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How To Select The Perfect Mirror


Mirrors can speak volumes if chosen with care.  This article will give you an idea about what kind of mirror one should choose, when considering the desired style for your decor.

Decorative mirrors


Mirrors have become a great accessory choice for adding to the style and features of an area. Mirrors serve a basic human function and also portray a classy, lavish, stylish and elegant or old school yet highly crafted look. Everything depends on the kind of mirror you choose, but it also depends on the style of the space as well. A mirror reflects almost everything in front of it and hence, it would be wise to conduct a good evaluation of the area or space chosen where the mirror will be placed. Mirrors are a great way to enhance your room’s space or to add to the light in the room, but in a beautiful way. So let’s get to it.

Mirrors to fit your needs

Some experts suggest, if you have a problem selecting the best style for your room renovation, the best thing you can do is, invest in a quality stylish mirror. This would solve your interior designing problem as well as create a simple yet non intrusive look, as mirrors are another form of great functional art You can also show off some fashionable wall mirrors too in the process. We know selecting a perfect mirror is a challenge as well but, I assure you it is worth the hassle. When it comes to choosing the right mirror, the options are endless .

Uttermost mirrors

Azie Square Starburst Mirror

UTTERMOST provides the best choices to easily and beautifully renovate your home, with lots and lots of options available for the creative and choosy homeowner. There are many different types and styles of mirrors, so you can even choose to have a mirror in every room of your house. Simply take your time and enjoy the endless selections because the advantages will always outweigh the disadvantages. Select your wall mirror with care, and you will  have a beautifully renovated space that you will adore.

There are 3 popular types of mirrors you can choose from:

1. Floor Mirror

These mirrors are also referred to as full length mirrors as they rest comfortably on the floor and are tall enough to reflect the full length of your whole image.. Floor mirrors are considered statement mirrors, which you can either have mounted on a pedestal or stand and keep in larger areas. Or you can simply have it freestanding while leaning on literally any wall. They are best suited for hallways and bedrooms because that is generally where you need full-length views of your beautiful or handsome image.

2. Wall Mirror

 The most common of all the mirrors are wall mirrors. Because of their time tested popularity and demand, manufacturers have been coming up with huge collections of decorative wall mirrors in an array of different materials, shapes and styles. The products range from over-sized arched mirrors to small and quirky decorative mirrors. Now, selecting your best choice for your own style and decor purely depends upon you. You can be a bit more practical and go for a simple design or choose to spend more and buy a decorative or antique framed wall mirror. Obviously, mirrors are also well suited in bathrooms, generally on the wall in the area above your sink, or in the living room area and even above the fireplace.

3. Dressing Table Mirror

As the name states, these mirrors are those small and fascinating mirror pieces people select to put up above their dressing table. These mirrors are usually made specifically for dressing tables and vanity tables, and are crafted to make them quite decorative. Dressing table mirrors are usually adjustable, which means they can be turned or adjusted as per the view you are in need of. You can also get it designed standing firm on a stand as an adjustable mirror. These mirrors are generally set up along with 3 panels, which facilitate the rotation and angles of the mirror.

Tips to add on to the interior look of your rooms

Along with providing you with the most gorgeous mirror collection, you can even solve the basic problems of your interior designing by incorporating a mirror in the place you wish to beautifully renovate. The problems, which a mirror also has the capability of solving is space, depth and height.

  • Reflecting Beauty

Hanging a mirror in bedrooms, hallways or bathrooms will facilitate a quick personal reflection, but also acts as a medium of reflecting beautiful and interesting materials in your home. If decorating with mirrors are done with greater planning, an impressive reflection of beautiful highlights of your home will be within the range of your eye. A leaner mirror would be a great idea because they are seamless and works wonderfully with most decors.

  • Increases the size of the area

Reflection can be a great idea to make a smaller and compact place look larger. Yes, any areas, including the hallways, can be widened or lengthened, by placing mirrors at the end or at either end of the same space. To enhance all your compact places, add on a nice and fashionable Long mirror.

  • Facilitates better lighting

Mirrors reflect everything and they also help add to the natural light bouncing and reflecting in to darker areas of the room. To get the most from the natural light or to simply light up your room, place a mirror opposite your room’s window. Or opt for placing the mirror in the corner that receives the least amount of natural sunlight. Such placement would create the maximum impact on the room and make that area bright and beautifully lightened up.

  • Add depth

Depth can be added by properly placing large mirrors or over-sized dramatic mirrors. These mirrors should be placed at a focal point like the area behind or below some prominent features in your space to highlight them in a way which is attractive to the eyes. For instance, behind your favorite glassware.


The best manufacturers producing these beautiful mirrors have taken their craftsmanship to another level, keeping the creativity proportionate. Never have these companies disappointed their customers by designing creative yet intriguing “functional works of art”. Impressing their customers with quality and by creative surprise, making them hunger to want the best without price being the major factor.

It is evident that when interior design is in question, people do not wish to compromise and they greatly appreciate art and creativity. But it is never just a whole sum game, because spending bucks without getting the best value for the money is simply a waste. Make sure you make your final decision, weighing all of the appropriate factors as well as considering the price of the product.

We understand your needs and have been searching for the best styles and materials to come up with new and creative ideas every now and then. We provide specially crafted and designed signature mirrors which belong in the exclusive category of our inventory.

We strive to meet the special demands of our high-end customers, who wish to stand out from the crowd. Get in contact with us, we can assist you if you plan to go mirror hunting and wish to find the best deal. Feel free to contact us to inquire about our beautiful collection of products and outstanding customer service.

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