How To Decorate Your Bedroom To Give It That Wow Factor

Aside from the fact that this is where you’ll sleep, your bedroom is that most special room in the house where you need to invest in. If your home is your castle, your bedroom has to be the grandest part or the piece de resistance. After all, you spend your busiest hours outside, and you deserve a grand escape and comfortable sleeping space when you finally come home and hang your coat and hat. You deserve to be pampered, and nothing is more pampering than a well-designed bedroom with all the right aesthetic pieces that make you feel like royalty.

The following are just some ways to decorate your bedroom and give it that wow factor:


1. Get Luxurious Décor


If you have the budget for it, go all out and make your bedroom fit for a king or queen. Invest in silk and velvet to create a warm and cozy elegance in your bedroom. Choose expensive-looking pieces, like brass and metal, as décor and accents in your bedroom. Go for rich deep colors and fine embroideries to further reinforce that luxury aesthetic.

To top off your experience, go for a luxurious bed mattress, like GhostBed mattresses.

2. Show Your Personality

Your bedroom is your own private space, and unlike other areas in your house, people are going to judge you less with what you put inside your inner sanctum. Think about the things you are most interested in. Many people would have eclectic tastes.

Do you love traveling or art? Showcase them! You can be as creative as you want. Take a memento from your travels, such as a wooden statue, and don’t be afraid to superimpose that with some crazy pop art if that is your favorite art genre.

3. Get A Canopy


Nothing makes you feel more like a king or queen than a canopy. A canopy will instantly give your bed and your room a wow factor.

You have to keep your canopy design fit for an adult and avoid the flouncy materials that are more for a kid’s bedroom. Choose a canopy that’s made of luxurious material, like velvet or silk. These will immediately transform your interiors and give it an artistic appeal.

4. Decorate Your Bedroom With A Mural

If your bedroom has a large wall and if it’s spacious, you can go all out with art and paint on the walls directly. You can hire someone to paint a mural on your wall and make sure it would be large-sized art.

The choice of subject is up to you, but you can have a more pleasurable and relaxed feeling in your bedroom if you choose serene landscapes with mountains, flowers, and trees.

5. Let The Outside In


If your bedroom leads to a balcony, you can have the benefit of letting the outside in. Choose wood and natural organic pieces to create accents in your room to create a seamless integration of outside and inner spaces. Choose raffia materials and perhaps even seashell accents to create a distinct aesthetic of earthiness.

You can even go as far as putting some real plant décor in your bedroom to make it more refreshing and instantly airy.

6. The Ceiling Is Your Fifth Wall

You spend most of your time lying down on your bedroom and staring at the ceiling, so there has to be something there that can really add to the wow factor.

There are many ways to make the ceiling stand out. You can wallpaper the ceiling in a pattern of your choosing. You can add moldings and a medallion at the center. You can even light your room with a chandelier to give it a more luxurious appeal. You can also stencil decorative elements on the ceiling.

But, if you want something truly expensive looking, you can add some silver leaf or gold leafing design on your ceiling.

7. Make The Proportions of the Space Work

You have to keep your bedroom proportional to your furniture and vice versa. You have to figure out the right combination of furniture and sizes that’ll work in your space. A large bedroom shouldn’t be outfitted with small or sparse furniture – you have to fill it up.

If space is small, the bed and cabinets and other accessories should fit the space adequately in a pleasing proportion.

8. Decorate Your Windows


Decorating your windows with fancy curtains not only lend texture and interesting patterns to your room, but it also gives it much-needed privacy.

The type of curtain you use can help control the natural light that comes into your bedroom. You can opt for sheer curtains to add soft lights to your bedroom in the mornings and afternoons.

9. Have Several Types of Lighting

Nothing creates more drama and intimacy than lighting. Thus, to give your bedroom that wow factor, you can also have special lightings in your room for every occasion and activity.

If you need the whole area lighted, you can have one central overhead lighting. If you need dedicated lighting for reading, you should have table lamps on the nightstands to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that’ll help you concentrate. For your vanity area, you also need special soft lighting to help you see your features accurately when you’re applying your nightly or morning skincare regimen.


The bedroom is your inner sanctuary and should be a place that should be given attention. It’s the place where you wind down for the day and relax, so it should fit your needs and your aesthetics. A well-designed bedroom can make you feel like you’re truly home.


Joshua-Sasse-cAuthor Bio: Joshua Sasse

Joshua Sasse is a home decorator who uses unconventional pieces to transform any space. Joshua strives to make any home more appealing by using decorative pieces that are also functional. Most of Joshua’s clients are new homeowners.

Joshua shares his knowledge and experience in home decorating by writing articles online.

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