How To Create Wellness Spaces At Home

No matter where you live and work, you likely spend a large portion of the day trying to make wellness an integrated part of your life. Wellness commonly involves improving your diet and trying to exercise more, but it is about so much more. More people recognize the role that their home environments play in improving health and wellness.

Luckily, it’s easy to change your home environment

so that you can improve your wellness.


Clean it up

Over the years, home clutter will increase, and you will gradually become so used to it that you won’t even notice it. Your “clutter” may include gifts or things that have sentimental value that you can’t bring yourself to throw out. Getting rid of clutter can be difficult, but it’s essential. Clutter can stress you out without you even realizing it, and removing it will be a transformative experience that will allow you to enjoy your time at home and reduce your overall stress.’

Designate the bedroom as a sleep-only zone

A full night’s sleep is integral for overall health and wellness. You can survive weeks without food but only a few days without sleep. To make sure you are getting enough sleep, dedicate your bedroom to just sleeping and relaxing activities. Remove your television, and keep your phone in another room when you are trying to sleep.

Grow some houseplants

Indoor plants provide many benefits, cleaning the air while they boost your mood at the same time. Common house plants, like peace lilies and ferns, can remove some toxins from the air, including volatile organic compounds and even formaldehyde. Toxin removal is essential, especially during the winter, when the air will become stagnant and less easily filtered by an outside breeze.


Color yourself healthy

The color of a room plays a significant role in your mood. Warm colors, like red and yellow, energize a space, while cool tones are better for areas where you need to go to relax. Consider painting rooms like your kitchen or living room a vibrant color, and stick to neutral or cool tones in bedrooms.

Filter your water

Your water can contain many harmful additives or leached chemicals, like lead or fluoride. Purify your water with an under-the-sink or countertop filter. You should notice a quick improvement in your overall health.

Also, while you’re at it, you might also consider adding an air filter. What you breathe is indeed the number one indicator of how you will feel. Once you’ve added air-purifying houseplants, you should also use essential oils or purifiers to clean the air. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you do it often so that the air you breathe in is relaxing and rejuvenating – not toxic and depleting.


Use only non-toxic cleaning products

Cleaning products can contain dangerous ingredients, and they aren’t necessary to be effective. You can make your cleaning products from ingredients like white vinegar, castile soap, and baking soda. Natural cleaning products are just as effective as more toxic counterparts and will make your home smell great, too.

Pay attention to all your senses

While color and scents are essential ways to create designated or whole-house wellness spaces, you also need to keep in mind the entire sensory experience. Incorporate special lighting by adding thoughtfully placed floor lamps or hanging fixtures, ideally with a soft glow that makes it easy to relax and unwind. By respecting all of the ways your body and mind take in the world around you, you will be able to create a wellness space that allows for total relaxation.


Get scent-imental

Essential oils can help promote relaxation, healthy sleep, and alertness during the day. You can incorporate these pleasant scents through a diffuser or air filtration system, or you can include them in simpler ways. When you shower, consider dropping a few drops of your favorite scent onto the walls of your shower. Take a hot bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil to promote sleep, or use a diffuser to spread the scents of orange, mint, or eucalyptus.

Bring in elements of the outdoors

Don’t let the natural parts of your home stop with a few strategically placed houseplants. Consider bringing every aspect of the outdoors inside–an herb garden, any favorite plants, and even natural scents. Bring in the natural light by opening some windows or changing out your light bulbs. Utilize decorative items, like stones, plants, and feathers to ornate your home, and you will likely find that the relaxation follows as a result.


Make your home a reflection of yourself

The most relaxing place will be one that resonates deeply with you. Design your home in a way that makes you feel happy. Create physical spaces dedicated to your wellness, so that you will find it easier to engage in the active process of improving your health and wellness.

Remember that a wellness space doesn’t need to encompass your entire home–you can start with just one area. This could be a corner of a room where you keep a meditation cushion or other inspiring objects. It could include yoga mats or props, or even be a desk where you can sit in peace and journal your thoughts. Either way, your wellness space, no matter how small, will over time begin to infiltrate throughout your entire home.

guest-authorWriter: Sarah Miller is a self-claimed nutritionist and Crossfit junkie who spends most of her time prepping meals and challenging herself in the gym, and frequently enjoys taking a meditative lakeside stroll or a walk through a wooded area.

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