Kitchen Trends 2018 Set To Wow

For over a decade now, the pristine all-white kitchen has dominated when it comes to kitchen design, and we can’t argue, it has definitely served us well. But let’s face the facts. Aren’t we just a teeny bit bored? Well folks, it’s time to rub your hands with glee if you’re looking for an alternative. Kiss goodbye to sterile, understated and cold. Kitchen design trends that look set to be huge this year look hotter and bolder than ever before! Here’s our take on hot kitchen trends 2018.

Kitchen Trends 2018 – Custom Design is the Best Way

Kitchens have evolved. People want more from their kitchens today than ever before. Not only are they practical spaces for preparing and cooking food, kitchens are also the home’s entertainment hub. Just as living rooms were the focus of interior design a few years ago, the kitchen has become the place in the home where custom design matters most.


For gorgeous kitchen designs with a touch of the unusual, consulting a creative kitchen design company, like Halcyon Interiors (photo above), is a must. Don’t skimp on design if you want a kitchen that delivers on all levels. Custom design is the only option if you really want to wow.

Dark and Mysterious

Black kitchens have been tentatively creeping into the world of kitchen design in the past couple of years, and at last darker colors are about to reign supreme. Be bold. Be brave. The moody kitchen in obsidian, jet, or ebony black is sure to take your cooking haven to the next level.


Pantone’s Spring 2018 fashion color trend report embraces a multi-faceted color story, but also includes some classic colors. We love the Sailor Blue Navy, which is a great alternative color option for those not quite ready to turn themselves over to black. Cool Plum is another color to watch out for, and makes a real statement as a splash-back.

Statement Flooring

If a black kitchen feels a tad too much, and you really must choose a lighter color for your kitchen interior, then darker flooring is definitely the way to bring a touch of dark and mysterious into your kitchen design.

Moving on From Timeless Grey

Stepping away from the kitchen uniformity that has dominated kitchen design in the past two years, two-tone cabinetry is the next big thing, so don’t feel you have to go all dark. This is especially important for smaller kitchens, which may need a balance between light and dark to prevent the space feeling cramped. Black can still stand up on its own in small spaces though, so if you are feeling confident, then go for it.


Style: A Return to Tradition

The Shaker kitchen has never really gone out of fashion, and in 2018 the traditionally British country style kitchen will continue to be a winner the world over. If you crave a touch of tradition in the kitchen, a custom-made shaker-style kitchen will most certainly hit the mark.

Hand carved stone sinks are a hot topic in the world of kitchen design, and sit perfectly in traditional kitchen designs. Minimalist is still the look to aim for, but with a custom-made kitchen design you’ll be able to marry cool modern with a touch of tradition and state-of-the-art appliances for the ultimate in kitchen luxury.

cement sink

Personalized Tiles

With streamlined and minimalist kitchen design came an anxiety about using pattern and prints. We are delighted to announce that quirky kitchen design has again found it’s mojo. Sleek kitchens can still look good with a little bit of pattern thrown in, and personalized tiles are the perfect way to add a cheeky touch of interest. Custom back-splashes are definitely the thing for 2018. Forget boring subway tiles; think pattern, texture and unique hand-picked designs.

Golden Accents

Brass is hitting kitchens and bathrooms in a big way, from lighting fixtures, cooker hoods, faucets, gadgets, to hardware and appliances. Make your accents centerpieces and add some age-old warmth. Gold finishes have been around for ever, but they are pushing copper and rose gold to the side in 2018. Embrace the gold finishes; it’s a trend that is most definitely on its way in.

kitchen pendants

Continuing on the dark and moody theme for 2018, blackened zinc is also a cool choice if you’re not ready to bling it up with gold. Zinc makes a superb cooker hood and in its blackened form is bang on trend with the latest kitchen color trends.

Cool, Black Appliances

You should be getting the big trend for 2018 in kitchen design by now. So, you won’t be surprised to hear that black appliances are on trend too. A jet-black range and copper cookware is a match made in heaven.

Innovative Faucets for the Modern Kitchen

Behind the sleek and unassuming contemporary faucet are the most innovative water solutions yet. Simple water gets transformed into filtered drinking water, sparkling water, and hot water at the perfect temperature to brew coffee or tea.

kitchen faucets

We love the Grohe Blue chilled and sparkling water tap. Kitchen faucets don’t get cooler than that. And if you simply want a tap that also dispenses boiling water, Grohe’s Red hot water tap is up there with the best. Quooker do some pretty good innovative taps too. The Quooker flex tap is sure to provoke tap envy.

Integrated Cooking Pots and Appliance Garages

Keeping the kitchen clutter-free is a theme that will continue into 2018. Appliance garages were big in 2017 (essentially, they’re a separate cupboard to house kitchen aids, toasters, mixers etc.) and they stay in the frame as a must-have feature in kitchen design for 2018. Clever storage will continue to evolve to keep clutter at bay.


The one-stop cooking pot is the new kitchen tool to hit the must-have kitchen scene (similar to a pressure cooker, but updated) >>> Those with a drive for minimalist living want one kitchen tool that does everything. People just don’t want a kitchen full of stuff anymore. Big cooking tools that get used once or twice a year are a real turn off.


Having said that, every kitchen should make room for a spiraliser. Healthy eating is becoming ingrained in our hearts and minds. If you haven’t had zucchini noodles yet, you haven’t lived. Check out this beginner’s guide to spiralising for some inspiration >>>

Final Thoughts – Kitchen Trends 2018

That’s about it for Kitchen Trends 2018. We hope you get the kitchen of your dreams this year!

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