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How to decorate a Creole cottage with lights

Starting fresh in a new home is an exciting time for every family. However, even if you buy an already furnished home, you should add a personal touch to it. Adding décor will help you adapt the place to your taste and keep the property’s spirit. Creole cottages are a common piece of real estate in America, particularly popular because of their unique architecture. Let’s find out more about the interior of such homes and the ways you can decorate a Creole cottage with lights. 

What’s the essence of a Creole cottage décor?

To pick the right kinds of lights, you need to catch the essence of Creole cottage architecture. The word Creole includes so many different aspects of such lifestyle, from architecture to music and food. The exact origin of this lifestyle can’t be pinpointed, but it’s undoubtedly a mix of French, Canadian, and West Indies. This blend has given us two different types of homes, one of them being the Creole cottage. This is a smaller type of home that can have a different number of rooms. They also have side-to-side rooflines, wide front porches for every story, no hallways, and various French-style details such as doors, mantels, etc. So, what kinds of lights can you use to decorate a Creole cottage? A Creole table lamp is certainly an option, but there is so much more you can do.

Remember: Creole cottage homes are pretty common in the area of New Orleans. The city is very popular among people who are looking for a place to move to, as there are many reasons why New Orleans is a great place to live. And one of the reasons is undoubtedly the unique architecture and variety of homes to choose from. So, if you fall in love with a Creole-style home, you should start planning your move to the area

Decorating a Creole cottage with lights – the type of lights and their placement 

When you need to decorate any home with lights or any other décor, you need to have a plan. This will help you avoid placing the items incorrectly and then having to make corrections. A plan is critical when dealing with light fixtures, as they are not easy to move around without making a mess. 

It would be best if you also had a goal with each light you set. It should be creating an atmosphere or adding light to areas where you need it the most. This will help you get the most out of your décor, making the home look cozy and inviting but also well-lit in all the proper places. 

The types of lights you can use in a Creole cottage 

The architecture and design of a Creole cottage should reflect traditional values and ethnicity. That’s why the best type of lights you can use are traditional table lamps. These come in different sizes and materials, but they will reflect the spirit of conventional Creole cottages.

 Furthermore, you can bring an interesting twist to the room by adding a modern pendant light above your dining table. Even though these are old-style homes, introducing some modern details will certainly give it a unique touch. However, don’t go overboard with it. It’s enough to use a simple pendant made of metal rather than wood to achieve the best effect. 

a chandelier
Choose the lamps and pendants that are a good match with a Creole cottage.

Bring focus to certain furniture pieces

Creole homes often include a couple of beautiful vintage pieces of furniture. These pieces can become key elements of the room, so why not give them a spotlight. Using a mirror or light mounted to the wall at each side will bring a new layer of coziness to the room and make these valuable pieces noticed. 

Wall-mounted fixtures are a great way to decorate a Creole cottage with lights and focus on art or vintage furniture pieces.

Make lights both decorative and useful 

Lights can be a beautiful addition to your home, but their initial purpose is practicality. That’s something you should keep in mind when decorating your Creole cottage with lights. See if there are some parts of your home that can be tricky during the night. Creole homes often lack a hallway, which doesn’t mean you can’t create a hallway-like area in your home. Create a decorative art gallery and finish it with wall-mounted lights. Also, add more lights along the staircase, as well as the entrance. These parts of the home always need additional light, so be sure to make your home more beautiful but also safer. 

decorate a Creole cottage with lights
By trying to decorate a Creole cottage with lights, make sure you place them well for maximum safety.

Looking at Creole cottage homes? Make your move simple and stress-free

As we have mentioned, the New Orleans real estate market is where you’ll find many Creole properties. However, if you decide to move here, there’s a lot more to think about besides the decoration of your new home. The logistics of your relocation, the safety, and the adaptation after the move all make a complex process. For that reason, careful planning is necessary to make the relocation smooth and with minimum challenges. 

According to zippyshelllouisiana.com experts, scheduling your move should be one of the first things to do. Early bookings will give you more flexibility with choosing the best date, more options with moving teams, and lower moving fees. Furthermore, once you have a date set, you can start preparing for the move with minimum stress. 

Also, if you decide to decorate a Creole cottage with lights, you can start collecting them even before the move. You will have enough time to browse lamps, chandeliers, and pendants, so you can make the right choices. However, be careful with transporting them. Packing fragile items such as lamps and chandeliers can be very risky. You can trust a professional to do that or investigate the best methods of packing the lights safely. Either way, don’t try to save money or time when it comes to packing fragile objects. Minimize the risk of breaking something by investing more in padding, safe moving boxes, and careful transport.

Author’s bio: Petra M. is a blogger and stay-at-home mum. Her passion is home organization and home décor. She enjoys writing blog posts on these topics, sharing her tips about making a home look more beautiful and practical. 

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