How to Plan a Home Renovation

Home renovations at any time of year can feel like a hectic task, but if every homeowner has a solid plan in place, they’re sure to have a successful remodel. As you begin planning the renovation of your dreams, there are several important steps you need to take. From implementing the proper budget to nailing down your favorite style trends, now is a great time to map out a remodel with any extra free time you find yourself with this season.


Finalize Ideas

Whether you’ve been hoping to do some remodeling for a while, or you’re considering the process for the first time, it’s easy to get carried away with your ideas. Before beginning to seriously plan any changes to your home, you’ll need to finalize every idea ranging from counter top options to color scheme. Though it might be hard to nail down such decisions in the beginning, it’s crucial to have your design ideas in place before anything else. If you know you’ll want to work closely with a designer on their thoughts for your space, be sure to maintain open communication and don’t be afraid to be honest about the options you don’t like.

A fool proof way to confirm you’ve covered all your bases is through keeping a list of the things you’re certain you want to upgrade. Do a quick room assessment and write down where changes can be made, whether they be simple fixes like chipped paint or larger scale renovations such as new flooring. Ensure that each decision you make offers both style and functionality to the space as well. A great way to gather your thoughts and find inspiration is through utilizing an interior design blog. Once you’ve nailed down your design plan and settled on your list of ideas, the next step is to consider consulting a professional.


Consult a Professional

Before you schedule plans, you should first get in contact with a local professional to guide you through what the renovation process will entail. Find an expert who is willing to be flexible with you and remain transparent with you throughout the process. If you’re worried about how to choose a home remodeling contractor, ask family and friends for their advice and recommendations.

Once you find a contractor that fits your needs, take the time to ask any and all questions you may have, and keep in mind that over-communicating during a remodel is always better than under-communicating. While many businesses are closed during this time, you still might be able to have a consultation done via video conferencing, so don’t be afraid to inquire about the digital options the company offers.


Start Scheduling

As you look ahead to summer, it might feel overwhelming to begin scheduling out a renovation, but not impossible. While specific dates might be uncertain, you can still call local providers to discuss a rough timeline for when you would like your home upgrades to begin. Having a clear understanding of the time commitment a renovation requires is half the battle. Identify which upcoming months you know will be the least hectic for you and your household, and work with a contractor to determine the best time of day for the remodel to take place. Utilize this current stretch of downtime to schedule your plans as early as possible and you’re sure to save yourself from extra stress in the long run.


Budget Wisely

There are plenty of home upgrades and renovation plans you can make that are both stylish and affordable. Be sure to budget wisely and well within your means, and have an extra buffer of cash within your savings to account for unexpected costs. Though it’s tempting to use the same luxurious materials throughout your entire remodel, don’t rule out other more affordable options. Ask your contractor where you can save should you mix the materials you use for your upgrades as well as their opinion on the use of reclaimed materials. While you might have your heart set on a specific type of hardwood flooring, there are likely several other chic alternatives to choose from that stay within your budget and meet your style needs.

Set a limit for yourself and make it clear that you aren’t swaying from it. If you’ve received estimates from your contractor that you know you can’t afford, don’t be afraid to research where you can remodel yourself. Budgeting for DIY projects is a great way to save on your dream renovation while making good use of the time you’re currently spending inside.

Determine Funding

Once you have your ideas, schedule, and budget in place, determining funding is the final factor. Though some homeowners have savings to cover remodel costs, most renovation projects end up being funded through other means. Many homeowners consider refinancing their mortgage as an option since when you refinance, you keep the difference between your previous loan and your new one in cash. However, other options include taking out a personal loan, a home equity loan, or a home equity line of credit. Whether you work with a financial planner or look into these choices on your own, be aware of every possible funding alternative.


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