How to create a luxurious spa style bathroom

Many of us are under a lot of stress in our daily lives, sometimes there’s no better way of relieving that stress than heading out to a spa and forgetting the outside world exists.  In the real world, we don’t have the time and the budget to do this. The next best thing is to bring the spa to your home.

Not only will a spa-style bathroom allow you to relax and unwind after a long stressful day at work but it will also add value to your home and make it more desirable should you choose to sell in the future.

In this article, we will give you the tips and tricks to create a luxurious spa-style bathroom for your home.

Step 1 – Remove any clutter


If you have been to a spa recently you will notice that they are often clean, organised and make the most of the space they have.  The first step to creating your perfect spa bathroom is to get rid of any clutter in your bathroom.

You can remove clutter by adding more storage and hiding the items out of the way.  Wicker baskets are a great way of adding storage while keeping in with the spa-style bathroom theme.

Step 2 – Bring nature indoors


Indoor plants can take your bathroom to the next level and improve your overall well being, they add more oxygen to the air and can reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue, because of this they are an excellent addition to your home.

When selecting plants for your bathroom you need to keep in mind that not all plants are suitable for indoors and especially the bathroom as it’s often humid and gets little natural light.

Plants suitable for the bathroom include Orchid, Spider Plant, Aloe Vera, Peace lily, Ivy, Cast Iron Plant and Bamboo.

The best part of having indoor plants is that you don’t need a huge space to make the most of them and they suit all sized bathrooms.  In small bathrooms, you can fit smaller plants onto ledges, while in bigger bathrooms you can have them growing from pots on the floor.

Bathroom plants are a great way of bringing nature indoors and they don’t require much maintenance either.  

Step 3 – Use relaxing colours


Forget bright colours and vivid patterns, spas are neutral in colour for a reason.  When you need to relax you don’t want your brain to be stimulated by bright colours, instead you should opt for more relaxing neutral colours.

You can apply neutral colours like white, beige and light grey and earthy colours like browns, greys and greens to your bathroom and you won’t have to worry about stimulating your brain too much.  These natural colours will keep your room calming while also making it look much bigger than it is.  

If you have a higher budget when decorating your bathroom you could choose to use light marble, light granite and natural stone to make your bathroom something special.

Step 4 – Using the correct fixtures and fittings


The small details are very important when creating a spa-style bathroom.  The fixtures and fittings you choose to finish off your suite will make or break the room.  

When choosing your bathroom fixtures you should consider mixed metal fixtures.  Mixed metals used to be frowned upon 5 years ago, but they are now in fashion and mixing warm golds with cold chrome will give your bathroom that luxury look.

When mixing metals it is important to not go overboard, don’t mix every metal you can think of, simply have one dominant metal finish while having a smaller secondary metal finish.

Pairing warmer metal taps with cooler shower heads is one way of making a luxurious spa bathroom without overdoing it.

Your fixtures and fittings not only have to look good but they also have to be functional in a spa bathroom.  The showerhead should be the first fixture you think about upgrading, and you can create an amazing and tranquil experience in your bathroom with a waterfall shower head.

Step 5 – Adding the correct mirrors and lighting


To create the perfect spa bathroom you will need to avoid harsh lighting and cluttered spaces.  

You can achieve the illusion of more space by introducing large mirrors to your room which can trick the eye into thinking there is more space available.  Bathroom mirrors can also reflect the lighting you have installed in the room to spread the light rather than have it focused in one area.

When choosing a mirror for your bathroom you should consider mirrors with contemporary frames or no frames at all and have them sit flush to the wall.

Dimmer switches are a good addition to your bathroom as you can control the amount of light that you use, a dimmer switch can change the mood in a room and make a room more relaxing in seconds.

Step 6 -Purchase luxury linens


If your bathroom is on the smaller scale, chances are your towels will be on show.  For this reason, you should invest in a few luxury bathroom towels as they are part of the decor. 

Not only do luxury linens make your room more aesthetically pleasing but your body and the environment will love you too.  Luxury linen towels are softer on your skin and can hold more water than basic towels. Being able to hold more water means you can use them more before putting them in the laundry, which will save you on your electricity and heating bills.

For a spa-style bathroom, your towels should be soft, absorbent and dry quickly.

Step 7 – Replace plastic bottles with soap dispensers


By far the quickest, cheapest and easiest tip to implement is to purchase marble look soap dispensers.  Marble or glass style soap dispensers are cheap to buy while looking expensive, they also look much better than shampoos and lotions in their plastic bottles.

Step 8 – Installing a spa bathtub


We left this step till last as not everyone will have the room or the finances to purchase a spa-style bathtub.  Two bathtub styles come to mind when I think of a spa. The first being an inset bath which is installed flush into the ground.  This option is expensive but if you can afford to make that splurge then your bathroom will stand out from the crowd.

The second style which is more affordable for most people is the jacuzzi bath which has mini jets built into the side of the bath to give you a massage in the bath, the only problem with these baths is you may never want to leave them.

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