Decorate With Scenic Wall Art

How To Decorate With Scenic Wall Art & Framed Wall Art

If there’s one wall Art decor question that people ask us about the most, it has to do with covering large walls. Years ago these oversize walls were not common in homes, which is why the term “loft art” was first created. But today huge walls are showing up in every different style of home. We know that it’s a big challenge for homeowners when they have an open concept plan that spans two rooms, or long hallways that are desperate for decorative coverage. What about those massive cathedral ceilings that transcend two floors, even offices have the same issues when it comes to choosing art for reception areas and board rooms.

Reykjavik Rooftops Framed Wall Art

Reykjavik Rooftops Framed Wall Art

You carefully choose your paint colors, your furniture’s style, and upholstery, as well as your rug colors, and textures. You take care to arrange everything just right – Shouldn’t you choose your wall art just as painstakingly? Art injects personality into your rooms in a big way. There is wall art and decor for every taste, style, theme, color, and interest. Add a dash of color, set a mood, or define your room style.

Decorative Framed Wall Art, Scenic Wall Art  & Decor

However beautiful your paint or wallpaper – your walls look dull and lifeless without art.  Art is considered jewelry for your walls as you gaze into the wonder of the scenic wall art. And like jewelry, art is nothing if not subjective. What speaks to one individual does nothing for another. When you find the right art print you’ll know it. It’s something you have to have — like air or water.

decorative wall art
Paragon Wall Art

You can’t imagine life without it. It will haunt you until you go back and buy it.  Whatever your budget art should be an investment, something that will make it’s home with you for many years to come. What do you like? Abstracts? Vintage? Art photography? Not sure? Consider any of the following in your wall decor choices:

  • Framed Scenic Wall Art
  • Giclee Art Prints
  • Lithographs
  • Hand Colored Prints
  • Canvas Scenic Wall Art & Oil Paintings
  • Wall Sculptures

Pin all the wall art you like on Pinterest. Then take a look, you’ll notice a pattern — styles, colors, prints, photography, etc. let this be your guide. Always measure your wall and the wall art you have your eye on.

Canvas Scenic Wall Art & Oil Paintings

Canvas Scenic Wall Art & Oil Paintings

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is going with the wrong size. If your wall is fairly large you’ll need either a rather large piece of wall art or a grouping. If it’s narrow, a small piece or two hung one above the other should work.

So today I’m going to show you five different ways that art can be used to decorate your large wall space. By far the easiest way to cover great big walls is with over-sized art or decorative mirrors. Vertical art and leaner mirrors are also ideal for cathedral ceilings, while horizontal wall decor is excellent for the open-concept designs One single piece is often all you need to create a focal point while complimenting your furniture and floor coverings.


Old Town Port Framed Wall Art Set of 2
Old Town Port Framed Wall Art Set of 2

Art sets are very trendy ways of getting great coverage providing symmetry in the room while leaving more area between the art. To showcase your paint color, or accent your wallpaper. Art sets are most popular in pairs and therefore the selection is vast. But for very large walls trios of art really do the trick. Our trios or wall art sets of three, provide a lot of contrast and color in the room. There’s more than one way to display our trios, you can hang three images from a set – one at a time – or hang one framed piece that has the artwork already connected together. This is the easiest way to get three of a set onto your wall.


Vintage Ride Framed Wall Art Set of 3

Vintage Ride Framed Wall Art Set of 3

Another elegant way of decorating large walls with trios is by using mirrors and art in the same grouping. Not only is this a functional approach but it sure packs a home decor punch when it comes to wall coverage.


Gestural II Framed Wall Art Set of 4

Quads or sets of four offer both vertical and horizontal benefits. This is the most challenging of the art sets, because not as many artists create four or more similar images. So finding quads that suit your decor and your personal tastes will take a little more time. Once you find what you like, always hang the four fairly close together within three inches or less, creating the illusion of one large artistic piece. Art quads can be displayed vertically two over two or museum style, hanging all four in a row.

The fifth and final approach to covering large walls is what I like to call art by collage, which is when we put many pieces of art together. It’s certainly the most difficult of all large wall ideas, but it’s also the most interesting finding a common theme and collecting a multitude of sizes in that genre which is a project in itself. Anything from movie posters to botanicals European scenes to black and white photography will all work well.

 covering large walls is what I like to call art by collage, which is when we put many pieces of art together
Callage Wall Art


Displaying the entire ensemble on your wall is not as hard as it seems. The trick is to lay them out on the floor first mark your wall according to your arrangement and then hang them one at a time. I can assure you the end result is nothing short of Awesome!

Now you know that there are many ways to decorate large walls and the fun part is choosing which style you like best.

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