How To Design A Luxurious And Functional Kitchen

Designing a kitchen means that you are careful.ani planning every single thing in it to get the most functional yet beautiful space. But not a lot of people know how to design a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. Your kitchen is not only a place where you will cook food, it is also a place where you bond with your family as well as host your friends, therefore, but it also needs to be functional, beautiful and well designed. By paying attention to small details such as organisation and functionality will make your whole kitchen feel more luxurious and tidier. If you are struggling to come up with designs that will leave your kitchen functional and nice-looking, here are some of the best ways. 

Have Good Lighting

In order to have a fully functional kitchen, you need to have good lighting. Even though having natural lighting is very nice, it won’t cover the whole kitchen, therefore, you need to have good lighting to see all the sports under the cabinets and such. One of the best ways you ensure that your whole kitchen is lit up properly is to line the underneath of your cabinets with led light strips. 

Always Max Out on Storage Space

No one has ever said that they have too much storage space in their kitchens. That is because you can never have too much storage. As most kitchens are not arranged in a straight line, there will always be that dead corner. So, you have to make sure that you chose corner cabinets so you can make use out of those spaces. Think about adding things such as angled spice racks that will help fill that awkward space and give the space functionality. 

Use Every Corner

As we have mentioned above, every corner of your kitchen should be used. Yes, it is much easier to just cut the corners and have them be pretty and not functional, but that will just create an awkward space. But there are numbers of solutions that will make those spaces functional yet appealing. Think about adding doors that open in unusual ways, pull-out drawers or even pull-out racks. 

Put Your Fridge-top Storage Within Reach

There is nothing more space-wasting than the fright top storage as hardly anyone is tall enough to reach it without having to climb over the whole kitchen. But at the same time that space will give you a great place where you can store things that you don’t use as frequently. The best solution for this is that you extend the cabinets out to line up with the front of your fridge so it will look aesthetically pleasing as well as be a functional space. Make sure that you are able to reach the top of the fridge by using a stepping stool or by standing on your tippy-toes, you should never climb on the counters in order to reach something as it is very unsafe. 

Replace your Existing Appliances


When you are redesigning your whole kitchen, it can be quite tough to match up your existing appliances with the new theme that you have chosen. If that is the case the simplest way out of it is to completely replace your appliances and get ones that match the new aesthetic that you have envisioned. But if you think that you can incorporate your existing appliances into the design without them sticking out like a sore thumb, go for it. Think about hiring a professional to do oven repairs as well as check up on all your appliances to see if they are working correctly. You don’t want an old appliance to malfunction in your brand-new kitchen and ruin things. 

Make Sure That Everything Has Its Place

One of the key things, when you are designing a kitchen that is both nice looking and functional, is that everything has its designated place. That will keep it organised at all times. One of the best ways you can ensure that that happens is by having built-in organisers in your drawers that will help you keep everything in place. 

Hide Your Small Appliances

When you walk into a kitchen you don’t want to see all the little appliances scattered around the counters. That is why you need to have a place where you can store your smaller appliances that you don’t use on a daily basis. If you are going for a more modern kitchen, you can get appliance garages which are cabinets that have doors that roll up the same way your garage door does.

Organize Your Garbage

You don’t want your garbage cans to be in a visible space in a kitchen that is just unappealing and a bit unsanitary. That is why you should make it so you have a pullout drawer for both your garbage as well as recycling. Make sure that you design a space where you will be able to have multiple smaller bins that will hold all of your trash. You can coordinate your garbage cans by getting different coloured lids.

Create Flow

If you are looking into kitchen designs you will see that open floor plans are really popular home designs and that the kitchen can be seen from all the living areas. As we have mentioned there are many solutions that will make your kitchen look clean and organised there are still many things that will make it lose its flow. That is why you should consider getting appliances that have hiding panels so they don’t break up the visual flow. 

Create a Good Workspace

There are so many different reasons why you should add a workspace in your kitchen, especially now when most of us are working from home. Your kitchen is the ideal place where you can sit down to write recipes, do your taxes, bills as well as help your kids with homework and do your own work. Whatever your reason is, a little table with a couple of chairs somewhere in the corner will bring so many benefits with it. On top of that, the extra surface can also act as storage for little knick-knacks. 

Get A Clean-Lined Cooktop

One of the ways you can make your kitchen look nice yet be functional is to get a clean-line cooktop. They are energy-efficient and they will create a super sleek profile. No matter what style you are going with in your kitchen the clean-lined cooktop will go with it. 

Think about Vertical Wall Storage

If you are struggling with the space of your kitchen, using vertical wall storage can be the best solution to your problems. Use things such as rods, hooks as well as magnet boards to hold all of your things that don’t fit into drawers and cabinets. They are also great because they are super customisable and they give a great look to any kitchen. 

Pick The Right Island


A kitchen is simply not complete if it doesn’t have some form of island in it. It is one of the kitchen features that will be a staple piece. When you are picking an island, you will need to pick something that will set apart your kitchen from the rest of your home. As we have mentioned before, now that every kitchen is becoming an open-plan one it is great to have an island as it will open up that space and provide the room with more storage as well as create a different feel to it. Islands will give your kitchen both more functionality as well as dimension. 

Think Outside the Box

Instead of shaving upper and lower cabinets why not use your wall for more storage. Instead of adding more cabinets or magnet boards and hooks, think about adding floating shelves or even hanging up baskets. There you can store things that you don’t use every day but you still use them often enough for them to not be put in a cabinet with things that you don’t use. Another thing you can do is make a cute backsplash for the wall you are dedicating to having slaves or baskets to make it cuter. 

Get An Energy-Efficient Cooktop

If you don’t like the look of a clean-lined cooktop you should still get an energy-efficient cooktop. The induction cooktop doesn’t have any open flames therefore they are much safer. As they generate heat directly into pots and pans that are compatible with them it is making them more energy-efficient than gas stoves are. As we are all trying to be more environmentally friendly there are many different styles of cooktops like this so you will be able to find one that will match your kitchen design perfectly no matter what look you are going for.

Choose Ceiling-High Cabinets


If you are trying to make your kitchen look airier and spacious, there is nothing better for you than adding ceiling-high cabinets. They are cabinets that will reach to the ceiling and draw your eyes up which helps create an illusion on higher ceilings. The biggest plus is that they will provide you with additional storage which we have mentioned before is really important as it will keep your kitchen organized at all times. 

Do It Just For You

When you are designing your own kitchen, you should always design it based on your needs instead of doing it because it is trendy. Make your kitchen so you feel comfortable in it, it needs to be functional for your needs not somebody else’s. 

Always keep in mind that not all people use their kitchens the same, so if you are having a professional design it, make sure that you are on the same page with its functionality. Always go for creating a space the works for you rather than it being trendy.

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