Ideas For How To Light your Home Study

A home study is a useful, multi-purpose, space that can function as a remote home office for working from home, a space to kids to study in, and sometimes just a quiet spot to escape to and read your favorite book. Whatever the function of your home study, the right lighting can change the mood and the usefulness of the room. Improper light in a room used for work and study can cause headaches and eye strain. Not to mention sleepiness and lack of focus.

Lighting is a home feature that, done properly, can help you keep your energy up and stay focussed. It can be the difference between having a home study space that you love to work in and one that you dread to go into. 

Natural Light

If you are lucky enough to have a window in your room then natural light is great for reducing drowsiness, good moods, less eye strain, and more focus. Where possible, position your work desk or reading space so that you benefit from the natural space the most. To maximize the natural light in your study, keep the room clutter free and paint the walls a light color. By using reflective surfaces and wall mirrors, you can help the natural light bounce around the room more. Giving you maximum benefit.

Unless you live in Yuma, Arizona (which is apparently gets the sunniest place in the world!), the chances are that you will only get a few hours of quality daylight each day and will need to supplement it with a light in the room. There’s also the weather and seasons to contend with meaning that natural light is less reliable for its consistency. Keep reading for tips on lighting your study and choosing the right bulbs.

Table Lamps

Table Lamps

For anyone looking to really focus on their work and studies, a table lamp is a great option for doing just that. There are a variety of styles or table lamps suitable for use in your home study. Choose a desk lamp with an adjustable arm that you can reposition can be useful for controlling the light position as you work through documents and study books. Alternatively, you might prefer a vintage style lantern lamp or modern crystal lamp (also known as chandelier lamps) to bring some extra style to your study as well as function.

“If you must work on a computer in your study. Choose a table lamp that gives a general spread of light for the whole room rather than one that focuses on one spot.” Says, Jane North a writer at Writinity and Last Minute Writing.

Pendant Light

Pendant Light

Pendant lights are a great alternative to table lamps if you are short on desk space. They can also be a stylish feature for your stylish study. Choose a single pendant light to hang down over desk or reading nook. This hanging style light choice is useful for focusing light on a specific part of a room and, in shared spaces, defining areas of the home as individual and purposeful.

Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

For a study with a decent amount of floor space, a floor lamp can be a stylish and practical solution. There is a floor lamp style to suit every type of study decor from antique iron lamps, rustic tripod lamps, and contemporary adjustable lamps.  For a reading space in your study, a floor light with a downlight should be sufficient. If you need a floor lamp for a multi-use study, look for an adjustable floor lamp with a swivel head and counterweight arm. Robert Dunne a blogger at Draft Beyond and Research Papers UK, says, “Tripod floor lamps have become a firm favorite for interior designers in the last number of years. They are practical but also a feature piece. The Hollywood inspired tripod lamps and vintage appear to be equally popular”.

Wall-Mounted Light

Wall-Mounted Light

Another great option for a minimalist style or clutter free study is wall mounted lights. Wall scones and wall mounted spotlights save space whilst also spreading light around the room. The options are endless. Some wall-mounted lights are designed to be reflective and bounce the light around a room, others are up-lighters and literally point all light up to reflect it down off the ceiling. Wall-mounted lights can be installed with a dimmer switch to control the level of light in a room to change the brightness for when you are working and need energy, or reading to relax.

Ceiling Light

Not to be forgotten, the ceiling light has many benefits and options. For an added dash of glamour, light up your study with a statement chandelier. 

Once reserved for stately homes. Chandeliers now come in contemporary styles a well as more traditional designs. For a study with a bit of edge and lots of light, look out for weathered zinc cast pipe chandeliers which are set to be the designer light of choice for 2020. 

For a more discreet ceiling light option, look for ceiling lights that sit flush to the ceiling. Flush ceiling lights take up less space but still spread light around the room.

About Choosing Bulbs

Most light and lamp manufacturers will recommend a bulb type for their product but it’s worth understanding your options. Bulbs come in many shapes, lights, and colors. We are no longer limited to yellow-tinged lighting but can choose between low-light bulbs (not good for studies as they make you sleepy), cool light bulbs (better for keeping up your energy), and more. The different shapes of bulbs aren’t random either. Cone shaped bulbs are usually for up and downlighting. The rounder, globe-shaped, bulbs cast light all around them. Whilst spotlights do what they say and focus a beam of light into one spot.


Ashley Halsey is a home decor writer at London Assignment Writing Service and who has been involved in many home styling projects throughout the country. When she is home, Ashley likes to catch up on her reading in her own home study.

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