How Lights Are Impacting Home Décor?

Home is one of the biggest investments of your life and you cannot be lackadaisical with its decor and design. From the perfect design to adding comfort and keeping its aesthetic appeal high, there is a number of things that you will encounter,  that is why home renovations in West Hollywood CA are not easy.


Despite the reasons for remodeling a house, you need the services of a professional who know the purpose of remodeling and commit to fulfilling the purpose. The reason for taking help from the professionals is that they are experienced and can guide you to the right remodeling route that uplifts your house. The best thing about remodelers is that they have multiple options to bring in the change in your place and you will be loving it. However, most of us ignore one aspect while uplifting the interior of our homes and that is the right lighting. You surely will agree with my opinion that most of us do everything except to have the right lights for the room.

The poor lighting all around makes me write the post to spread why one should not skip on having perfect light inside the rooms. Here you go.

Why Good Lighting Is Everything?

A darker color or dark rooms affect your mood swings as colors can play with your mind, having a great impact on your thoughts. You have seen people who are depressed or sad, prefer to have fewer lights whereas when you are having a party around or you feel happy, you love colorful lights in your ambiance, making it look more appealing. If you don’t believe this, here is what you should read and understand.

For The Ceiling Height

When choosing on the lights you have to be very careful as light have a very strong impact on your home interior. If you have chosen the hanging lights, we suggest you look for the ceiling first. Often you have heard the hanging fixtures are either at a lower height or are too high. Well, you do not have to stuck with the designated height. Widen your view and look for the adjustable hanging options. As per rule of thumb, for a standard ceiling of 8 foot, the light should be hung about 10 to 20 inches.


Table Hopping

When you choose to hang a light over the kitchen table, keep the correct height in mind that is of 28 to 34 inches, recommended by the lighting experts. However, this may differ depending on the size of the lights you choose for your place. Using common sense, if you have chosen a big sized light that should be installed at a suitable height and for the smaller lights, you can keep them at a lower height.

Incorporate In The Room Design

The best time is to incorporate the lights while finalizing the interior design. If you are planning to have two lights over your dining table, your remodeling contractor should know that before, as to keep the light aligned.


Consider Cord Swags

In case you have missed the lightening part during the construction, it’s never too late to consider them again. The new pendant lighting is ideal to deal with the expense and hassles of changing the home’s electrical setup. You can hang them on the cord which will give the exact look you have wished from the hanging lights.

Don’t Limit The Lighting

No place in your home is bounded by the lights. You can uplift the space by adding wherever you want. There is the number of light design option available in the market such as wall scones that offer a softer ambiance. Do not choose the lights that create a negative impact over the room décor.

Toe-Kick Lighting

While remodeling your kitchen, you can add toe-kick lights underneath the cabinets. These lights will create a great night glow in your kitchen and you do not have to swing your hands in the air to turn on the lights. These lights look fabulous in a modern kitchen in West Hollywood CA and you will be loving your kitchen just because of the small addition. 


Lighting Up Your Stairs  

Embed lights are becoming a great part of home interior designing and remodeling. That is because the staircase is enclosed and when you light them up with the lights, they create a beautiful impact.

Be Playful With The Lights

As discussed before, the lights have a very strong impact on the décor of your house and on your mood as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a different idea to make your space prominent, think something else than having just wall art. This time, try out the décor with lights to create a soothing ambiance in your room.

While deciding on the lights, the light fixture is not the only option you should limit to, but the types of bulb you use also impact the home décor. Halogen, LED bulbs and compact fluorescent, these three options further come in warm and cool hues. The decision depends on the color of your wall where you have installed the light fixture. Having wall paint is somehow a very personal decision so as the decision of light colors. If you are adding lights for the change, you may like to add warm lights to cast a warm shadow over the cooler wall paint. Similarly, if the wall color is already warm, you may add a light that reflects the cooler effect and brighten up space.


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