Home office design that will help you stay focused

How to get things done when working from the comfort of your own home? And enjoy your view along the way…

When your home is also your office it can be very challenging. You need to have very strong discipline, great organization skills and a proper mindset to get the work done. The environment plays a great role too. Maybe you are a veteran of working from home and you want to improve things a bit or this is completely new to you since most of us are working from home right now.

Set up your home office and play with the elements until you say ‘’this is it, this is where I will gather my creative energy and draw inspiration from’’.

No one wants to work in a completely sterile environment ( except if you are working in a lab) or gloomy dark spaces where your mood levels simply drop. You need to find the right balance and yet resist the temptation to make long pauses, prepare coffee 10 times during your working hours and to talk with your family just to avoid the work.

Your work space needs to feel welcoming, with just the right amount of elements that will uplift your productivity and will not lead you to procrastinate. Here are some fresh home office ideas that will lift your spirits and productivity. We are creating a perfect meeting space for productivity and elegance!

Pastel colors


The color palette should play a major role when you are starting your workroom design from scratch. Pastel colors are our favorite because the atmosphere should be breezy, fresh, oozing with natural light.

White color is always a ‘’play safe’’ because it looks elegant, timeless and it goes great with a minimalistic design. This also applies to the light pink shades and beige, because these colors look more natural and uplifting.

Yet, if you want to come to the dark side – dark is always oozing with the timeless elegance. It will make you feel more powerful, willing to fight even more to achieve your dreams.

Office furniture


Now, don’t get too cozy! If you find office furniture that is just too cozy, you might find yourself daydreaming about all your ideas and not doing anything to achieve it at all.

Don’t fall into this trap. Yet, if you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair you may find yourself struggling with the urge to run away and you will be probably thinking ‘’ I can’t wait to get home’’. And yet, you are already there.

So find a comfortable chair that will feel great on your spine and keep your work desk tidy. That will keep your thoughts clear also to keep you focused on work.

A quiet place


When you work, you want to be minimally distracted from the outdoor noise. You might get distracted by various things. Traffic for example, and then there is your family that is doing their regular routine behind the doors, pets that require to take a walk and the list goes on and on.

So enjoy the sound of silence for a change. Include the important details that can improve both the aesthetic appeal and keep you noise-free. For example, use curtains that will look elegant and they will block sounds a bit. It also applies to decorative rugs.

Play with different styles, your room will be isolated better. Eventually, you can isolate your fortress of solitude with decorative acoustic panels that will block all the noise and you will finally have enough space to think.

Creative use of space


If you live in a smaller apartment and you don’t have enough room for your own home office – time to get creative. Use these awkward spaces in your bedroom corner or find a cozy space beside the window in your living room and install your own workplace. That pace under the stairs? That is how Harry Potter started so you can tuck your little office there also.

You can also use the bottom of your hallway to make your own creative business corner. Fit all these creative ideas into a tiny space. Remember how some of the biggest businesses started from a garage or a basement? You will have an interesting story to share.

Let there be light

Natural light is always the best option but what if there is no source of natural light there. Opt for great and decorative lamps that will fit your style, look elegant and it will be a great help in the nights when your inspiration decides to start working and you simply need to write down all the ideas.

You can imagine yourself now, working and there is a little lightbulb above your head flickering with ideas. So let there be light, with the perfect spotlight your ideas won’t be too shy to reach the surface.


Creative details can also improve the aesthetics and they will make you remember why you are doing your business. We talked that your workplace shouldn’t feel sterile. So make it more personal. An abstract work of art will tie the room together, plants are also welcome.

An orchid looks also pretty elegant and you can enjoy its elegant beauty. Add something meaningful for you, some antique works and there, you will feel inspired instantly.

A place to rest

Of course, balance is everything. Working hard means also resting hard. So it would be great to set a proper resting space where you can gather the additional inspiration. A corner filled with books, cozy cushions, blanket, and a cup holder. When you work from home you need to set your own micro space so make it a good one.

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