Interior Color Trends 2019: Peach is the New Millennial Pink

When it comes to staying on top of home decor trends, we’ve got you covered. Millennial Pink was a major trend in 2018, so it’s no surprise that the Millennial Pink theme is still finding its way into 2019 interior color trends; not in its unadulterated pinkness but, rather, with a touch of energy. Peach and jewel tones will be the new it-colors for home decor this year.  From peach velvet sofas to copper and brass lighting, bright colors will make a statement this year, especially in spring.

Brighten Up Any Room with a Touch of Peach


From the kitchen to the bedroom, peach is a color that will brighten up any room. We love this green kitchen with a tinge of peach. Soft brushed goldtone knobs and pulls add a glamorous touch to this kitchen. Earthy colors such as brown and dark green tone down space, while a marble or granite countertop and backsplash enhance the upscale ambiance of the kitchen. An elegant way to add peach colors to your kitchen is with pendant lighting that has a copper accent and a neutral exterior color. Flowers, fruits, and paintings are also a great way to add peach vibes to a kitchen. It’s all about the details.

Interior Color Trends – Make a Statement with Peach


On the left, a peach-pink door is not shy about making a lovely statement this spring. Peach is welcoming, bubbly, and lively. If you want to make a statement from start to finish, try painting the front door a fabulous peach color. It’s a color that won’t go unnoticed. (It’s also a great visual identifier when you’re hosting a housewarming party. Just tell your guests to look for the house with the peach door!) Extend the peach color inside as well. Go for a hallway or kitchen runner with peach or pink colors. If you really love the color, upgrade to a peach tufted sofa or chaise. Guests will surely love the fresh and bright atmosphere.

Add Peach Interior Colors For Accent



For a chic transitional home decor with peach accents, consider keeping the color scheme neutral and simple. So think grey, navy blue, white, beige, green, and soft olive hues or wood tones. These colors work great with peach tones. Once you’re more comfortable working with peach, you can begin experimenting with other colors such as teal, turquoise, ultraviolet, or any jewel tone. For a Scandinavian home decor look, stick with light wood colors such as birch-wood. For a traditional American home decor, try medium or dark brown wood. For a classic nautical feel with the vibrancy of peach, go for navy, white, and grey. However you style your home decor, peach is definitely a fun color to play with!

Combine Peach and Copper for Updated Rustic Look


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Bring peach and copper to the kitchen and dining room with copper kitchenware and tableware. Showcase your fancy pieces in a nice white or off-white cupboard. This look is great for an updated and chic farmhouse home decor. If you really want to experiment, try contrasting glamorous peach and copper pieces with rustic wood furniture or exposed brick wall. Mix and match copper and brass with silver antiques and heirloom items.

Go Posh with Peach – Traditional  or Modern


For a posh Victorian home decor or for special occasions at home, such as a bridal party, engagement announcement, fancy Sunday brunch, birthday party, or baby shower, the combination of peach and gold or silver is a gorgeous and elegant home decor accent. Show off statement furniture or vintage items, such as a refurbished heirloom vanity, with beautiful peach accents. Place peach flowers and towels in the guest bathroom or powder room. Throw a comfortable peach blanket on the couch. Pair a lush rug in the living room with faux fur decorative pillows, and you’ve got an effortlessly posh place.

Pair Peach Easily with a Wide Range of Colors


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Whether you choose to paint the wall peach or layer the floor with a beautiful peach rug, this color looks great on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Draw the eye straight ahead with peach-color-painted kitchen cabinets or statement wall. Alternatively, ground the focus with a peach chair or furniture pieces such as dressers or sofas. Or lay a peach textile on the floor as a focal point. Keep it simple with the subtle use of paint or placement of this beautiful peach color. Or mix and match textures with floral prints, geometric patterns, or tribal motifs. However you style it, just have fun with it. This color is magic! It’s so easy to work with. You can get away with pairing peach with a range of colors and textures.

Add A Touch of Serenity with Peach Interior Colors


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Want the touch of peach serenity in the bedroom without going overboard? Stick with soft colors such as white and light wood such as birch-wood. A strip of peach on the wall can be just the right amount. Paint a band of this youthful color across the wall or integrate it into a headboard or bookcase. The key is to have just the right amount of peach without overdoing it to keep the setting serene. Otherwise, the peach might feel so invigorating that it could energize you when you’re trying to rest! Contrast the peachy hue with ultraviolet, navy blue, or earthy green. Alternatively, stick with neutral colors such as white, beige, grey, and blush tones.

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