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How To Incorporate Glass Pieces Into Your New Home


You’ve found your new dream home, and now all that’s left is the fun of decorating it. There are many ways to incorporate glass pieces into your new home beside the traditional glass vases and glass furniture. You can decorate with lighting, wall art, unique pieces of glass décor, etc. Whichever option you choose, it’s sure to fit into your new home.

Incorporate glass pieces into your new home with wall art

You’d be surprised to find just how much beautiful glass wall art there is. It’s unique and more fun than having traditional wall art. You can find many handmade pieces in a variety of colors. You can request a custom-made glass wall art piece if you don’t see anything you like. Any other wall art you have can be much more visible with good artificial lighting, which will also make the room brighter. You can even get more creative and buy a painting on a transparent glass surface instead of a regular canvas and put it in a frame of choice.

Reuse the glass pieces you already have

Chances are, you probably already have beautiful glass pieces you can incorporate into your new home. Old crystal vases that collect dust in the attic can shine again with a good wash and some artificial or fresh flowers. Lamps that aren’t in style anymore can be reused by changing the lamp shade. Whichever pieces you wish to reuse and show off in your new home, make sure they are correctly and safely packed and relocated. Experts from Professional Movers Canada say you should buy new packing boxes and label everything after packing. This further ensures the safety of your glass pieces during transport.

 Incorporate glass pieces into your new home by having multiple pieces in a single room
You can add vases, mirrors, or a chandelier to your new home.

Add glass furniture into your new home

A glass coffee table is a simple way to incorporate glass pieces into your new home. There are so many options and styles of coffee tables, so you are definitely going to find something that fits your new home, no matter if the style of your home is industrial, modern, retro, etc. Moving on to the dining room, you can replace your old dining room table with a glass one. You can find them in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose between stained or transparent glass as well. Glass shelves make the room feel brighter, and they can be used as a partition too.

Decorate your home with lighting

Decorative lights are the best way to incorporate glass pieces into your new home. A large crystal chandelier can be the focal point of your living room or dining room. It will catch the eye of anyone entering the room and tie the whole place together. Adding a lamp to the console table in the hallway to decorate it will make a difference to the overall first impression. Hand-blown glass lamps are a unique way to add glass pieces to your new home, as they are basically functional works of art. String lights with large bulbs are an excellent option for a patio or a small bedroom. Decorative lights above the night tables are practical for reading before bed and make any bedroom feel cozier.

A round mirror on a wall.
Mirrors are the best way to incorporate glass pieces into your new home.

Glass partitions can make a difference

If you have ample, multi-functional space in your home, you can separate it into different areas using glass partitions. For example, if you have a desk in your living room or bedroom, you can add a clear glass partition to make it feel separated. Now, it will be easier for you to work from home, and the room will look much tidier. To add some color, you can make it from stained glass that goes with the style of your new home.

Other than that, there are also the options of frosted and stained glass, which don’t let light through as much, but they do a better job at making the space feel separate. Glass partitions are really functional for small spaces as well. If your new home is an apartment with only one room, you can use it to separate the living space from your bed. All in all, this is a good, functional piece of décor that can fit into any space.

Glass décor

Decorative glass sculptures are some of the many luxurious pieces of décor you can have in your home. It’s easy to find a piece that will fit your new home. If you love good art, you can find handmade sculptures made of glass. To add something more functional, opt for a glass vase or a glass bowl for fruit or potpourri. A more retro form of glass décor is small animal sculptures made of glass. These small pieces bring personality to any shelf in the house. If you already have some pieces like these, think about how to transport them to your new home. Don’t forget to wrap and pack properly before transporting it. Packing fragile items for the move can be tricky, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. This prevents the risk of damage during transportation and ensures they arrive safely.

 String lights and a mirror in a bedroom.
Lights make a big difference.

You can put mirrors in any room

There’s no better way to make your new home feel big and spacious than to add mirrors. After the bathroom, the next best room to add a mirror is the hallway. You can check yourself out before leaving for the day and make an otherwise small space feel larger than it really is. As for vanity mirrors, adding nice LED light bulbs will make them look like part of a Hollywood-style beauty salon and make it easier for you to get ready. Mirrors don’t have to be flat, square shapes. You can find a set of small, round mirrors that can fit into a narrow space. It’s an easy option for an otherwise empty, awkward space inside any home.

Final thoughts

It’s best to decorate a home with different textures and materials, including glass pieces of décor. When you incorporate glass pieces into your new home, it makes it feel larger, brighter, and more modern. Whether it’s a beautiful chandelier in the dining room or hanging glass wall art on the staircase, these pieces can make a difference to the overall aesthetic of your home.



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