Interior Design Resolutions For A Beautiful Home

As the New Year quickly approaches, there are plenty of people who will be making interior design resolutions for the New Year. From weight loss goals to career advancements, many people will be dedicating the month of January to the start of change. Unfortunately, only about 8% of people who make resolutions will be able to keep them. If you make a resolution to improve your interior décor this year, we’ll give you a plan that will ensure that you stay in that 8%.

Interior Design Resolutions  – Begin By De Cluttering

De-cluttering your home is one of the best ways to make it look fresh again. Of course, it can be one of the most difficult things to do if you remain attached to certain pieces or are unwilling to minimalize your décor. But if you think about the benefits of moving that collection of small glass animals from your side table, perhaps packing it away for a season or two, you might be surprised. Unless you live in a sterile environment (and who of us does), a collection of small pieces will collect dust on a regular basis, which requires you to work harder than you need to by cleaning each piece and the tabletop underneath them weekly. Consider parting with all but two or three pieces for a more streamlined display that still requires dusting, but has fewer pieces to worry about.


Make It Lighter

This might seem like advice for those who want to lose a few pounds, but it also applies to your dwelling. January can be one of the darkest and dreariest months of the year, and adding more light to your home can brighten the décor and lift your mood. In hallways, try a simple Nickel Over Brass Sconce by Decorative Crafts. In entryways, a Glass Drops & Iron Scone invites visitors with a glamorous lighted lift. And what living room wouldn’t be complete with a Cyprus Grove Chrome floor lamp by Dimond?

Make It Bigger

Take your space and make it look and feel even larger than life by placing a mirror or two in the right areas. Dining rooms are extended when you add a large mirror to an accent wall, such as the Jarmo Gold Arched Windowpane by Cooper Classics. Consider a full-length mirror in the bathroom to open up the small space. A mirror in any room will not only make it seem bigger, but can capture any incoming light and increase it.


Make It Warmer

Whether you have hardwood floors or luxe tiles, you can warm up the room by adding area rugs or throws. Winter months become warmer on the tootsies when you walk on a thick shag in one of the trending accent colors, such as dark green. Bedrooms and living rooms are perfect places for accent rugs, and kitchens can benefit from a gel mat that will give your work-weary feet comfort as they prepare winter meals. In the bathroom, anything goes as long as it’s machine washable.

Make It Charming

Now is the time to take some of your favorite photographs and turn them into charming artwork. Clear a wall and go to work. Any pictures of family, friends, landscapes, and even pets will do. Try printing them in black-and-white or sepia hues, increase the size, and place in decorative frames that enhance your gallery. If photographs are not your cup of tea, try a collection of lithographs, such as the Italian Garden Collection by Chelsea House. Whatever artwork makes you happy, fills your senses, and delights your eyes, this is the year to capture and create it.


Make It Brighter

Choosing to upgrade your home with a paint job is a big task. Start with something manageable and small, such as repainting one accent wall in one room with a trendy color. Try one that boasts confidence, such as a Dusky Blue, or a neutral color of composure such as mineral grey. Also trending are wallpapers and wall coverings that are inspired by water colored murals and paintings.

No matter how you decide to change your life this upcoming year, the best way to stick to your goals are to make them manageable and easy to accomplish, one step-at-a-time. Never give up on a dream of impressive interior décor, and keep reaching for the stars; even those that adorn your ceiling.


Photo Source: House Beautiful

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