How to plan the perfect walk-in wardrobe space in 5 steps

Does your bedroom lack sufficient space for all your garments? Is there proper storage for handbags and hats, shoes or accessories? Are you having trouble keeping the room clutter free? A walk-in wardrobe may sound like the stuff of Hollywood mansions but that’s not to say that you can’t have one. If it’s getting to the stage where you’re always cramming your things into overstuffed cupboards, or bedroom storage is becoming a bone of contention between you and your partner, it may be high time to take action.


Converting a corner of the room, or even the smallest bedroom, into a dressing room or dedicated place for clothes storage can create a huge amount of extra space, not just for your garments but anything else that needs to be properly stored.

Granted, it takes a bit of planning and you probably need the services of a skilled cabinet maker to get a top class finish, but the rewards are oh so worth it! “From giving you more room in the rest of your home, to providing your belongings with a secure place to be stored, a walk-in wardrobe or fitted dressing room is the ideal choice for both the fashion conscious and those looking to utilize space. It’s the ideal space to kick back, relax and get ready,” Elite Carpentry.


1. Assess the available space

Just about any space can be turned into a convenient walk-in wardrobe. Once you have identified the space to be converted, take some measurements (width and height) and draw up your plans for how you want the finished project to look.

Think about the types of garments you have and how they should ideally be stored. This will inform your choice of storage options for hanging garments including long dresses and coats, folded items such as jumpers and T-shirts, as well as accessories. How many pairs off shoes do you have? Don’t forget that handbags, belts, hats, scarves and jewelery all need their own space too.

The internal configuration you choose will depend on how much long hanging space is needed, and how much shelving or drawer space you want.


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2. Decide on the best layout

Now is the time for a chat with your other half to discuss space allocation in the new walk-in wardrobe. Who has more clothes and who will need more space? Will you have separate areas for his and her wardrobe, or share at least some of the storage? It is essential to get this nailed down now so as to avoid future problems once everything is in place. The last thing you want is arguments over sock drawers or who is hogging the most hangers when you should really be enjoying having more organised clothes storage all round!

Now is also a good time to agree on a style and color scheme for the new facility that will complement the rest of your interiors.

Another important decision that should be made now is whether you go for a wall mounted wardrobe system that is fixed directly into the wall, or a floor mounted system that is supported on the floor. Generally speaking, floor mounted systems give you deeper hanging space and shelving depth, a solid built-in feeling and more options overall but both have their advantages.


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3. Don’t forget about lighting

Lighting is a key design element that transforms a potentially dark and dingy wardrobe into a bright and airy dressing room. Consider all types of lighting including natural daylight, strip lighting to illuminate individual wardrobe components that are darker, decorative wall sconces, even statement chandeliers.

The whole point of having a walk-in closet is to make the most of your entire wardrobe and to make you look good – so don’t skimp on effective illumination in shoe alcoves or sparkling white lights above your jewelry drawer!

Many walk-in wardrobes don’t have windows, which is not necessarily a bad thing. While it’s always desirable to maximize any incoming daylight, privacy can be an issue. If you do have a window, consider fitting sheer voile curtains or window film to deal with this problem, otherwise simple blinds may be enough to protect fabrics against colour fading.


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4. Use plenty of mirrors

Mirrors are essential in any walk-in wardrobe or dressing room set-up, giving you the ultimate convenience of choosing your outfit and getting ready all in one place. Where possible, every closet should have at least one full length mirror, though several mirrors that allow a 360 degree view are even better. No more looking over your shoulder, instead, move around and watch your clothes move with you.

There’s an array of choice when it comes to buying mirrors, so indulge in a little of what you fancy. Fit a combination of wall mounted static and hinged mirrors, so that you’re able to adjust the angle to your requirements. Don’t forget desk mirrors and vanity mirrors, with magnification.


Source: Interior Design Ideas

5. Add the finishing touches

Finally, give your new dressing area deserves plenty of TLC to make it a space you enjoy spending time in every day. How about adding a bold colored pouffe or velvet sofa? Some funky artwork on the wall, a splash of texture on the floor or faux flowers on the window sill? Fun and exciting accessories will stop your walk-in wardrobe from looking drab and make it feel like a treasured part of your home.

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