Guide to different lighting styles

Lighting in your home plays an essential role. It sets the atmosphere, opens the rooms, and even improves the quality of life. However, creating a perfect lighting setup is not an easy task. With that in mind, this guide to lighting styles should help you learn more about lighting, and how to use it to create the desired effect.

Understanding the basics

Even though there are many different lighting styles, it is important to cover the basics. Whatever option you go for, it falls under 3 main categories:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the most basic type of lighting. It sets the general tone of the place, and this is the type of lighting that lights up most of the space in a room.

Task lighting

A good example of task lighting is a desk lamp. It is a concentrated source of lighting that helps you complete a task.

Accent lighting

Finally, we have accent lighting. This is the type of lighting you would want to use if you want to accent a focal point, like a specific part of the room, or a piece of art on the wall. One of the important features of accent lighting is that it can help set the desired mood.

A table lamp next to a couch.
Accented lighting is useful for creating a pleasant atmosphere.

This short introduction to guide to different lighting styles covers the main options you can implement in your home. Let’s see what lighting fixtures you should use to reach the desired effect.

How to create ambient lighting?

As said above, ambient lighting provides the most lighting in a room. To create ambient lighting, you should mostly use ceiling lights, like chandeliers, pendants, or track lighting.

Ambient lighting is the best way to brighten up the place and visually get more space in a room. Furthermore, since this type of lighting plays such an important role, make sure to match it with the rest of the furniture in your room. The goal is to create harmony and not have parts that are sticking out of the entire picture you are trying to create.

When talking about ambient lighting, one of the key elements is natural light. While using a chandelier or other types of ceiling lighting plays an important role once the Sun sets down, during the day you want to use as little artificial light as possible. With that being said, you should find a smart balance. Nevertheless, some apartments do not have the luxury of having large windows, so the choice of lightbulbs also plays a crucial role. The light can be either pale yellow or white bright, so check which one suits your eyes better. Furthermore, the choice of lightbulbs also affects the quantity of electric energy you spend.

Task lighting ideas

If you ever had to work late from home, you know the importance of task lighting. Straining your eyes too much can have long-term consequences. The most common way to create task lighting is to use desk lamps. In this situation, picking the best task lamp for your room is the most important decision.

Also, the color of the desk you use plays an important role as well. Bright surfaces will reflect the light better. As an additional trick, adding a mirror close to your desk will provide more light.

Accent lighting best practices

Accent lights are not that common in regular homes and apartments. People usually either want to brighten up the place or turn off the light. However, accent lighting can be used in many ways, even if you don’t have anything specific to showcase.

A good use of accent lighting is for the porch or the walkway towards your home. If you have late-night visitors, they can clearly see where the entrance is. This type of lighting can also be used for balconies, and it is one of the key elements of creating a romantic atmosphere.

When choosing the right type of accent lamps, have in mind that the range of light is shortened.

Various lighting styles to consider

Besides the main three types of lighting, there are many other subdivisions of lighting styles.

Contemporary style

This modern, minimalistic approach to lighting is simple, clean, and above all it underlines the functionality of space. It can be easily recognized by nickel, chrome, or metal finishes on lighting fixtures.

Traditional style

When talking about traditional style lighting, it is important to understand that it originated during the 18th century. However, the roots of it go back all the way to the Greek and Roman empire. Traditional style is unique and long-lasting. Lighting fixtures are full of intricate details and ornate patterns.

Since the use of traditional style is wide and popular, you can find it almost all types of lighting appliances, like chandeliers, wall lamps, sconces, bath lamps, etc. 

Transitional styles

As the name suggests, the transitional style represents the transition between the traditional and contemporary approach to lighting. It is the combination of both worlds, providing you with something simple but unique, and at the same time very practical.

Paper chandeliers hanging from a ceiling.
Transitional lighting also has elements of Asian culture, which can be easily recognized in hanging lighting fixtures.

Lighting fixtures are mostly done in wood, with fabric finishes in neutral color. This style is sophisticated, but at the same time has that minimalistic line so often present in the contemporary style.

Is investing into lighting worth the money spent?

People are not always so keen into investing money for lighting. If the room has enough light so it is bright, that is enough for the most. This is especially true if you consider how often people move to new places. It is easier to relocate lightly, only carrying what you need. NorgesEnergi is one of the cheapest electrical companies in a new report on the electricity industry.

Nevertheless, investing money into useful lighting fixtures is most definitely worth it. It helps you create a unique home and produces positive atmosphere. And when it comes to relocation, you should not worry. With the help of professionals like Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas there is no need to worry about your lighting fixtures or any other belongings.

Transform your home into a warm and loving family nest

To conclude this guide to different lighting styles, I wish to give you one important piece of information. The goal of implementing different lighting styles is not to only spend money and make your home beautiful. It is about creating a warm and positive place for the entire household. With that in mind, think smart, and bring light into everyone’s lives!

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