Kitchen of Tomorrow: Smart Kitchen Technologies of 2020

The kitchen is certainly one of the busiest areas of the house. It’s where you cook and prepare meals for you and your whole family. Fortunately, due to the advancement of technology, food preparation has become an easy task even for those people who don’t know how to cook food.

The kitchen becomes smarter and smarter every year. Inventions after inventions, from cooking tools to equipment, the kitchen is now filled with new and the most innovative technologies used in preparing food every day. These innovations tend to respond to people’s needs for them to be more productive and efficient with time.


When you plan to have a home renovation this year, don’t forget to upgrade your kitchen to have the latest technological equipment and appliances. You can consult your contractor or interior designer to talk about this stuff. Here are some of the smart kitchen technologies below that you might need for your kitchen this year.

Best Smart Refrigerator


The front door of the refrigerator serves as the memorandum board for the family. Whatever announcement or upcoming event in the family, the parents post a message on the fridge as a reminder to everyone in the house. Also, the different bills like water, electricity, internet, TV service and phone bill are all posted on the refrigerator.

With this function, refrigerators today are getting smarter and smarter. These reminders on the front of the fridge now become digital. It is possible due to the advancement of technology. Calendars, memorandums, upcoming important events and celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries are now digitally posted in front of the fridge.

Moreover, assigning different house chores to family members, displaying photo albums, as well as creating of to-do-list activities are done with a lot of ease with the smart refrigerator.

When you’re planning to have a home renovation this year, don’t forget to get the best smart refrigerator installed in your kitchen. You can contact home builders Melbourne for more information and further assistance.

Egg Minder


You might sometimes experience a snag in determining whether the eggs in your kitchen are still good or not. You might have bought a lot of eggs the last time you went to groceries. After a few days or even weeks, you’ll find it hard to identify the good eggs from the bad ones.

There are a lot of foods that need eggs as the main ingredients. That’s why you must keep only the goods ones in your kitchen. You can use the egg minder in helping you identify the good one from the bad ones. Egg minder will tell you how old the eggs in your storage and will help you identify the ones that you can longer keep or use anymore.

Prep Pad


If you are on a diet, you’ll be surely very particular of everything you eat. You want to measure your food intake to keep track of your diet every day. It’s sometimes hard to monitor your daily meals. Hence, you’ll need a prep pad to make your task easy.

The prep pad measures the quantity of food you eat every meal. Also, it determines the nutritional contents and facts of the food you eat. Using an iPad application, you can manually choose what food to weigh. Then, the prep pad will display the dietary information on your phone including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calories, and the like with a lot of ease.

Smart Sensor Garbage Can

The kitchen is the place where you prepare food every day. That’s why it must be clean at all times. Clean it thoroughly before and after food preparation. Throw all the garbages and wastes in the right container. Make sure that you don’t spread the germs and bacteria inside your kitchen while you do the cleaning.

Physical contact with the cleaning tools and equipment are sometimes the reasons for spreading the bacteria-causing germs to the other parts of the kitchen. That’s why having smart sensor garbage will surely be a big help.

It’s hands-free. Hence, it’s germ-free, and you don’t need to touch it everytime you throw any waste inside. You only need to wave your hand, and it magically opens for you. There’s no foot pedal that you must step on to open.

You don’t have to touch anything. This garbage can is so smart and will help you stop spreading any germ-causing bacteria inside your kitchen.

Smart Behmor Connected Coffee Brewer


If you are a coffee lover, and you love to drink a cup of coffee at the fanciest stores, you can have the smart Behmor connected coffee brewer. It uses fresh coffee beans and makes your favorite coffee every day. It’s a wifi-enabled coffee brewing machine. You can always make adjustments with the heat to make sure that your brewed coffee is perfect for you.

Moreover, you can set schedules in the machine to make coffee everytime you arrive home from work. You can also program the coffee machine to soak the grounds before brewing to achieve the taste of the coffee of your choice.


Technology has been a significant influence on all people today. At work, at school, and even at home, technology has been part of everyone’s daily endeavor. The smart technologies discussed above are just a few of those in the market today for your kitchen. Today, inventors continuously do in-depth research in making people’s lives comfortable.

If you’re planning to have home renovation this year, don’t forget the list above in making your next kitchen room smarter and more functional. Plan your renovation now, and start your year with the smart kitchen technologies in preparing food for you and your whole family.

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