Do not ignore even minor aspects of function. Repair a garage door if you need to. Make sure everything is functioning properly and is well-polished. These are essential features of a modern house.


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House plants:

Adding houseplants finishes the modern look of a house. It makes it look more comfortable. There are many creative ways to add houseplants. You can hang one from the ceiling for interest. You can opt for wall-mounted ones too. If you feel like experimenting, you could even try an indoor trellis. Plants can serve as accents. At times, they can break the monotony of lines in a modern look with their unusual forms. Plants are an essential part of a modern house. You can get easy to maintain plants if you don’t have a green thumb.

You can create a stunning look for your house by keeping in mind these tips and finding your style. Remember, the best home is the home that spells you.

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