A wall decorated with details from wildlife and some plants on the shelf. Let’s learn more about how to use animal-inspired décor in your Florida home.

How to Use Animal-Inspired Decor in Your Florida Home

Few other styles can match the feeling of adventure, diversity, and splendor it brings to your home. However, it may also be made to appear as nothing more than an accent that sings “va va voom” as soon as it is discovered. These original ideas will help you consider how to use animal-inspired décor in your Florida home. Keep reading!

Animal-Inspired Rugs in Your Florida Home

Installing animal-inspired rugs and carpets on your floors is a striking choice. One option is to purchase real or fake hide rugs, such as reindeer, whose pattern is more tonal and somewhat mottled, or choose animal print rugs, which make a more overt statement. Incorporating animal-inspired rugs and carpets in your home decor is the easiest way to bring wildlife to your Florida home.

A living room with a huge animal print rug. A perfect example of how to use animal-inspired décor in your Florida home.
If you want to use animal-inspired decor in your Florida home, there are many varieties of rugs, from complete zebra print rugs to block color carpets detailed with a large-scale animal design. 

Display Animal-Themed Art

From vintage equestrian paintings to contemporary wildlife photography, animal artworks bring nature within and give a space a genuine feeling of energy. Additionally, if you adore animals, you’ll appreciate looking at a variety of wall art inspired by nature.

Hang a photographic or artistic representation of animals over the bed in a guest room to give it life, or choose a collection of graphic black-and-white animal prints to go with the rest of the living room or family room. Using animal-inspired wall décor or a simple animal-themed canvas on the wall can add that wildlife effect to the Florida home you’ve been seeking.

If you want your artwork to blend in, use colors that go well with the wallpaper, furniture, and another decor in the space. Alternately, make it the space’s centerpiece by selecting a piece in deep hues that stand out from the rest of the furnishings.

For transferring all those art pieces to your new Florida home, always seek the help of a professional moving company since they can guarantee to protect all your pieces during (un)packing and transportation. It’s always better than risking doing it on your own.

Animal Print Throws and Cushions

The next item on the list is animal print pillows, one of the simplest ways to incorporate animal print into your home’s design.

Confidence is a recurring theme in animal print; the more easily you wear it, the more impact it has. Use two different animal print fabrics for the cushions in your living room, a third for the ones on your bed, or, if you have one, the bench in the corridor.

If you’re daring, upgrade your linens by purchasing an animal print blanket. Reduce the number of pillows in your room unless you’re going for a maximalist animal print look, and make the throw the focal point of the room instead. Try hanging it over the back or arm of a couch with a combination of large cushions in front of it after folding it in half.

Furniture with Animal Prints

Animal print furniture is not for the timid ones. However, if the idea of a blanket covering your sofa wasn’t enough, an animal pattern sofa ought to do the trick.

The realm of animal-print chairs, table lamps, headboards, bedside lamps, and footstools is reached as you move down the gears; these three categories are still brave to some extent, but not nearly as much as purchasing an animal-print sofa. 

Professionals from promoversmiami.com suggest that you use the option of storage services for all those items you’re still unsure how to fit in your new Florida home. They can evaluate and recommend the most secure option to protect your furniture pieces until you decide to install them in your new home.

All Those Animal-Inspired Options

If you decide on zebra wall art, decorate your space in black and white. If you go on tiger, ensure the room has warm, honeyed hardwood furniture or carpeting, amber highlights, and black accents. Choosing giraffes as your style? Make sure the space has a sandy-hued presence in addition to tonal browns and golds.

Zebra print is quite common in interior design.
Animal prints have long been popular in the world of fashion, including zebra, leopard, tiger, and snake, and they are also common in the toolkits of interior designers. 

Remember that not every animal print is garish and suitable. There are colored variations of the majority of items that maintain the design but lack the natural tones, which can highlight animal print in a much more subdued way. In addition, storage pieces and tables, such as coffee and end tables, chests of drawers, and sideboards, are covered with shagreen, a moderately patterned hide that is normally one color and whose patterns are visible through its veining.

What type of furniture complements animal print home décor? The answer? It’s open season.

When choosing furniture, use metallic or mirror finishes to increase the Art Deco factor. Your plan will become energetic, mobile, and nomadic if you choose cane, bone inlay, and bamboo. Use animal print with wood and antique furnishings to give your design a boho feel. Or, you may mix all of these, which will provide an eclectic and exciting outcome.

Animal-Inspired Items as Decoration in Your Florida Home

And now, let’s move on to the extras. Animal print accessories can add pops of pattern to any space, whether you’re utilizing them to emphasize the already extremely wild nature or just as a solitary nod to the jungle. But to emphasize their zoological character, don’t just stop at items with dots, spots, and stripes; add additional complementary accessories.

Lighting is essential, and you shouldn’t underestimate its impact on the overall impression of your wildlife-inspired Florida home. 

A store dedicated to all sorts of lamps and chandeliers, from delicate hand-blown glass lamps to modern chandeliers.
Lighting is essential to the overall effect you want to achieve with your interior design. Take it seriously.

Adding beautiful lamps inspired by the animal world can be a refreshing touch to your décor. There are also original crystal chandeliers in the shape of an octopus, for example, that adds a certain uniqueness to your Florida home interior.

Feel free to add some eccentric accessories to complete your animal-inspired Florida home.

Enjoy your animal-inspired theme by adding a few whimsical accents like an animal-print stool, animal-shaped crystal lamps, three-dimensional paper wall hangings of your favorite jungle creatures, eccentric displays of animal figurines, or animal-shaped wall adhesives (ideal for a kid’s room).

How to Use Animal-Inspired Decor in Your Florida Home: Final Thoughts

We hope we helped you gain a more thorough insight into how to use animal-inspired decor in your Florida home. Remember that sometimes less is more; you can get the wildlife effect by adding just a few details. For more emphasis, go grand and add large animal-inspired pieces to your home. And most importantly, don’t forget to be creative and have fun with it. 

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