How to spruce up your apartment in 5 easy steps

Moving into a new apartment gives you that positive feeling of different possibilities and new beginnings. You get to pick the design, arrange or upgrade furniture, and do a million other things to make your home appealing and functional.  It’s a perfect opportunity to do everything to your preferences and demands. But even if you’re not going through the relocation process, refreshing your current home layout can transform the place. Following this guide, you will be able to upgrade and spruce up your apartment in 5 easy steps.

Re-invent your home design

Before starting to work on your interior style improvement, it’s essential to know what you want to achieve with this project. There are many ways to spruce up your apartment, whether it comes to getting the best out of your current interior layout or creating more place in your home. As you know, every house and apartment requires constant touch-ups. There is always new design and lifestyle adapting to consider. Now it’s the perfect time to take a good look around you and ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Are you happy with your current furniture position?
  • Is there a piece of furniture or home decor you never liked?
  • How comfortable do you feel in the room?
  • Are there any items that constantly get in your way or block the natural light?

Even the slightest repositioning of your current inventory can significantly increase the functionality and room traffic. That’s why it’s necessary to decide if you need a furniture change or simply some decluttering. The easiest thing is to make a list of essential items of every room and re-evaluate the purpose of other things, including decor. You can rent a storage unit and put away everything unnecessary in there. That way, you will be able to easily access your stuff if you change your mind. Or perhaps you will decide to earn some money for future home improvements by selling your old things after some time.

Colorful interior design decor
It’s important to focus on the best features of your apartment when re-designing the layout

Focus on window treatment

Many homeowners don’t realize that windows are perhaps the most critical element in every room. Without them, the place doesn’t have enough light. And as many interior design experts would agree – natural light brings the best of every room. Therefore, you need to move everything that might block the light and set the windows free. While doing it, think about your window treatment.

Heavy drapes can add to a room’s vertical texture, but they don’t fit in every room or home. In smaller rooms and apartments, they create unnecessary clutter. In cases of high-rise apartments that demand occasional rest from the sunlight, opting for discrete shades, blinds or shutters is a great idea.

Perks of natural light in small apartments
Sticking with light and neutral colors is the best way to spruce up your apartment if working with small spaces

Upgrade the fixtures

One of the best ways to spruce up your apartment is to change and upgrade your lighting. Old, worn-out light fixtures in homes can be quite an unattractive distraction for every eye.  At least nowadays, there are thousands of brilliant solutions when it comes to lighting that would match any interior style and pocket. The choices are plenty, from magnificent, affordable bedside lamps in your bedroom to crystal lamps and chandeliers as a more luxurious option. And the best thing about it, some of them can be budget-friendly in the long run, especially if you upgrade fixtures to LED to lower the electricity bill.

Black and white interior design
Sometimes, tastefully chosen fixtures like chandeliers can be the main centerpieces of your home design

Wall refreshing

Contrary to popular beliefs, you can make a lot of significant home improvements on a budget. You just need to explore affordable options and prioritize your future projects. Refreshing walls or changing their color is one of the easiest ways to bring positive changes to your home. Even though your current wall color might suit you, repainting it in another tone can benefit the overall look of the place. Therefore, when deciding about your new wall look, you should consider:

  • Choosing the right tones

It’s not always about picking your favorite color. Sure, you need to be comfortable surrounded by it, but the tones should be eye-soothing and relaxing. Going with a light pastel palette is always smart. But if you feel like experimenting, wallpapers or painting one wall in a different, more intensive tone could transform the room.

  • Picking the right type of paint and finish

When deciding on wall color, people often forget to pay attention to a different type of finish. When it comes to subtle effects, nothing gives the room a better vibe than a suitable finish. Use flat/matte colors for achieving a velvety surface and serene look. But if you’re painting small spaces, eggshells and satin would flatter your apartment, especially if it has a lot of natural light. However, if you want to bring some excitement in the form of wall treatment, gloss paints are the way to go.

  • Matching your new choices with existing wall decor

If you have some nice artwork on your walls, it would be a shame to blend its palette with the background. Remember that any significant change in your wall treatment might also need wall decor or mirror rearrangements.

Wallpaper is amazing for accentuating areas in the rooms with not a lot of decor 

Experiment with fabrics, patterns, and textures

What better way to spruce up your apartment than with a simple change of decor in the room? The upgrade in throw pillows, rugs, drapes, and bed covers is a game-changer. The color, texture, and pattern add a certain vibe to any space. Therefore, carefully choosing each piece will help you achieve the desired vibe of the apartment. For a calming vibe, pick neutral tones and focus on texture. If you’re into more cozy appeal, adding some personal or vintage decor will do wonders.

Interior design bedroom with blue walls and light pastel decor elements
Adding light pastel and beige textured fabric in rooms with a darker wall palette is a great way to create a warm vibe 


There is no better way to spruce up your apartment than by adding a personal touch to it. Combining the steps mentioned above while introducing some new accessories will give your home a sense of freshness. If you are artful or have an eye for nice things, there are many DIY ideas on the internet that could add a spark to any room. All you need is some free time and creativity.

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