Home Redesign Trends For 2019 – Classic Timber Edition

People love redesigning their homes, and some of them look at the start of the New Year as an opportunity to spruce up their home with the latest designs of the year.


It doesn’t matter how small the scope for renovating is, getting it done feels good, and your house feels “complete” to welcome the year. Décor and redesign are important parts of the home experience. As people, we change throughout our lives, and this is true of our homes as well because they are an extension of our personality.

Redesign Trends in 2019

When it comes to home design, it changes every year and something that might have been the trend years ago is most likely passé today. Let’s take a look at a few trends that we predict will feature in the most fashionable homes next year!

Bolder Palettes


For a long time, most people and designers felt muted colors suited home interiors because it made spaces feel less overpowering. That is about to change – richer colors and bolder hues are going to feature in most home redesign ideas. Watch out for deep maroon accents on lighter walls to entire rooms filled with sunny yellow to vibrant green featuring in the reading room.

Copper Metal Accents

When it came to accenting your room with metal, Rose Gold was ruling the roost for a long time. But it’s time to move on, and copper is the new kid on the block. This is because people are moving on to more vibrant colors as well as earthy hues which means copper can help accessorize your living space.

Floral Walls Or Accents


Along with the shift in the color palette, 2019 will also see people revisiting floral patterns for their walls. When combined with contrasting colors, floral accents can work giving your house that cozy, comfortable and even glamorous feeling.

Artisanal Fixtures

An area where a lot of people experiment when it comes to fixtures is lighting. The following year will see people opt for lighting fixtures from local artisans and craftsmen. This gives the home an air of tailored elegance that is difficult to replicate with run-of-the-mill fixtures you buy off retail store shelves.


While a lot of our homes were designed and accessorized around minimalist Scandinavian designs, 2019 will see a revival of the more traditional maximal style, with several intrinsic pieces that fit well with each other. This is not to say that you need to crowd your home with design pieces, rather opt for accessories that are elegant and you know will last long (and also complement each other).

Stylized Lamps


When it comes to lamps, this year, dome and arc-shaped floor lamps have been all the rage, and this is only set to increase in 2019 as well. A lot of manufacturers have gotten on the bandwagon, but the classical mushroom lamps are getting harder to find. The best part of mushroom lamps is that they come in a variety of finishes and colors that add to whichever room you put them in.

Plinth Tables

For a long time, coffee tables were artistically designed, carefully balanced sculpture pieces like the Noguchi Table which even now is one of the most popular living room pieces ever. We predict that the forthcoming year will see heavy, plinth tables back in the reckoning. Materials like colored marble and granite offset the lighter and more delicate furniture pieces.

Return of Bouclé

After the faux-fur invasion of last year, we think that the next year will witness the return of Bouclé as a material that is a lot more practical and easy to maintain. It is functional and chic without having to worry about all the shedding associated with faux-fur. You also get a lot more varied shades of the material ensuring that it goes with any theme you select for the room.  

Natural Materials


A lot of people are moving on to natural materials as a way to break up the monotony of large rooms. The most important among these materials we think is going to be wood. In fact, you can add a whole new timber based section to your existing house so it will stand out. Custom timber frame additions are reasonably priced and add aesthetic and functional value to your home.

Rice Paper Lanterns

Adding a touch of class and offsetting those heavy design elements is the age-old paper lanterns. This is making a comeback, and it definitely goes with the new maximal design ethos that is going to be popular in 2019. The ones from Noguchi are a bit expensive, but you can find cheaper ones at your local retailers.

Vintage Accessories

People are slowly moving back towards vintage fittings in their house to add a bit of touch and elegance. Accessories like bucket sinks and copper finished sconces are making a comeback and in a big way. Old-fashioned accessories add a bit of a bold streak to your home and are sure to appeal to fashionistas in the next year.


With January nearly upon us, make sure that you get down to planning your home renovation so you can usher in the New Year with a house that has been spruced up. These are our predictions for the next year and we think they will offer you a good idea of how you should go about revamping your home. These are by no means conclusive or exhaustive, so you can always look out for more style options that can suit your home.


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