How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

 A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house for most women. You spend a good portion of the day in the kitchen preparing meals for the family you love.

Needless to say, the kitchen décor is of utmost importance. The work surfaces need to be just right, the appliances need to be in the correct places and the furniture must be according to your taste.


So to get your dream kitchen decorated in easy convenient steps, just follow the tips below.

 How Well Space-Planned Is Your Kitchen Layout?

You need to plan the layout of your kitchen while keeping in mind how and where you use the different items. Items should be placed conveniently- like the dishwasher should be near the sink with the plate storage and bin close by.

The cups should go near the teapot and the toaster should be placed near the bread storage and breadboard.

If you have a kitchen island, then make sure to leave at least a 1-meter wide path through the kitchen and a 1.25-meter wide path through the cooking zones.

If your hob is going to be placed on the island, then prep a sink too. This way you won’t have to carry boiling water pans across the kitchen to reach the main sink.

If you are designing an open kitchen with a dining room and living space, then the cooking zone should not be in the main pathway.

This way, children passing by won’t be able to catch pan-handles and you won’t have to step out of the way constantly for passing people.

The location of the fridge and cupboards needs to be considered well as they are constantly raided for snacks.

The Kitchen Cabinets Need To Be of the Right Color


The choice of color for the kitchen cabinets largely depends on how you want the room to feel. Normally, the color of your cabinets should be reflective of the colors used throughout your house.

How much daylight streams into the kitchen is a big factor. If your kitchen is in a darker part of the house, then light color cabinets reflect light back into the darker parts of the kitchen giving it a larger feel.

On the contrary, if your kitchen is in a light-filled room then darker colored units will give the kitchen a more homely feel. The finish of your units is important too.

A featureless room can be made interesting by picking a grainy wood finish for your units. If you want to add personality to your kitchen, then you may add a bold color, but with caution.

You shouldn’t choose a color scheme that you’ll end up hating after a few years.  

Kitchen Unit Finishing

What you choose for your kitchen cabinet finish is largely dependent on the way your home is styled. Matte finish and mid sheen cabinetry will feel more appropriate with a period home or traditionally styled homes.

You should avoid high gloss finishing in this case. On the other hand, high gloss finishing will be more appropriate in contemporary styled homes.

If you are choosing high gloss finish for your units, then it’s a good idea to use natural wood in the worktops or flooring. This will help to soften the feel and provide a more family-friendly environment.

Texture and color can be added to sofas and dining chair coverings. If possible, try to take cabinet door samples home to see how they look in your room’s light, as the light in the showroom can be misleading.

Can You Socialize In Your Kitchen?


Your kitchen can surely be a nice corner of the house for your friends and family to socialize in. Faveable suggests there are fun kitchen activities that friends can participate in like indoor grilling or having a drink or grabbing a small bite at the kitchen island while chatting.  

Some things you need to consider to make your kitchen more friendly to socialize in are how much space the kitchen island is going to take up and what the seating be like.

The dining chairs or bar stools need to be of the correct proportionate height with the island. They need to be comfortable so people will be interested in lingering more in the kitchen.

Install Proper Lighting

How the lighting is set up goes a long way in giving your kitchen the look and feel you desire, so you have to be careful while planning for this detail. You can install dimming ambient lighting for the evenings when you want a cozy feel.

You can install clear glass ceiling lights or pendants to give the feel you desire while you eat or socialize in the kitchen.

You can use spotlight or lamps to focus on particular parts of the kitchen or have cluster pendant lights illuminate the entire kitchen. Contrasting dome lights add glamour to your kitchen when hung low over a kitchen island or dining table.

Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage

It’s important to get the right kitchen storage that reflects your needs; while the storage plan needs to be realistic and convenient.

You can choose to have deep drawers for serving dishes or crockery as opposed to having floor cabinets. This way you won’t have to go down on your hands and knees every time to find items at the back of the cupboard.

Least used items can be stored in a larger cabinet. 

Where you place the storage is also important in making things convenient around the kitchen.

For example, the plate storage needs to be around the dishwasher and the sink, the bread storage should be near the toaster and the dry foods and spices should be stored near the preparation area 

Power Outlets

There are plenty of appliances that you need to operate on any given day in the kitchen so you need to ensure there are enough power outlets handy.

Make sure there are plenty of them so you don’t need to unplug any device or appliance to be able to use others. Heavier appliances that are weighed down more permanently must have power outlets nearby so the need to move them around is avoided.


The kitchen is a space inside your house that says a lot about your personality. So keep it organized by decorating it perfectly in the first place by following the simple tips mentioned above. 

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