Indian Furniture Design. What Techniques Can Be Allowed

Indian culture and style are unique. Some designs are native to the Indian continent, while others are a blend of other cultures that have interacted with Indians. If you are looking for professional assignment help online on India and its culture or any other topic, hire expert writers who will help you produce the most captivating work.


Indian is a nation with different tribes or communities, each comprising of millions of people. Each community has a unique style that contributes to the overall Indian style. Indians have also interacted with people from other countries and continents like Portuguese, Dutch, and Britons, among others. These interactions resulted in a blend of styles and designs.

Common Features With Indian Furniture

India has gifted the world numerous designs and a unique sense of style. There are elements that are common to the Indian furniture collection regardless of the style you choose. Here is a look at some of the common features to expect from Indian furniture.

  • Vibrant Color– Indian furniture comes in a range of warm colors. The nation is known to be colorful and even hold the festival of colors. You can, therefore, expect their furniture to come in a range of colors that will warm your interior.
  • Solid Wood- wood appears to form a part of all furniture for the Indian people. It gives the home or office an authentic appearance. The wood is then enhanced with carvings that indicate personal style and strength.
  • Ethnic touch- this can be seen in the decorations on the arms and legs of your furniture. The back and crown areas on furniture depict the best idea of ethnic decoration. The furniture will be decorated with animals, gods, plants, and other artifacts found in the home of an Indian family.
  • Fabric- Indian furniture will not miss a space with fabric. Indians are known for their hand-woven fabrics. They will, therefore, include these fabrics on all furniture they manufacture.

Indians are also known to be artistic and desire to personalize each furniture item. Each community or design will pick several features and highlight them on their furniture. Here is a look at the common designs for Indian furniture.

Kashmiri Wood Carving

The name suggests that the design comes from the Indian Kashmir region. The design is one of the most authentic furniture styles in India made using Walnut tree species. The designs carved on the furniture include lotus flower motifs and dragons. This is the only region in India where walnut trees grow.


Besides carving on the wooden surface, the style is altered to include carvings long the grains. This approach allows the grains to remain visible even as the carver displays his or her skills. The designs are common and magnificent in such traditional settings as bed headboards and dining room chairs. The design will give your room a perfect Indian appeal.

Jaali Design

The name Jaali is derived from an Indian phrase that means net. This ‘net’ style can be seen in a lot of fabric and furniture. It is also seen on windows and doors, where such motifs as creepers and ornate leaves dominate.

The designer may make your furniture more of a decoration or allow more space for air. The decorations will allow you to enjoy a greater sense of privacy because people cannot peep through the holes. The other option allows more air into your room. It may also be used to divide rooms so that the spaces are not too private yet not intrusive. Where air or holes are not welcome, the net-pattern is applied on the wooden surface.

Shekhawati Jodhpur Style

The style forms part of the larger Rajasthan design. Shekhawati Jodhpur is the most prominent in this category. The design has been made popular by the skillful carvings of sculptors from the Jodhpurs region.


The design is made using such wood varieties as acacia Arabica, sheesham mango, and rosewood. The carvers are said to be very skillful in their art. They then treat their artwork using paint and varnish to enhance durability.

The style is known for using ethnic motifs for decoration. It suits a sitting room but will also give you an outstanding bedroom. The artwork is based on traditional Indian gods, kings as well as queens. This is why it is one of the most attractive and apparently ethnic choices for furniture owners.

Cane and Bamboo Weaving

Himachal Pradesh and Assam are the two states famous for their use of cane and bamboo weaving techniques. They have mastered the art of collecting the best can and bamboo for use in the manufacture of their furniture. The process of manufacture involves cutting the long canes into smaller pieces. Blowtorch is then used in bending the canes, a process that may result in burnt edges.

Sandpaper and other rough materials are used to smoothen the surfaces. The makers use varnish to guarantee the durability of the furniture. The furniture is common for outdoor spaces. It is warm and gives the space a relaxing feel. It may also be added to the interior in areas where you want a relaxing and laidback feel.


Indians have also developed other styles based on their interactions with foreigners. They include the Indo-dutch style, which includes hardwood with carved native art as well as Goenese style that is influenced by Portuguese. All these styles have carvings as a common feature. They are made easier to use by adding colorful fabric to the furniture.

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