Ingenious Décor Tips for Boosting a Small Bedroom Space

Your bedroom is a cozy refuge that should provide maximum comfort and privacy. However, if the space is too small, it can look and feel more like a bunk space than an oasis of relaxation. Luckily, even if your bedroom’s square footage works against you, there are ways to turn it into a functional and spacious place. Here are the most effective tips.

Include smart storage


To reduce clutter, every bedroom needs a lot of storage, so your safest bet is to include something like built-in shelving. This provides you with enough storage space for all your things while keeping the floor space clean. Use shelves that aren’t deeper than 12 inches, some of which even have bedside tables incorporated in the design, so you don’t need extra furniture. Others even allow you to recess the bed into the middle of the shelf, to free even more floor space. Also, consider the shelf height. Try to find pieces that reach to your ceiling. This doesn’t only make your room seem higher, but also gives you extra storage space. Add some contrasting colours to the back wall to give the space some layering and depth. 

Improve the lighting


While the rule for small spaces says that you should leave the windows unblocked, sometimes there’s no other option than to place your bed right in front of one. If that’s the case with your space, you can either choose a see-through headboard on a light metal frame that allows you to make the most of natural light, or save the nightstand space by skipping lamps and choosing a pair of low pendants. Pendants hanging from the ceiling not only leave the space free but also serve as nice focal points, and provide practical task lighting when needed. Keep in mind to measure twice before counting the cash, as you want them neither too low nor too high.

Bigger is less


It may seem counterintuitive, but outfitting a small room with just a few large pieces instead of clusters of pint-sized furniture can make the space feel bigger. If you have trouble hiding your possessions, try to raise your bed and store your stuff underneath. While there are several models of beds with built-in storage, there are also folding tables and chairs that can be put away when not in use. Daybeds aren’t only cute, but also create a feeling that your bedroom can double as a small sitting area, instead of a small bedroom that’s been occupied by a huge bed. On the other hand, if you have enough vertical storage, you can go lower with your furniture. This way you’ll open up the space above and keep the ceilings higher.

Use light and bright colours


Painting your bedroom white will make it look bigger, minimising the absence of larger wall space or windows that could illuminate it naturally. It should surprise that in Australia, which is still the leading country when it comes to home renovation, “crisp white” and “whisper white” were chosen among the first of the top eleven interior decorating colours for 2019. Following the renovation boom of 2018 when according to Houzz, 57% of homeowners planned to renovate their homes, professional painters, like this contractor for painting services in Strathfield  are certainly having their work cut out for them. The value that these professionals bring you’re your projects goes beyond mere expert skill and workmanship – if you’re dissatisfied with the results they’ll return to the job and make corrections.

Keep off the middle zone


When it comes to bedroom décor, it’s best to keep the middle zone clear by hanging art on the lower third of your wall to give it an illusion of height. With shelving, you want to go all the way to the ceiling to draw the eye upward. Hanging shelves are best placed closest to the upper third of your wall. These two tricks combined will give your bedroom space a heightening effect, and provide you with both functionality and aesthetic bonus. At the same time, resist the temptation to push all or your furniture against the walls. If there’s space behind the furniture enough for one person to pass, it’ll make the room look wider than it is.

Try dark


Contrary to one of the previous tips, dark colours don’t necessarily make a room feel smaller – in many cases they can have the opposite effect, creating the illusion of an expansive space.


This is especially true if you can make a stark contrast between sandy hues of the bed and bedding and deep plum of the accessories and inky wall paint. In this case, the bed creates the illusion of being in a spotlight of seemingly infinite space. 

Consider a cozy corner bed


Most bedroom decorating ideas revolve around the bed centred against the wall, however, narrow floor plans and limited space calls for an alteration of this traditional setup. You can maximise the floor space by tucking your bed up against a wall or corner. The effect creates a sleeping area that feels snug and cosy. On the other hand, if it feels much like a college dorm, install a two headboard corner system for a more designer look to your bed nook.

A small bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to be dark, uncomfortable, and claustrophobic. These seven smart design tricks allow you to open up your bedroom space even when the square footage isn’t favouring you. 


~ Amelia Atkins;

Interior Design Blogger



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