Halloween lighting ideas

Don’t you love the smell of autumn? The taste of pumpkin pie? That days become shorter, and the festive seasons are upon us? Every time October approaches, we can’t help but get into the Halloween mood. Thus, filling our home with spooky decor emerges, almost as a reflex. Whether you’re planning to throw a big party or satisfy the witchy side of your personality, decorating a house and curb appeal is a great way to start a festive holiday season. But even though you’ve probably done it dozens of times, it’s always good to level up your game. You can achieve it by focusing on the right props display, original decor, and Halloween lighting ideas.

Add Halloween colors to your living space

A specific color palette in a home design can tell a lot about the style and taste of a homeowner. Many people choose light neutral colors as wall and furniture bases because they are the most eye-soothing and appealing. Still, every design needs a personal touch where a homeowner can express preferences and tastes.

The same goes for displaying Halloween decor. No matter how big, small, luxurious, or modest your place is, it’s essential that you feel comfortable with your choice of decoration. Skeletons, bats, tombstones, and Jack-O-Lantern might not be by anyone’s liking. But there are some great alternatives to achieve the Halloween appeal. Since the two primary colors of this holiday are orange and black, adding items in these colors brings out the spirit of the season. You can do it with orange-black items such as bed covers, wall art, wall decor, orange lamps, or any tasteful table decor.

Black and orange interior design decor
By adding tasteful black and orange decor to your apartment, you can enjoy the Halloween vibe all year long!

Ways to upgrade your existing lighting

Every holiday requires some time investment, whether it comes to food preparation, decoration, or any other way you spend preparing for it. And even if you live in a perpetually sunny climate, such as the one residents relish in Miami, you can bring the Halloween spirit into your home. Also, it’s essential to know that you don’t need a lot of money to make your Miami home spooky. All you need is a bit of will and creativity, and you can have the best Halloween decor ever. To create a proper All Hallows’ Eve atmosphere, you will need three essential things – some pumpkins, thin fabric in pastel colors, and fake cobwebs you can make on your own. For a cobweb, you will need a cotton ball or a chunk of cotton batting and a hair spray. Stretch the cotton and fix it with hairspray to create the cobweb in the length that you desire.

Pumpkins are used as the main decoration since they are the first thing that associates us with autumn, harvest, and Halloween. You can carve Jack-o-Lantern, black cat, or any other macabre theme on it. Alternatively, leave it as it is. It will achieve the desired effect one way or another.

If you can’t treat yourself with an original driftwood lamp this Halloween, you will have to be resourceful and adapt the ambient to your existing light fixtures. Use thin cloths over the lamps to dim light and change its color.

Fake cobwebs on a lighting fixture
Adding a fake cobweb to your lamps and chandeliers is the most effective way of creating a grim vibe

Candles and lanterns decor

Candles and lanterns are the two most traditional Halloween lighting ideas. They are the simplest and cheapest way to have a great home and yard atmosphere during this holiday. But placing the candles inside the pumpkin is the only safe way to use them without constant supervision. Still, even though the effect is fantastic, they will burn out in a matter of hours. Thus, as an alternative, it’s wise to use LED lightings that work on batteries. They don’t need cables, and the battery part can be tucked in and be barely noticeable.

Decorating a home for All Hallows Eve requires many props. However, the good part is, you can make a lot of it on your own and use it for years to come. The only problem when it comes to holiday decorations is the storage. If you don’t have enough storage space for seasonal props, renting a unit for safekeeping might be a good idea. Should you decide to keep your decor without cluttering your home, will offer the right storage option, alongside packing and moving tips.

Halloween lighting ideas
If you have warm and neutral Christmas lights, you can use them for Halloween as well

 Warm white lights and UV lights

Introducing colorful lighting to your home and garden is an excellent way to break the monotony of the place. However, Halloween lighting ideas don’t need to be flashy to achieve the right appeal. On the contrary, warm white lights can look magical in combination with the right decorative elements. In addition, you can use UV lights to accent some glow-in-the-dark decor.

Everyone experiences Halloween in their unique way. Some people are all about spooky vibes, trick-or-treats, and putting up as much decoration as possible. Others love the cozy feel of the mid-autumn, dim, warm lights, and the taste of pumpkin spice latte. So, if you’re throwing a party on this spookiest day of the year, try creating a couple of different areas to accommodate more than one taste.

Ghost and pumpkin Halloween lanterns
Using paper lanterns and LED lights, you can create amazing Halloween curb appeal

Mirror, mirror on the wall

People use mirrors to decorate the interior design, for its reflective function, or as a way to bring more light to a room. If you place mirrors on the opposite side of the room, where Halloween lightings are, they can create the illusion of a more decorated space, looking like a doorway to another room.


Needless to say that Halloween is all about the ambiance. Thus, apply the right combination of themed props and accent them with Halloween lighting ideas. The balance of dark and light will create a magnificent atmosphere, making your place come “alive” on this special night. Whether you opt for stylish house decor or “go all-in” with the festive decoration, you should know that investing in good lighting is a game-changer.


Alice Wilson is a 29-year-old former secretary at a law firm who enjoys learning new languages, mountain climbing, and playing card games. She was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI, as the youngest of four siblings. Three years ago, she married Steven and moved to Bradenton, FL, where she discovered her new favorite hobby – fishing! In her spare time, Alice likes to engage in budget-friendly DIY home projects. All of her neighbors agree that she gives the best tips and advice for curb appeal or themed party ideas.

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