How to pack your precious lamps and lampshades for moving

Moving preparations are underway and the time has come for packing. While the ultimate priority is to pack and move all your belongings safely, some items will inevitably require additional effort. Mirrors, lamps and lampshades, crystal chandeliers, art, and wall decor all demand very careful handling in every segment of the moving process.


This time, we’ll focus on packing tips and instructions that will ensure the safe moving of your precious lamps and lampshades. 

Packing Lamps and Lampshades: The Steps 

The first thing you need to consider when you need to pack anything for moving is: what you’re protecting the item from. Is it physical damage, heat or humidity, dust or everything mentioned. Following close behind is the material your item is made of. These two points will roughly determine which moving containers and packing materials you should use. After that, focus on the shape, weight, and number of your stand lamps and table lamps to choose the right packing material.

When it comes to lamps and lampshades, and especially luxurious ones, your choice is that much easier. Fragile and expensive items such as those require only high-quality packing and wrapping material, containers, and handling. While most scratches on furniture and other belongings can be easily mended, these delicate items can be rendered useless or worthless if they get damaged in transit. Finally, if you’re not certain you can handle the packing of your lamps and shades yourself, professional packers can always help you as they have the necessary materials and know-how.


To properly pack your lamps you need to dismantle them first, unless you still have an original sturdy box with Styrofoam casing made to fit the lamp. Once you separate the lampshade and the bulb from the lampstand, pack them separately following our guide:

  • Separate the lampshade from the lampstand
  • Remove the lightbulb
  • Pack the lightbulb(s) separately
  • Clean lampshades
  • Pack lampshades
  • Clean and pack the lamp base
  • Fill space with padding material
  • Tape the moving box securely
  • Label the box and mark as “Fragile”

How to dismantle a lamp?

Sure, moving to another continent can be exciting but the fact is, packing is not. Especially as it involves preparation steps. These include disassembling, cleaning, and labeling. Lamps and chandeliers are in that regard the same as other furniture items. To pack a lamp safely, you need to disassemble it first.

Important tip: Unplug the cord from the power outlet before you start dismantling the lamp.

  1. Unscrew and remove the finial. The finial or cap is a decorative feature at the top of the lamp that securely holds the lampshade on the harp. 
  2. Take off the lampshade and put it aside.
  3. Remove the metal band that holds up the lampshade (a harp) by squeezing it from the harp saddle. The harp saddle is attached to the lampstand.
  4. If any tiny screws keep the lightbulb in place, unscrew them and put them in a sealable plastic bag together with the harp and harp saddle.
  5. Remove the lightbulb.
  6. Detach any crystals or hanging parts from the chandelier and wrap them in a soft cloth.



Clean the lamps and lampshades before packing

Depending on the material, there are different ways to clean your lamps and shades before packing. 

  • Crystal chandeliers and lamps and hand-blown glass lamps. They are easily cleaned with ammonia-free hand soap, water, and a soft non-abrasive sponge.
  • Plastic shades. They should be gently scrubbed with a cloth and soapy water.
  • Parchment shades. Wipe them with a soft, clean, and dry cloth.  You can clean them with a velvety cloth you clean eyeglasses with. Also, you can use a clean paintbrush, and remove dust from the shade with gentle strokes from top to bottom.
  • Fabric shades. Dust from the fabric shades can be removed either with a vacuum cleaner set to minimum power or with a paintbrush. If you have time to allow it to dry before packing, clean it with water and a soft sponge.



Wipe the lampstand with a soft dry cloth to remove the dust. If there is any dirt other than dust, apply a cleaning agent that won’t damage the lampstand material.

How to pack the bulbs, lampstands, and lampshades?

Lightbulbs are too fragile to be moved with other items so make sure you find a sturdy box or plastic container to store them during the move. Wrap each bulb in a soft cloth or tissue, and place it in a box. Separate each bulb in a box with cardboard dividers.

Important tip: Pack your lampstands and lampshades in separate boxes.

To protect your lampshade, first pad the moving box. Place the shade inside and fill it with padding which is needed to keep the shape of the lampshade. Finally, stuff the remaining space in the container with additional padding material and loose packing supplies. Fill in all the gaps and make sure the lampshade cannot move.

Protect your lampstand with a paper pad, which is multilayered material used to wrap fragile items. If the lampstand has any sharp parts, place a packing foam over the points and wrap them in plastic foil. Then, wrap the cord around the base. Place your lampstands in their moving container upright and fill any remaining space with padding material.


Don’t forget to label the boxes

Finally, once the lamp parts are safely wrapped, padded, and packed, seal the boxes tightly with wide duct tape. Don’t forget to label them in detail and mark them as “Fragile”. Also, keep them off the floor where someone can kick them by accident on the moving day. If you need to move these boxes with other belongings, do not stack them. The boxes holding your precious lamps and lampshades should be loaded last and unloaded first, with extra care.

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