How to Decorate Your Home to Your Own Personality

When you’re looking for some decorating tips, you’ll probably start with scouring top magazines and architecture digests for ideas. Or, you may talk to a realtor to see what the latest trends are and how you can best set your home up for the current market. But while following avant-garde trends is a good starting point, your home, especially if you plan to stay in it for some time, should reflect the personality of its owners. 

Not only should it be your favorite place to be, but it is also your comfort zone, and a place you look forward to returning to every day. It’s where you reenergize and rejuvenate and gain the strength to face the world.


Choose Comfort and Functionality Over Looks

When picking out the furniture, focus on the functionality you’ll get from it rather than how it matches your decor. A sofa is where you’ll put up your feet at the end of a hard day at work or curl up with a good book to spend a cozy weekend afternoon. Look for a soft or firm seat with fabric that is easy to maintain. Pet owners would want to go with upholstery that is unlikely to attract odors and shed hair. 

The same rule applies to your dining set. If you intend to entertain and invite friends over a lot, you would want a larger table that can take spills and wear. But a two-seater compact would be ideal for quiet, romantic dinners with your partner.

Showcase Snippets of Your Life

Your interior design should showcase the people and moments that hold a special place in your heart. Target a wall and put together a collection of images, photographs, souvenirs, and other ornaments that talk about memorable moments you spent with family or friends. Or maybe objects that inspire and make you happy. 

Create a medley of framed digital images, hand-illustrated pet portraits, and artwork a child made for you. The ultimate ambiance will be warm, friendly, and personal, making not just you, but also any visitors feel relaxed instantly.


Accept that Your Home Will Have a Lived-In Look

Homes with real people will have that lived-in look. Don’t feel pressured to clean and neaten up the place to the point of obsession. The pictures in the architectural magazines you see are designed to give you ideas on what to do with your spaces. It’s like looking at couture sported by models on runways and aspiring to look like them every single moment of your life. A cozy home will have an odd pair of shoes lying around, a book or two, a couple of tees, a used coffee mug, and perhaps, your pet’s chew toys. Clutter makes the room unique and you should accept it as a part of your personal style. 

Try to Coordinate Colors and Textures

A welcoming decor will have little pieces that you picked up — just because! A throw rug, a pretty sofa blanket, cushion covers, and a quirky lamp interspersed with paintings, crystals, and wall hangings bring character to the interiors. 

If you love to travel (or dream of traveling), your home will have pix of the places you hope to visit someday. If antiques are your thing, you might have a collection of silly items from the flea market or thrift store. Show them off proudly, but learn to blend order in the chaos. 


Plants Add Color and Freshen Up the Place

Regardless of the themes and decor ideas you choose, plants are always a welcome addition. Green foliage is soothing for your psyche and makes you feel tranquil and relaxed while improving your sense of well-being. Adopt plants that need the minimum of care, but do read up on their needs, so they reward you with their fresh colors. Small vases and pots are easy to set up where they will catch a few sunrays. Faux plants are also an option, but the simplest thing to do would be to gift yourself a bouquet of fragrant flowers and instantly liven up the decor. 

Use Lighting Fixtures to Infuse a Warm Ambiance

Light fixtures are the key elements for any decor, and you would want to choose them with care. Go with diffused lighting that enhances the design elements. Do keep in mind that the brightness will depend on the room and functionality. 

For instance, the kitchen, dining area, work desk, and bathroom will need light fixtures with higher lumens. You could go with recessed or decorative hanging lights and pendants. Softer lighting is appropriate for bedrooms to infuse a relaxed ambiance. 

For the living room, you’ll go with elegant chandeliers with sizes varying according to the area’s dimensions. If you have a piece of artwork or family picture and would like to draw attention to it, task lighting fixtures would be perfect.


Avoid Cluttering the Spaces 

An essential rule of interior decoration is to avoid cluttering the area with too much furniture and accessories. Smaller spaces open up with lighter, compact pieces, preferably multi-functional. Install floor rugs instead of carpeting or go with wooden flooring to add warmth. 

Similarly, choose lighter paint schemes for the walls, but jewel tones for a single wall or section add an element of interest and break up the monotony. You could also use this section to display artwork or mirrors.

Decorating your home to suit your personality can be a fun and exciting project. While you could follow upcoming trends, go with your instincts to infuse that unique appeal that reveals a little more about the people living in the home, aka you!  

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West & Willow is a custom pet portrait brand that turns photos of your favorite furry friends into stylish portraits that incorporate seamlessly with modern decor. 

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