How to add luxury in your bathroom

Flipping through the pages of high-end interior design magazines, you’ve certainly come across beautiful luxurious bathrooms. Having such a bathroom is like a dream come true for many

When you think of the word “luxury” the first thing that pops up in your mind is usually money, or how expensive that is. Does that mean that you can’t have a luxurious looking bathroom on a budget? Absolutely not. Even though renovating and reinventing your bathroom would probably cost a fortune, you can add some details that make your bathroom look and feel luxurious. Here’s what you can do.

1. Mirrors and lights

Every bathroom needs mirrors and lights. Sadly, most people settle for cheap, low-quality ones bought from the small hardware store in your neighbourhood. Badly lit bathrooms with scrappy mirrors definitely don’t add luxury to your bathroom. What can you do?

Your mirror should be the reflection of your personality. So, pick a mirror according to the style you’re going for. If minimalism is your thing, a hanging mirror with flair is super cute, stylish and practical for your bathroom. Add a couple of fancy light bulbs and you have a perfect bathroom selfie corner. In case your goal is modern, industrial style, a large mirror with a led light string around it sets the perfect mood. 

2. Add a new mat or a tile rug

Stepping out of the shower or bathtub can be quite messy unless you have a mat. No bathroom looks luxurious with wet tiles or worn-out rubber mats. The mat suffers the most damage in the bathroom. It’s constantly being stepped over, soaked and dried. If you want to take your lavatory interior to the next level, replace your old mat with the new, fancy tile rug.

You’ve probably heard of carpets and rugs on the balcony, but new luxe trend is to add Persian or Turkish woollen rugs to your bathroom. They are soft absorbent, which makes them a perfect replacement for the old bathroom mats. In addition to that, they are usually brightly coloured with various patterns that add personality and uniqueness to your bathroom floor. 

3. Furniture vanity

Bathrooms look amazing with vanities. Different vanities add style and luxury to your bathroom. However, they are usually quite expensive, especially if they are custom made for your lavatory. Luckily there is a perfect solution for you. Use your old dresser or buy a second hand one on the flea market or charity shops.

Even though you’ll need to invest your time in turning the old dresser into a vanity, you’ll save a lot of money by doing so. Once the process is finished, you can use paint for wood and give your bathroom vanity a new coat of paint for a fresh, shiny look. It’s a fun DIY project you can do over the weekend that will make your lavatory look gorgeous and modern.

4. Repair or replace faucets and toilet

No luxurious bathroom has leaky taps and running toilets that make a lot of annoying noise. It can be quite off-putting to see and hear. Maybe it’s the right time to replace those faucets with new, fancy ones. Depending on the style of your bathroom, you can choose the style of your faucet. Bras or gold are always great options for black and white or creamy colour themed ones. But what about the toilets?

Replacing the entire toilet with a new one can be extremely costly, especially if you’re not qualified to do it. Instead of wasting money on that, maybe you should contact a professional for a toilet repair. Experts will be at your house in no time and effectively fix all your problems related to leaky taps and running toilets. It’s a much safer and more cost-effective option to hire an expert than create more damage trying to fix it yourself. Once they’ve finished, you can peacefully enjoy your luxurious bathroom with no frustrating tapping sounds.

5. Bring nature indoors

Every picture of the fancy bathrooms in magazines is filled with green plants. That is not a new trend, however, it can make your bathroom look fresher and greener. Greenery keeps us calm and helps us relax, plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye which makes it ideal for bathrooms. It’s one of the best ways of turning your bathroom into a peaceful oasis.

Whether your goal is eclectic, minimalistic, modern or “expensive looking” bathroom, plants visually improve the space, making it feel more personal and homier. When choosing the plants for your lavatory, make sure that they are moisture-resistant and that they don’t need too much sunlight to survive.

Luxury is always in little details. Small changes in your bathroom can make it appear completely different. So, don’t be afraid to add new rugs and mirrors. Décor like that makes your lavatory luxurious and modern. No matter how expensive fixtures and décor in your bathroom are, designing it with style has always been more important. 

Ron Wolf is a hobby designer and a DIY enthusiast, and, above all, a very blessed father of two. Besides that, he has a strong passion for writing. He is a featured blogger at various blogs and magazines in which he shared his research and experience with the vast online community. If he is not working he enjoys being outside with his family. Hiking, bike riding, and BBQing are always a thing for him. In the evening, he likes to watch documentaries or build something with kids in their lego corner.

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