How to Decorate Around a Freestanding Stove – 5 Ideas

It is a pleasant sight to see a well-decorated living room.

The space should be adorned very beautifully as that room is the center of your house. You could change the look of the space by simply starting out by accessorizing your freestanding stove.



These heating systems add an amicable aura to the room. The stoves are not like fireplaces, they usually stand on legs or placed on top of a pillar and you wouldn’t have them attached to a wall.

Accessorizing around a freestanding stove or freestanding electric fireplace makes sure that the living room is the main focus. Herein, functionality and safety of the items used for decorating purpose should be taken into consideration.

What Needs to be Considered

The creative side of your brain is expressed while you are adorning the place surrounding the stove, but you should never forget that a freestanding stove has a purpose; which is to heat things up.

If you ever keep a flammable decorating element near the freestanding stove, chances are that you would face a very severe fire hazard. One thing you should always keep in consideration is your safety. You really wouldn’t want to burn down your beautiful home in the process of accessorizing it.

Functionality should also be one of your main concerns. Be sure to design the overall decoration in such a way that there is a separate place to keep tools for the stove and storage for fuels.

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Building a Hearth


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A freestanding stove always has a plus point practically and noticeably in a unique hearth just like fireplace inserts. A hearth is a region which is resistant to heat, and it circles the foundation of the stove.

The fireside’s purpose is to act as a shield against the debris and heat; it can be amped up and decorated to look gorgeous.

If you want a comfortable atmosphere which is similar to a log cabin, choose a fireside that has raised brick design which completely blends with cast iron stoves. Natural stone tiles are the way to go if you are in search of a very modern and sleek look.

Go for some extremely polished tiles as they give a very glossy look and goes well, particularly with the modern aura you want to bring about to the room. Do go with solid colors such as grey, beige, cream, and black for these glossy tiles. 

While picking out tiles for a joint family room, stick to textured ones as they look very distinctive. Be sure to match the color of the tiles with the floors; otherwise, it will look quite odd.

You could pair cream-colored tiles with dark maroon carpeting. Wood flooring would also look pretty good with white ceramic tiles.

Traditional Vases and Teapots

Decorate-Around-a-Freestanding-Stove3To all those who are into the more customary look than a chic modern look, this segment is for you people. There is an endless choice of designs for traditional décor. We would advise you to stick to this style if you have a wooden freestanding stove as it brings about a classic look.


A ceramic teapot and cast iron look perfect on a flat top stove. Place a kettle with small patterns or with a completely solid color on the crown of the stove.

You could also put designed vases and jarred or completely dry plants, but you have to ensure that they are positioned approximately 3 feet away from the stove as this place is a heat zone.

To increase the safety for your young children or pets, you will have to put more distance between the items and the stove.

Multiply the wow factor by just arranging the classic kitchen utensils you have at your home such as pans made up of copper or measuring cups manufactured with tin.

Hanging Family Photos


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Collect all the cute family photos of yours and convert them all into black and white pictures. Then, frame all of the photos with thin black framing and put them all behind the wall of the heating system.

Therefore, whenever someone enters the room, the stove area is bound to catch their attention.

Colour Coordinated Décor and Others



For an aesthetic and modern look, use multiple pieces of decorative elements. All must be color coordinated and shouldn’t be placed as such that it starts to look like a house accessory store.

You could change your stove tools to seem like an art installation by simply fastening up the poker, shovel, and the brush on the walls with the help of hooks.

An array of scented candles or holders can be used to line up around the edge of the hearth. A very cute yet a plain frame would be created for the complete space.

Portraits and Paintings


Wall Behind Wood Burning Stove A Metal Panel Protects The Wall Behind A Wood-Burning Stove | Modern – WOODEN HOME DESIGN
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Instead of using family pictures, you can also stick to abstract, bold, and colourful paintings which are not framed. An aesthetic look will be created if you do this.

Portraits from artists or a scenic view would put the whole look of the room together.

Final Words

Now that you have gone through everything, please remember to have fun while carrying out the entire task.

You should unleash your inner artist. Put down your ideas and decorate the surrounding area of your freestanding stove the way you want. At the end of the day, you will be the one living in that space and seeing it every day.

A beautiful place is always pleasant to live in and a treat to the eye. When you are done with the complete décor, be proud of yourself as you have orchestrated it.

What are you waiting for? Giddy up, it’s glamming up time.


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