How to use an extra room in your home?

If you are lucky enough to have a spare room in your house, but you are not sure how to use it, many fantastic ideas can turn your house into your dream home. 

Depending on your needs, you can turn your room into whatever you choose; for example, the room can help your productivity, your creativity, or your health. 

Here are some ideas on how you can redecorate your spare room and make your life better.


Make it a hobby room

Your spare room can become your hobby room, so if you are an artist or a musician, or you love video games, you can dedicate the entire place to your craft. 

For example, if you like painting with oil color, having an extra room as your studio can be really good, because some colors can be toxic, so having the colors in the separate room is a smart idea. 

Setting up the right environment for your creative endeavors or leisure time can motivate you to progress in your craft, or help you relax.

Set up the playroom

If you have more children, or your kids like to have friends over for a play date, having a playroom will come in handy. Not only will it fit all of their toys, but it will provide them with lots of space they might need in their playtime. 

Ask for help from your children. They will be very helpful when providing you with a list of necessities they might need for their playroom. One thing that a toy room will definitely need is a functional storage area for all the toys and the mess your kids will use during their play. 

One thing is for sure – they will be in love with a room designed especially for their development and entertainment. 


Make a home gym

If you are into fitness, or you want to start working out, but you do not have time to go to the gym, building your own home gym is an excellent idea. 

Although it may be a bit more expensive at first than your gym membership, in the long run, it will be worth it, because it can last you a lifetime. 


One thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to equip it with everything your gym has. For example, you do not really need a treadmill if you have a park nearby where you can run. 

Depending on your workout schedule (if you do not have one, you should definitely find one that suits your abilities and goals), you can purchase the equipment you need, and not waste money and space on things that you will never use. 

Make it your home office or study

If you tend to work at home a lot, or you are freelancing, having an office in your house is probably a smarter idea than having a visual impact productions for work in your living room. 


Your environment has a lot of impact on your productivity, so having an excellent working area will make your work a bit easier. 

One important thing is to set up good lighting, so if the sunlight is not bright enough, you can continue working without damaging your eyes. 

Also, if you have a lot of books, you can put them in your study and make it your own home library and a study. 

Go crazy with the decoration. This is a room that you will use daily, so being creative and designing a space that will make your work more fun, yet more productive is very important.


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Create a real walk-in closet

Spoil yourself with your own fashion heaven. A walk-in closet is one thing we all want, but see it only on TV. Now you can make your dream come true. 

If you have a lot of clothes that need to be tucked away because the closet is too small, having more storage space is a good idea. Add mirrors and design a sitting area to make the room entirely your own. 

If you do not want to invest a lot of money in new closets for your clothes, get creative, and make your own clothing storage. 

If all your clothes are at an arms reach and visible, choosing your outfit in the morning will be a more effortless and less messy task. 

Make a home movie theater

We all love watching movies at the cinema. The big screen and the popcorn really add a lot of value to the activity. But you can create your own cinema in your house, minus the uncomfortable seats and the noise during the movie. 


Get the largest screen you can afford, or simply set up a projector on a white wall, and you will already have a cinema vibe. Add a huge comfy couch and invite your friends to your movie marathon, or if you have kids, they can invite their friends and watch cartoons with style. 

Just add a popcorn machine, and the cinema setting is done. If you get the air popping one, not only will you eat the popcorn, but they will be oil-free and much healthier.

There are many different ways to utilize your spare room, but it all depends on your lifestyle. Some other idea is to find a roommate if you live alone, or rent it on Airbnb. 

Get creative and design a space that will bring the family together or align it with your health and fitness goals. 

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