How to Lighten & Brighten Up Room Interiors

It’s January again. The days are short and the dark nights are oh-so-long. Though technically the days are getting longer minute-by-minute, it will still be awhile before you can go for a walk in the park after 6 pm. The problem comes when the darkness encroaches on our happy home; maybe it’s time to uncover ways to make the most out of the available light to brighten up room into something lovely.

Mirrors Lighten & Brighten Up Room

The easiest and most stylish way to get more light into your home is by using mirrors;  wall mirrors, floor mirrors, or custom  non-portable. Not only will this magnify the natural light in any room, it will open up your space to appear bigger. But how do you know where to put a mirror? Where will it work the best to maximize your room? Try these suggestions.

• A full length mirror between two large windows gives the illusion of a third window as it maximizes natural light.

• Two large wall mirrors placed on adjacent walls will make the light travel around the room as they make quite the statement.

• When you place a big mirror on a wall directly across from a window, the effect is stunning as you will reflect the view of the outdoors. Plus, the increase in natural light is well worth it.

• A large mirror above the mantle says classic and stylish when it brings in extra light and expands the look of the space in your living room.

• A sunburst mirror above your bed fills in that blank space beautifully and ushers in the sunlight. Consider the Sunburst mirror.


Glass And Shine

Anything shiny will reflect light in the rooms of your home, while anything glass makes everything natural. Think about:

• Gold doorknobs, brass candlesticks, silver picture frames
• Brass lettering on a dark wall
• Glass panels in interior doors
• Glass coffee tables and end tables
• Acrylic chairs and furniture


Paint And Color

The colors you choose for your walls and ceilings will make a drastic difference in the lightness and airiness of your rooms. If you are really in the market to make some serious changes in your home, a new paint scheme in one room, or two, will make a big difference.

• Painting your ceiling a bright white color will open it up and make it feel fresh. If you have wooden beams, paint them also to keep it uniform.

• Use a light grey or mushroom color on your walls to brighten up the room. If you are daring, a sky blue in the bathroom or a pale yellow kitchen can look just lovely. Accents can be kept dark for stylish contrast.

• Consider making the floors in your home lighter by painting them, installing new tiles, or even purchasing light colored area rugs to update the look.

• If you can’t paint the walls, consider an update to your dark bookcases and shelves. They can benefit from a new coat of lighter paint.


Light It Up

Nothing will make your home crawl from the depths of darkness to the lightness that it deserves than light fixtures. Every room of the house can benefit from bringing in something light and decorative.

The Kitchen. You’ll need a good amount of light in the kitchen if only to see what you are doing when you cook your meals, clean your dishes, and do your daily tasks. Though most kitchens have a window for natural light, you can never have too much. Pendant lights hanging above the island can add flare and light. Consider the Rectangle 2 Light by Uttermost.

The Living Room. Floor lamps can add light and design when you place them in dark corners. And when you make it a lamp in a shiny material, like brass, it reflects more light than muted lamps. For more living room ideas, click here.

The Bedroom. End tables on either side of the bed should certainly house a table lamp for each of you. Light to read by, light to live by, light to make your bedroom more than just a place to sleep, something sleek and white, such as a ceramic table lamp by Chelsea House will fit the bill. For more bedroom ideas, click here.

The Bathroom. Yes, even the bathroom can benefit from a little bit of extra light. How about something subtle so that you can relax in the bathtub without the bright fluorescent overheads blaring? A decorative sconce can be just what you need.

The Hallway/Foyer. Let them see the light when they walk into your home. The foyer is the place where everyone can meet at the beginning of an evening of fun. Hang a Ceiling Lantern from a ceiling that is a bit higher. If your ceiling is lower, consider flush mount light by Uttermost.



These are just a few ways to brighten up room. Of course, installing a fireplace can never hurt, but in the spirit of keeping in simple, these are just some of our suggestions.

Photo Source:  HGTV

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