How to position wall lights in your new home

Congratulations! You have successfully relocated to your new home and are about to start the next chapter of your life. And while you probably had the design of your previous house all figured out, the new space doesn’t seem as complete yet. Perhaps, something’s missing? Something that will make the overall atmosphere a whole lot brighter? Hmm…could it be the lighting? It might be! After all, wall lights are a perfect addition when looking to bring a dash of fresh air and lighten up even the darkest of areas. And that’s not all! While certainly an excellent solution for the poorly lit places, they also function as decor. These mesmerizing, eye-catching, and sophisticated companions bring a touch of glamour to every room.

But is the simple act of adding wall fixtures to the home enough? Or do you need to follow specific placement rules? These are the questions that we will soon answer.

How to position wall lights properly?

Before we dive deeper into the story, it’s worth noting that there really isn’t a right or a wrong way to position your sconces. Where you will put the lights depends mostly on the size of the space and your preferences. However, there are certain guidelines that designers like following that can immensely enhance indoor lighting. If you are looking to do the same, sticking to their advice is highly recommended.

We mentioned that the room proportions are crucial when talking about the proper placement of wall fixtures. What we didn’t say, however, is that the room’s purpose needs to be taken into consideration, too. The same rules can’t possibly apply to, let’s say, both kitchen and bathroom.

Additionally, you want your sconces to fit into the overall style of your home. Therefore, think about their size before you make a purchase. You don’t want them to stand out too much nor be practically invisible. After all, since their primary function is to highlight other interior design aspects, you definitely don’t want to disturb the balance.

A bedroom with artwork right above the bed and the lights on both sides
When choosing wall fixtures, consider the proportions of the room and the overall style you are going for. Based on that, purchase the right size of the sconce.

General guidelines

If you have packed your previous lighting and had your fragile old lamps stored away, it’s finally time to install your brand-new, luxurious wall lights. Despite many factors that impact the final decision of where to put them, a couple of placement tips tend to apply to many spaces.

  • The unwritten rule says that, inside most rooms, sconces should be placed from 5 to 5.5 feet (150-170 cm) above the ground.
  • When dealing with multiple fixtures, the space between them shouldn’t be less than 8 ft (2.5 meters). Ideally, you want your lights to be at a distance of 8-10 ft (2.5-3 meters).
  • The lights should be fixated so that their top is at eye-level. Doing this ensures your eyes will remain healthy as you won’t be looking directly at the bulb.


Now that we have covered general tips for placing the sconces, it’s time to cover the rules room by room. First in a row is the kitchen. Since most of us spend a lot of time here cooking and arranging meals, proper lighting is definitely a must!

As people tend to stand in the kitchen rather than sit, putting lights higher up is advisable. If you decide to place the fixtures above, you’ll provide yourself with ample light necessary for all cooking-related activities. Plus, since the source will be coming from the top, you won’t have to worry about sharing eye-contact with the bulb.

You should also consider positioning the fixtures above the windows or open shelves. They are great spots bound to give the space a classic feel. Of course, you want to avoid placing them too close to these. For the best look, put the wall lights about 6 inches (15 cm) higher.

Wall lights above the window in the kitchen
Wall lights above the windows could be a good lighting solution for your kitchen.


If we are being honest, the right position of your bedroom lights depends on your needs. Do you like reading at night? Do you use the sconces to light up the room while on the way to the bathroom? Or do you just need the fixtures to provide nice ambient lighting in the evening? Even though you can adjust the position according to your requirements, these lights are typically placed above the nightstand. The height can vary depending on your own height. However, to figure out the spot suitable for you, we recommend you sit in bed, take note of where your shoulders are and measure a couple of inches above them.

Before you start positioning wall lights in your new bedroom, you should consider storing away your furniture to see the bigger picture. Storage units are incredibly helpful as they allow you to organize the new area better, thus directly impacting the overall design and decor. It’s just important to find the right square footage of the unit, and you’ll be good to go! Once you have safely stored your valuables, you can move on to installing wall sconces in your bedroom.

Living room

Much like breathtaking wall art, mirrors, and sophisticated curtains, proper wall fixtures can also make a house feel luxurious. And what better way to show off the luxury than to place it inside the living room? The room where you and your guests spend most of the time in.

When it comes to lighting this commonly used area, the goal is to achieve even lighting. You certainly don’t want the ceiling to be brighter than the floor, or the other way around. Luckily, this scenario is entirely avoidable. You just have to strategically install the wall sconces so that they remain slightly above the eye-level. General guidelines about the height and the distance between sconces typically apply for most living rooms unless the ceiling is higher than usual.

The picture of a properly lit, stylish living room
Proper wall light placement within the living room can make the whole place feel more luxurious.


It’s hard to imagine a perfect bathroom without perfect lighting to make it complete. When it comes to the proper positioning of fixtures here, though, the world is your oyster. It all comes down to what placement you find accentuates the room’s style and your own features best.

You can put a set of two sconces next to both sides of the mirror or put a fixture above it. If you choose the first option, make sure the wall lights are installed around the eye-level so that your face remains evenly lit when performing daily tasks such as putting on makeup or washing your face. Either way, remember that bathrooms need plenty of light, allowing you even to experiment a little.

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