How to Pick the Right Coffee Table Even if You’re Not a Coffee Person

Even if you are not a coffee person, you probably own a coffee table or at least secretly admire one and plan to get it for your living room. For some, a coffee table is an essential and inevitable piece of furniture in their home, which is not a surprise since we live in a coffee-run world. However, don’t let the name trick you. Of course, these tables have other purposes. So before we share our shopping tips with you, let’s get to know a bit more about these tables.

Brief History of Coffee Tables

When in the middle of the 17th century, the first coffee shop opened in London, the revolution started. Soon after, many more opened across Europe, and they became a hit. The need for tables was a basic one. People needed a place to put down their hot beverages. However, at first, they were called tea tables and were taller than the ones we know as coffee tables. It is assumed that switching from the name tea table to a coffee one came naturally, as the popularity of coffee became more significant.

What Can be Considered a Coffee Table?

During the thirties, we got the first “definition” of these tables as wide and low tables that are placed in front of a couch or sofa. Today some even call them cocktail tables. Although there is a difference, their purpose is pretty much the same, whether you serve any beverages on them or not. They became an inevitable part of every living room and come in all shapes and forms.

Tips for Choosing the Best Coffee Table for Your Home

The offer of these tables is vast, and just like with any other piece of furniture, you should take a few things into consideration when choosing which one is the right for your space. Here is a brief list of some criteria that should help you select the right one.

Take a Look at Your Living Room

living room

Before you find yourself in a furniture shop with endless options, take a good look around your living room. How much free space do you have? Is the room small or big? There is a right table for every room. You just have to check if there is a need to reorganize the layout so that everything could fit better.

Measure Everything

It is a good idea to measure the length of your sofa, carpet, or the free space you have in mind as a place for the new table. This will help you get the numbers you need, and in a way, it will limit your choice at the furniture store. If you want everything to be in balance, you should pay attention to this because once you can easily get carried away once you are in the store.

Height Also Counts

When measuring, people mainly focus on length, but height is also important. Although the majority of coffee tables are pretty much the same height, an inch or two more can change the way it suits your sofa. Measure the height of your sofa first, because in the ideal case, the table should lower or at least the same height as the sofa. Otherwise, it might look a bit weird and dysfunctional.

How to Pick the Right Shape

Although the majority of these tables are rectangular, oval, or round, today, your options are endless, and you can even order a custom model. Guitar-shaped tables, or unusual forms that are on the edge of functionality, are only some of the options you can find on the market. When choosing the right shape for your space, take a look at other things in the room, are they more round or rectangular, etc.

Pay Attention to Materials


Material is another crucial component, and of course, these tables come in every material you can imagine, so let’s take a look at some of their pros and cons.

  • Wood is the classic, traditional material used for these tables. However, although it is still trendy, it is not so easy for maintenance, so do not forget to use coasters.
  • Metal tables also require the use of coasters because if they are prone to rust, so if you have a beautiful custom metal coffee table, make sure to use coasters.
  • Stone tables are not something you will see every day. They are very stylish but also heavy for moving around. For maintenance, you should use appropriate products that won’t damage the stone.
  • Glass models are very elegant and sleek, but although they do not have the problem with moisture, they are perhaps even more difficult for maintenance because stains and fingerprints are highly visible on the glass.

Coffee Table is More Than Just a Table

Although the name suggests one thing, the truth is that these tables have more than one purpose, and they have a significant role in the aesthetics of a place. Whether you drink coffee or tea, keep your books and magazines on it, a coffee table is, in a way, the centerpiece of every living room. A place around which everyone gathers to spend some quality time together, so consider our tips and choose your model wisely.

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